bionic limb

Samantha Payne’s startup Open Bionics allows anyone in the world to download and 3D print their own bionic limbs. 

Tilly was just 15 months old when she had to have her hand amputated after contracting meningitis septicaemia. Now, with a bionic arm from Open Bionics, Tilly can move all of her fingers and perform more complex movements. EMG sensors on her arm detect muscle movement, telling her bionic arm how quickly or firmly to squeeze its fingers.

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PROMPT: Erik goes to the gym and sees Charles playing murderball and falls instantly in love

Brushing a hand through his shower-wet hair, Erik hoists his backpack a little higher up on his shoulder and pushes open the locker room door with a flick of his powers, stepping out into the brightly lit hallway. His legs ache from the six-mile run he’d completed on the treadmill and his arms are still burning from the rowing machine, but he feels considerably better than he had entering the gym a few hours ago. His head feels clearer and his body more alive despite the soreness. The mess of his week – the conference call turned shouting match with the other chief engineers on his project, the lost wallet, the parking ticket, the notice for increased rent in his building if he wants to sign another lease at the end of the month – all of the bad has faded away in the face of sheer muscle exhaustion.

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Close Future - Part 4

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Summary: You’re becoming more and more a part of the Avengers, you feel as if you’ve found your place, but it’s possible that the mistakes of your pass is coming back to haunt you.

Warnings: None.

Words: 3 357

A/N: And so it continues… There are 100% typos in here somewhere cause I did not read through it :)))) Anyway, hope you enjoy! Please tell me your thoughts!

Also this chapter is a bit longer but I wouldn’t mind making it even longer. Is that cool?


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She woke up in the room she had already come to love. The sun had just begun to rise, meaning it was earlier than usual for her, but she couldn’t mind less as orange and peach rays of light streamed through the tall windows. She crawled out of her bed towards the glass wall, looking out over Manhattan in the breathtaking dusk. In the far distance she could spot Brooklyn and Queens, and she was almost sure the next thing was Bronx. Much nearer she could see the outlines of Central Park’s greenness break the concrete and brick that covered the island.

She looked down her bare body stripped down to her underwear, seeing the healed tissue of her scars glisten in the sun. Some were barely visible but others were so badly sown it seemed as though the stitches were still left in her flesh. She knew the villagers who saved her life said a few pieces of the missile entered her body and settled too deep to remove. She wondered how many, and if she could find out in the Stark Tower.

Her stomach growled, and she would not disobey its command. She walked to the wardrobe and was surprised to find it had been restocked with clothes suited for her. The day before, there had been both male and female clothes of various sizes. Tony must have had that arranged during their dinner somehow.

She found a pair of yoga pants with looked far more tactical than anything she had seen on the market. She put them on and grabbed a black, slim fit tank top. She made the bed afterwards before heading out of her room.

The building was completely silent, which was relaxing. Everyone was still asleep as it was only six in the morning, but she hoped no one would mind that she came early to the breakfast table and helped herself out. Since the evening prior, she felt as if she had already became more part of the team. Even if it wasn’t official, it seemed as if it eventually would be as long as she still wanted it.

She descended down the gentle slope from the floor of everyone’s rooms to the lounge and kitchen area, almost smiling at the beautiful sunrise casting long streaks of golden light through the walls of windows.

She made her way up to the kitchen and began to seek through it for everything she needed. She found a pan eventually and some oil, turning on the stove before heading to the fridge where she found some eggs. She began to make an omelet in the comfortable solitude.

“Good morning?” She jumped by unfamiliar voice and turned around towards the elevator where a man stood, a duffel bag in his hands and black attire, a glistening arm made of metal at his side which captivated her eyes. She tried to not look at the bionic limb but maintained the manors she had learned to value highly in the military.

She moved the frying pan off the stove and went up to the man. “You must be Bucky.” She held her hand out to shake his to his surprise.

“And you must be Y/N. Steve told me you’d be around.” He explained. “Said you know Sam.”

“That, I do.” She headed back to the stove and got out another plate, splitting the omelet in half with the spatula and making it into two servings. “We served in the military together.”

“Really?” He raised his eyebrows, impressed and surprised.

“Five years.” She assured as she brought the plates to the table. She hurried back to the fridge where she grabbed the pitcher of orange juice she had seen when getting the eggs and got two glasses along the way. “Please, have a seat.” She motioned for the two plates she had sat down in front of one another.

Bucky was hesitant but listened, taking a seat and watching her pour up a glass of juice for him and place it down by his plate kindly. “Thank you.”

“I’m no true chef, but I’ve never found it that difficult to mix up some eggs, salt and pepper.” She chuckled, grabbing a bite.

“I don’t mean to come off as rude, but Steve told me some extraordinary things about you…” Bucky suggested and she nodded, realizing what he was getting at.

“I was in an accident in Afghanistan. Barely survived a missile explosion. After that, I somehow posses the power to see the close future. Although I’m afraid I’ll have to demonstrate later. I’m very drained in the mornings and let’s just say that yesterday, I got to experience what happens if I defy that fact.”

He was astonished. “How far ahead can you see?”

“Thirty minutes is my best.” She smiled, taking a sip of her drink and continuing her breakfast which Bucky had seemed to have forgotten in the moment.

“Still, thirty seconds is so useful. You can see your enemies attacks before they even know them themselves. That’s absolutely brilliant.”

Her smile widened, an airy and short laugh leaving her parted lips as Bucky had been the only one to point that fact out. When she first got her powers, she felt as if there was something wrong considering how short ahead she could see. In movies and books, people who could see the future could see decades ahead. But over time, she learned that she didn’t want to be able to see that much. Thirty minutes was more than enough for her.

“Exactly. It’s saved my life more times than I can possibly count.”

“I can only imagine.” Bucky pressed his lips together in a smile. He thought the breakfast would have been awkward and cold considering how they were strangers, but perhaps it came easier to them considering their military past and abnormal abilities and appearances? “Is that from the accident?”

A couple of scars were seen on her arms, the least brutal ones thankfully. “Yes. Villagers from a nearby settlement of the accident stitched me up. Their sowing is a little rough, but I didn’t get some strange disease and the wounds all healed properly, so I don’t have anything to complain about.”

She was tempted to ask about his arm, but she would not risk stepping on any toes or pick at any wounds. If he wanted to speak of it, she was sure he would.

“I was told yesterday that you were on a mission. I take it went well considering that no one spoke about you returning so soon?” She changed the subject to avoid any tension.

“It did indeed. I was only retrieving some files lost in an explosion in Wakanda when we were there over a year ago, helping out a friend of ours.”

“The king, right?” She wondered. “The king of Wakanda?”

“Yes, T'Challa. He works with us whenever he can but doesn’t stick around here like the rest of the lot. After all, he has an entire country to take care of.”

“Seems reasonable.” She smiled, the conversations flowing on easily all the way up until she glimpsed that Steve would show up within a few seconds.

“Steve’s coming down.” She stated, glancing towards the landslide from the bedroom floor.

“What?” Bucky had already forgotten what her abilities were and stared at Steve in surprise as he appeared.

Bucky?” Steve furrowed his eyebrows in confusion at the friend he hadn’t expected to find. “What are you doing here so soon?”

“Mission was a success. The lost files have been returned to Wakandan authorities… Also, T'Challa says hi.” Bucky embraced himself as Steve went for a quick and harsh hug, surely not as brutal for the two elites as it would have been for her for example.

“Well, I see you’ve met Y/N already, Sam’s friend I told you about a week ago.”

“Yes, she had the kindness to serve me breakfast actually.” Bucky smiled towards the girl who had been so much nicer than what he had thought of a stranger.

“How are you feeling today?” Steve said, evidently hinting the small accident the day before. She hadn’t given it any thought, which was a good sign in her book.

“I feel like my normal self. In an hour I’ll be in top shape, I’m sure.” She gave him a firm nod to reassure the man who took it upon himself that everyone on the team were always well.

“Good, I believe Tony wants us to move to the new base up north. If you’re alright with that, of course.” Steve had to ask if she was alright with anything, which was a strange contrast compared to the military where she was ordered to do things whether she liked them or not.

“New base?” She hadn’t heard any plans of moving at the dinner the night before. Had Tony truly made them before seven in the morning a Saturday after a night drowned with wine? She didn’t find it very likely, even after knowing Tony for merely a day.

“It’s this dislocated place here in New York but further up north. It’s off the grid, spacious, and a lot more secluded. So if you ever want to do some extraordinary training, you don’t have to care about the public eye.”

She did like the sound of that, even if she had just started to fall for the Stark Tower. “We’re moving today?” She wanted to know the details.

“Well, it’s not so much moving as it is traveling. We just pack up our most personal things and then everything else exists in the new facility already.” Steve explained with a confirming nod from Bucky beside him. “If you’re not in on this whole thing yet and don’t want to move I understand but-”

“No, it’s good. This is good. I’m devoted to this whole being-a-hero thing now so moving location is no concern of mine.” She smiled. “The sooner the better? Or when are we leaving?”

“If you had a ride of your own you could get on the road in a minute, but I believe me and Sam said around nine. I’ll be merrily surprised if Stark as much as gets out of bed before eleven.” Steve sighed and Bucky huffed, a subtle way of laughing, knowing how well Steve’s words fit into Tony’s character.

“I’ll leave with you then. I already have my bag packed from when I got here.”

The corner of Steve’s mouth twisted up slightly. “Old military habit? Not packing your bag up since you don’t know when you’ll have to leave?”

She nodded, looking down at the floor as it was all too true, still smiling. “Ha, yeah I guess it is. Old habits die hard, isn’t that what they say?”

“I believe so.” Steve placed his hand on her shoulder briefly as he passed her by, a way of him to express what he couldn’t put in words when it came to him relating to Y/N’s military background.

“Thank you for breakfast, by the way.” Bucky said as Steve opened up the fridge in the kitchen and reminded him of the omelet he had eaten. “It was very good.”

“What can I say? Three-ingredient-dishes are my speciality.”

As they came to New Jersey and the island of Manhattan became smaller and smaller in the reflection of the rear view mirror, she felt as if she could finally relax, but that lasted only for a second.

“Right, so I was thinking about how to physically explain your abilities. My best theory is that it’s something related to wormholes…” Peter spoke excitingly and pointed at the many doodles and numbers in the notebook in his lap which he had been focused on all morning.

“That’s an interesting theory.” She said, glancing down as the hasty handwriting she could scarcely read.

She sat in the middle backseat of the car which Sam drove, Steve in the passenger seat and Bucky to he left with Peter to her right. They were literally squeezed together and at first she almost submitted and went with the later departure with Tony, Bruce, Natasha and Scott who would be taking an aircraft of some sorts, which sounded a lot more spacious than the car she was sat in.

“In some way, you must have access to a wormhole which has its other end in the near future-”

“How do you explain the drainage of her power then?” Sam asked, half seriously, half mockingly that he was completely nerding down in Y/N’s gift.

“Well… Her ability could be that she can access wormholes. You know, like naturally gifted? Like Clint with his incredible aim?”

“He practiced that.” Sam stated as his eyes remained on the road.

“He told me he was born with his amazing aim.”

“He’s bragging.” Steve glanced to the backseat, smiling hopelessly at Clint’s persona which still took presence even when he wasn’t around himself.

“Well, there are others who have gifts. Maybe Y/N is one of them?”

“I got my powers after a missile went off?” She attempted to get answers from the young boy who had only begun to explain his theories, not actually diagnose.

“Maybe the ability you already had was somehow triggered by the explosion? Wormholes are usually created after a large and powerful eruption which shifts the matter around or within it, causing a hole in the matter around it and breaking the space-time-continuum-”

“Okay, pause… I feel like I’m a three year old talking with Einstein, and I’m older than you and we’re talking about my abilities.”

“I have a headache.” Bucky confessed to her left, glancing across her lap to Peter’s notebook.

“It’s not that complicated. I’m sure Bruce can explain it even further.” Peter tried but he had already lost the rest of the passengers with his scientific explanation of Y/N being able to see the future.

“Get into the left lane. There’s a car blocking the right one further up.” She stated from out of nowhere. Without questioning, Sam flicked on the blinkers and went to the other side. Within a few seconds they could see the truck which seemed to have run out of gas, blocking the lane like she had promised.

“You just accessed a wormhole which was just a few seconds ahead, making you see the future-”

“That’s enough science-talk, spidey.” Sam glanced back in the rear view mirror for a second. He was also beginning to feel a headache begin to surge and would rather avoid it if he could.

“We can talk about it with Banner later, alright?” Y/N had seen the embarrassment in Peter upon having his excitement shut down. She couldn’t let him feel so bad about simply wanting to explain her powers to her.

He nodded, smiling.

The car went silent for the first time since they had left the Tower. She sat looking out the front window further ahead, watching the distant suburbs of New Jersey spread out. As time went by, the houses progressively began to appear with more distance between one another and the suburbs faded to countryside to forest. After an hour of driving they were surrounded by miles upon miles of thick forests which had a calm to it the city could never match.

“Wasn’t that the car that was behind us before?” Peter suddenly broke the silent which had lasted for half an hour almost. Y/N looked at the teen who had his upper body twisted around, eyes staring through the back window intensely. She followed his gaze to the black car which drove behind them, its windows suspiciously tinted and Peter’s notice of seeing it earlier was alarming.

“We’re being followed.” She stated, sinking back to her seat with fear in her features.

“Shit…” Sam said calmly as he too caught a glance of the vehicle through the rear view mirror. “Are we?” He didn’t want to believe it.

“I’m one hundred percent certain it’s the same car as fifteen minutes ago, and there’s an identical car riding behind it.”

“That’s a tail.” Steve confirmed, looking through the side mirrors. “What the hell is this? Anyone in here feel like they have a reason to be followed?”

The three in the backseat looked amongst each other, looking forward to Steve and Sam afterwards with clueless looks.

“I just came back from a mission where T'Challa and I pretty much put an entire organization to the ground. I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t like that…”

“Still seems unlikely that they would have been able to track you after all of our security protocols and then hunt you on U.S soil.” Steve said whilst continuing to watch the vehicles behind them.

Y/N sat still, eyes lost into space and time where only she could see. Peter was the one who noticed.

“Guys…” He called out, watching the color flow around in her eyes like a blurry movie. She seemed unreachable, or at least she did not make an effort to speak in the moment.

Bucky looked at her in amazement as he had never seen her powers visually before. Steve turned around in his seat and Sam glimpsed back whenever he felt he could. Y/N remained still, eyes glued forward.

“Update, Y/N. What’s going on?” Steve needed to know.

“I’m pushing a little further ahead, trying to see what’s going to happ- oh god…” She gasped, eyes snapping back to reality. “They’re going to open fire in about one minute, just as we pass the next road sign.”

“Shit!” Sam repeated himself, gripping the steering wheel tightly and accelerating.

“No! The reason they’ll open fire is cause we’ve noticed them. Just drive like we’ve done all along.” Her eyes were faded with colorful lights again but only for a short moment. “We’ve bought some time, I can’t see them shooting at us within the next five minutes.”

“Okay, that’s good. I’ll contact Tony and the others, see what they think we should do.” Steve brought out his phone which he handled like an old man, his fingers clumsy and pressing harshly on the touchscreen.

She tried to think of any reason why she should be the one to have someone tailing her. She liked to think it was someone else from within the car, but the likeliness of her past catching up with her was too plausible for her to ignore. She didn’t want to be the target. She was a newcomer to the team which she wasn’t even officially on yet. She didn’t need her past to bring unnecessary complications like men chasing after her in tinted cars with machine guns.

“…Tony, shut up…” Steve snapped, surprising everyone, even Y/N who didn’t know the man. “This is no time for your jokes and your sarcasm, we’re being followed… Yes… No I- hold up… Y/N? What are you seeing?”

Steve tore away from the phone call with agony and looked back at her. She didn’t say anything at first but looked ahead in time, the color in her eyes enough to let Steve know she was looking for an update of what was to come.

“One of the cars is going to drive past us to be ahead, putting us in between them. No guns yet.” She said as she came back from the film which had metaphorically played inside of her head.

“They’re going to lock us in. A minute ago she saw them opening fire but we’ve avoided it… Yes, you see, that’s the beauty of having the future revealed to you. You can change it…” Steve sounded more than tired of Tony on the other end. “Where are you guys?… Alright. We’ll wait for air support then.”

He hung up.

“What’s the plan?” Bucky asked, not liking the staring headlights from the car behind them.

“We wait for Tony and the others to arrive. They’re a few miles away but the Quinjet will make it in five I’m sure-”

“We might not have that long…” Y/N stated, no one noticing her glowing eyes until she spoke. “We have a few seconds before bullets come flying.”

Commission Recommendations

I do not take commissions personally (I don’t have a working PayPal! D:) but I can recommend buddies of mine who do! Together they have a range of styles and specialisations, so I’m sure one of them with meet what you’re looking for. I also met all of them via the Fallout fandom, so while they’re all flexible artists with differing strengths, know that if you’re following me for Fallout content all of them can handle it!

Note: they might not be taking them CURRENTLY - their slots might be full, they might be busy with work or college, they might be on a wellness break. But these are all people I can recommend who regularly take commissions, so if they’re not open right now, they may be soon!

is a link to their current commission page, if they have one.
🚫 are things that the artist refuses to do (non-negotiable!)

Note that 🚫 are what are provided to me by the artists themselves, rather than to a universal standard. So just because one artist thought to say “no X, ever” doesn’t mean all others are “yes X, sure!” If you’re not sure, ASK!

  @vectober [NSFW, tagged] (see also: @vect-doodles)
Cartoony, but not necessarily ‘cutsey’. Wonderful anatomy and graceful elongated shapes. Sketches and colours. Met her through Fallout fandom, but she also has a lot of history with WoW, and will do anything if you give her a ref. Comfortable with drawing NSFW, both pin-ups and more explicit. Regularly hosts streams, so you may even watch your piece being drawn live!
NSFW: ✔ (with conditions)
🚫: non-con, furry, extreme gore, loli

  @monster-jensen (see also: @jensen-couch-art)
Caricatures, cartoons. Usually sketches or simple colours, but he is also a wonderful painter. People (including ghouls) and monsters make up most of his content. He’s great at full-art paintings, but rarely takes commissions for them as they are very time-consuming (and priced to match). You could try! Suggestive/pin-up content is a-ok, but explicit is no-go.
NSFW: ✔ (with conditions)
🚫: explicit, furry

  @yabbyabb  (see also: @hatchanddixie)
Soft playful shapes. EXCELLENT choice for cute and fluffy content. Will also draw monsters, esp monster-girls. Cartoons, avatars/icons. Her speciality is people (inc ghouls), but for you, she’s willing to try animals and furries! See her illustrations in the #yabbyabb doodles tag or on her RP blog.
NSFW: ✔ (with conditions)
🚫: gore, mecha, non-con

Specialises in character designs and costuming. Can draw your characters or design you a new one! Humans, monster-humans, gijinkas, more. Highly detailed work. Has a personal interest in cultures of eastern Asia, esp of fashions. The passion shows in their work! I especially love their use of layers in costumes and the mask aesthetic. Tasteful/artistic nudity is okay, but no sexual content.
🚫: explicit content, fetish

Specialises in monsters, demons, distorted beasts, and designs of same. Beautiful digital painting! Her rendering is seriously unreal. An excellent choice is you want something slick, scaly, or creepy. Loves to try different styles from common media, ranging from cartoons to realistic renders, making her an adaptable artist.
NSFW: ✔ (with conditions)
🚫: underage/loli, scat (reserves the right to decline fetish case-by-case)

High-contrast B/W comic-style, use of silhouettes and harsh lighting. Angular, sharp. Very noir! Her use of colour is usually as a bold accent to dark solid shapes, but she does full-colour painted pieces as well. Usually moody colour schemes (teal, purple, green). She’ll often use high-contrast colour, too - eg main base of dark teal, but with bright orange highlights to really >POP!< Is willing to do explicit content, but exercises personal choice as to fetish pieces.
NSFW: ✔ (with conditions)
🚫: fetish (negotiable)

Raw, textured (GREAT for dark/villainous content!). Stark b/w, or vibrant colour. Excellent use of anatomy and contrast lighting. Most frequently draws monsters, humans, pokemon gijinkas. Has professional experience in the entertainment industry. ART GOALS, TBH - learning a lot from him. Willing to do gore and monsters, but not sexual content (suggestive negotiable, but nothing explicit!).
NSFW: ❌ (negotiable)
🚫: illegal content
(everything else is fair game!)

  @amummy (see also: @amummyart)
Specialises in full-colour digital painting. A soft, oily aesthetic, with slick highlights. Great use of geometric shapes. Humans, ghouls, monsters, aliens, toons, more. Her art blog and personal are the same so if you want to see samples of her work they’re under #my art. Nudity, intimacy/fluff, and mild gore are okay, but passing on the harder stuff.
🚫: extreme gore, explicit, violence/suggestive vs child/animal

  @rhobi (see also: @sunshineart)
I’d describe their work as ‘crisp’. Pronounced borders. A sort of cell-shaded, pixel-art style. Humans, ghouls, furries/scalies, beasts, monsters, robots, mechs, more - original or fanart, including turnaround sheets. I personally love their monster designs, and they can design you your own as a commission as well. Their art and personal are the same blog so you can see images at the #art tag! They’re also willing to negotiate suggestive or softcore NSFW or nudity (but nothing graphic!).
NSFW: ✔ (with conditions)
🚫: explicit/hardcore

@izzy-cat-draws (see also: @izzy-fat-cat [NSFW, untagged])
Mostly does sketchwork commissions (or monotone rendered). May do full renders or coloured pieces if you ask him nicely! Has accomplished use of composition and perspective and experience with NSFW content. Draws humans, ghouls, furry, robots, and fanart (esp for fantasy and sci-fi). Specialises in furry (including NSFW furry and fatfur).
🚫: excessive gore, scat, watersports

Haha nice try my PayPal doesn’t even work no more, you can’t commish me, try again binch (I may do art trades or collabs tho, chosen on a case-by-case basis), specialises in trash, memes, shitposts, COLOURS
🚫: mecha (small parts ok, eg bionic limbs), fetish

honestly if you think about it there should actually be more visibly accommodated disabled people in sci fi stuff set in the future because if you’re building antigrav chairs and cool-looking bionic limbs for everybody who needs those it seems silly to assume that kind of society isn’t going to go whole hog on accommodating minor things that might not even be considered actual disabilities in the real world with sweet assistive tech

anonymous asked:

How much time do you think it will take until we finally get bionic limbs ?

Brain-controlled bionic limbs are here already and have been in development  for some time now. So that might already answer your question. But perhaps you were asking how long until it’s more widespread and commonplace? Since it is in the early stages still, it is hard to say how long it would take for it to be seen more like it is in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. All new tech has a period where people have to get used to the idea first; it’s human nature to view changes with caution and this would a very big change indeed. 

One of the first things that would need to happen is that they would need to be financially feasible on a wider scale. We certainly are seeing some companies popping up now aimed at doing precisely that. Another thing that would have to happen is that a greater proportion of people would have to see this as near indispensable to being a part of society. 

In this really great talk I reblogged recently, Damien Williams spoke about how smart phones have gone from something of a luxury to vital for many jobs now within the space of a less than a decade. Something similar would have to happen with bionic limbs/ prosthetics/ augmentations.

 This is how it is in part explained in Human Revolution and Mankind Divided. Augmentations came to be seen as important for getting ahead in the workplace and huge projects like Panchaea in DXHR and the luxury projects in Dubai in DXMD were constructed by large aug labor forces. It went beyond being a luxury for just rich people; it was also seen as a necessity to getting ahead by the larger workforce. 

So it’s hard to say, because something like that would in the real world have to be supported by insurance. And tech requiring surgery would be a big sea change in societal thinking, not to mention a potential lifetime of upkeep to worry about. It’s easier to adopt tech that’s non-invasive. So yeah, hard to say, but given that some non-invasive options can be also be developed (exoskeletons for example), I would imagine this kind of tech would take longer to become a commonplace thing, longer than 2027 at least.


Eidos Montreal is working with Razer and Open Bionics to bring 3D printed bionic limbs to market at an affordable price point.  

anonymous asked:

Is Nepeta's tail biological?

Oooo! A Homestuck Theory question! It’s been a while!

Well, a lot of peoples argument towards it either being biological or a bionic limb created by Equius, as it is seen moving in her second set of talksprites

However, something else I feel goes over peoples heads is how her hat changed expressions as she did, as seen in her first set of talksprites

So this gives me two possible deductions on the matter.

One, the most likely answer: it’s a stylistic choice, that doesn’t necessarily mean that these parts of her outfit actually move in “canon”-canon, and just move to add a little motion to her talksprites.

Two, taking them both at face value: both pieces of her outfit have robotic components to them! It would make sense, considering from what we’ve seen, Equius seems rather inclined to offer big, expensive gifts to his (potential) quadrantmates. It wouldn’t be too outlandish to assume that her accessories were a gift from him at some point! I don’t adhere to the “tail is part of her spine because Equius broke it” headcanon since I feel like that’s a little needlessly angst ridden and Nepeta seems pretty resilient, but I could see it as just an articulated animatronic tail.