bionic live

@askstormypony you’re fucking transphobic how about that!!! yes those things are incredibly important and need donations, but trans stuff is also important. Having an option like a bionic penis could save lives. I know it sounds stupid to someone like you, but knowing I’d never have an option for a dick because bottom surgery is expensive with not always the best results, and having a penis is such an iconic guy thing that a lot of trans guys feel they need. a bionic penis would be so helpful for dysphoria, and that’s its primary purpose. so yeah, thanks for your transphobic comment my little pony blog, but at the end of the day I’m gonna have a bionic dick and you’re just gonna be a transphobe with a MLP blog lmao


University of Central Florida’s #CollectiveProject’s Albert Manero is changing lives with bionic technology and 3D printing. Watch the video to learn more about #Limbitless and #BionicKids, and find out how you can help.