bionic limb

Samantha Payne’s startup Open Bionics allows anyone in the world to download and 3D print their own bionic limbs. 

Tilly was just 15 months old when she had to have her hand amputated after contracting meningitis septicaemia. Now, with a bionic arm from Open Bionics, Tilly can move all of her fingers and perform more complex movements. EMG sensors on her arm detect muscle movement, telling her bionic arm how quickly or firmly to squeeze its fingers.

basically i hate the narrative in star wars where most of the villains are physically disabled (all intended as S/Os to darth vader no doubt), require assistive devices, the dark side corrupts your body and your mind depending on which sources you read…

Like since they have fairly realistic bionic limbs sometimes we get more physically disabled heroes than in other sources, but I don’t feel it really “counts” if the villains all require even more assistive devices, are even less capable of passing for AB, and there are far more of them who are disabled

its like wow show us what you think of disabled people more please

Jamison’s stump’s can start hurting after wearing his bionic limbs too much. The skin tissue will start to get red and irritated. But being a little shit he refuses to take them off since he is embarrassed without them. Mako gets tired of the whining eventually that it hurts so much. So he just takes them off with Jamie flipping his shit ofcourse and being a bigger little shit. But Jamie soon calms down as Mako start to massage the irritating skin and tells him he doesnt need to be embarrassed about it because he still thinks he is beautiful. And Jamie is fucking loving all this attention and it does feels quite better after a while. Finish it up with some kisses and cuddles and they both happy junkers again.




Eidos Montreal is working with Razer and Open Bionics to bring 3D printed bionic limbs to market at an affordable price point.