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University of Central Florida’s #CollectiveProject’s Albert Manero is changing lives with bionic technology and 3D printing. Watch the video to learn more about #Limbitless and #BionicKids, and find out how you can help.


   Living With Future Prosthetics  


Living life one handed is always trying to problem solve. You figure it out but it might take a minute and you might need to put in a little more effort than two handed people because the would wasn’t built for us. Mardi Gras season is occasionally a bit of a challenge. Trying to hold food and walk at parades takes some serious effort haha. So stoked on my #bionic arm yesterday for making my life easier! It’s the little things that people don’t realize. HAPPY MARDI GRAS! #amputee #mardigras #AmputeeProblems #technology #cyborg (at Uptown Parades)

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