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Reading List [Bucky Barnes]

Reading List

Bucky Barnes

:( Lies by @hellyeahbarnes

* The Five Times Bucky Barnes Kisses You by @thatawkwardtinyperson

:( Stay by @theycallmebucky

* Three Shades Of A Man by @bitsandbobandstuff

:) pda by @ballyhoobarnes

:) Hangover by @buckys-fossil

:) It’s Not What You Think by @cheekybarnes

:) I’ll Help by @imagineofeveryfandom

:) Let Me Have You by @marvelingatthewonder

:) Leather Jackets by @odetoseb

:) Bearded Bucky by @themanwithovtfear

:) Stormy Nights by @yesbucky

:) Grasping the Obvious by @yesbucky

:) Strong as Steel by @lomlwintersoldier

:( Just For Me by @supersebstan

:) Cliche by @viollettes

:) Chemistry by @viollettes

:) mentor by @ballyhoobarnes

:) Ice Cream Mishap by @buckys-fossil

:( Life Support by @marvelous-fvcks

:( screwed by @ballyhoobarnes

* The Fall by @marvelous-fvcks

:) Naked by @marvelous-fvcks

:) Laundry Date by @buckys-fossil

:) The Other Guy by @seventven

:) Say That Again by @just-some-drabbles

:) Sober Thoughts by @pitubea1910

* Post Coital by @buchonians

* I Don’t Need Your Assistance by @captnbarnesrogers

* Blame It On The Alcohol by @captnbarnesrogers

:) librarian by @ballyhoobarnes

* Lovesick by @bionic-buckyb

* Leather Jacket by @buckybarnesstar

:) Space Heater by @james-bionic-barnes

:) Seven Signs by @sanjariti

:) Say You Won’t Let Go by @becaamm

:( Cleanse by @avasparks

:) Intertwined by @theassetseyeliner

:) Possible Future by @supersoldierlover

:) Neighbor by @buckys-fossil

:) Crazy in Love by @moonbeambucky

:) The Five Times You Lay Your Eyes on Bucky by @ballyhoobarnes

:) Corner of the Coffee Shop by @theassetseyeliner

* Stamina by @trisgrimes

* Big Bad Wolf by @marvelous-fvcks

:) mentor by @ballyhoobarnes

:( Not in that way by @buckyslightsaber

:) Hair Tucking by @buckyslightsaber

:) Is Someone Jealous? by @buckyslightsaber

* Help by @theycallmebucky

:( Doll by @theycallmebucky

:( Protection by @theycallmebucky

:( Loathing by @theycallmebucky

:) Shiver by @tomhollands

:) clueless by @sanjariti

:( white lies by @bionic-buckyb


The “eyes” have it. 

Apparently news of a sequel to The Intruder coming in 2015 caught a lot of people off guard. Not just that Toonami’s making a sequel to their first ground-breaking special, but that Toonami is on the air. 

Heaven knows how many “Toonami is back!” posts I’ve seen around Tumblr and social media outlets today. 

Truth is Toonami’s been back officially since May 26, 2012 every Saturday night on Adult Swim. They’ve done so much in their almost two years back on the air, it’s scary. The fact that Adult Swim is planning on creating a sequel to something that happened almost 15 years ago is surprising to say the least. What’s not surprising is that we, the fans who remain faithful to the block after all of these years, finally have proof that the network believes in the block. We’re still getting new productions every week, whether it’s new-to-the-block productions like the upcoming Blue Exorcist and Black Lagoon or original series like Space Dandy (each episode is a world premiere, baby!), and even more things are coming down the pike in the coming months and now years!

So, yes, Toonami’s revival is no fluke. It’s stronger than the ratings worriers think it is. And it’s a vital part in the continuous growth of the Adult Swim brand. 

Celebrate! Watch Toonami every Saturday night starting at 11:30 PM E/P. Tell your friends to watch too. 

And keep those eyes wide open!