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The hype was not lost on G-STAR for its Spring 2015 collection reveal. Partnering the brand with Bionic Yarn, Pharrell Williams’ sustainable fabric company, to create fabrics from recycled plastic bottles, the clothing was eco-friendly yet luxe. Basically: if Mother Earth were a person, she would be wearing RAW For The Oceans.

Sara Zucker | #iOnFashion, NYFW 2014


Polyester, or polyethylene terephthalate (PET), is a synthetic fiber chiefly obtained from the refinement of crude oil. However, it can also be obtained by recycling post-consumer waste. Bionic Yarn, the fiber within the fabric utilized for this collection, is a hybrid of ocean plastic extruded into strands and cotton. The use of this fabric results in a more sustainable garment, almost indistinguishable from cotton-based denim, that is driven by ocean conservation efforts.

 Bionic Yarn offers compelling material properties over cotton or polyester that can be tuned during manufacturing for the desired tensile strength, tear strength, and abrasion resistance.

- Chris Ing, | #iOnFashion, NYFW 2014


Pharrell Williams & Tyson Toussant Talk Bionic Yarn


 At a private dinner after Fast Company’s Innovation Uncensored conference last night, Pharrell talked about how he got involved with Bionic Yarn, which turns waste plastic into material for clothing. A pair of jeans reuses seven water bottles worth of plastic. A hoodie uses 12. Pharrell said he was partly inspired by a rant from right-wing pundit Rush Limbaugh, who accused Pharrell of being a hypocrite for playing an Earth Day celebration while enjoying private flights and fast cars. “I’m like, ‘Why is he attacking me? What did I do?’ But if I look at what he was saying, if I look at the criticism, it’s like, well, yeah, okay, my carbon footprint is probably off the charts, so let me involve myself with something that will give me sort of like a balance.” With Bionic Yarn he subsequently landed deals with large corporate partners to make fabric from the recycled material. “That was so I could rest at night. I took a private flight, okay, but we just did this huge collaboration, and we did all of the denim for two weeks for Gap in Japan…. It was kind of like, alright, Rush.”

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If you thought Pharrell Williams was only cool because he produces #1 hits for Jay -Z, Justin Timberlake, Snoop and many others, think again…  Check out this brief video about Bionic Yarn, that tells you what Williams and his business partner, Tyson Toussant are doing with littered plastic bottles.  Bionic Yarn has partnered with companies like Gap, Moncler, Timberland and others to create well-made, high-quailty clothing that not only looks good but IS good for the environment.  These are the kinds of collaboration we believe are possible.  Social impact.  Environmentally-smart and stylish.  Now what’s cooler than that?

Worth It!: Bionic Yarn

What better way to be green than to support a company that recycles plastics to make accessories, handbags, apparel, and more?! Recycling for fashion is a win-win for environmentalists and fashion consumers! I’ve always had a thing with plastic and its biodegradability timeline, so kudos to the Bionic Yarn team! Check out Bionic Yarn, an awesome company that recycles plastics into fashion

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Amazing! I have always loved this brand for their authenticity. I just wished I could afford a few pairs without having to break the bank! too bad!. 


Pharrell Williams & Tyson Toussant on Bionic Yarn