bionic design


Calling All Makers

3D designers and artists: This is your chance to join the bionic revolution! The #CollectiveProject needs unique 3D printed designs for bionic limbs. Help these amazing kids with a few hours of your time. Learn more, including how to submit designs online.


If I get 5  (✪㉨✪) I’ll draw myself as if I was a fictional character

Lol I got a lot more than five. Anywho. Like 5 years ago, end of high school beginning college I rode scooters everywhere And one day I was thinking about what kind of weapon I would have in a beat ‘em up game and I thought about how I wanted a scooter that turned into a weapon. My early ideas were like having a blade on it or something then a bionic arm and now years later I have finally done it! And I am quite happy with the results!