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We Hunt The Hunters Part III (Finale)

Hello everyone! Welcome to another one of the stories, bringing back some characters, Sasha and Breka. This story was inspiried by user @quiksilvear and their requested prompt of human persistence hunting. I know the last one was kinda slow, but I took my time with this and truly put my love for story in it. Without further ado, lets continue!


Sasha lay on her stomach, watching as a football field away there sat another corpse of one of the grazing creatures they had killed. Breka laid by her side, though instead of her usual drowsiness, the beast’s eyes were alert and her hackles raised. Sasha laid her hand on Breka’s flank and shushed her softly. “Easy Girl … I hear him too … The hunt was the creatures, but now the real hunt starts,” she cooed warmly, turning her attention back to the clearing before them. 

Hours passed, and finally it started again. Amid the humming of extra-terrestrial insects and other fauna, a loud growl could be heard throughout the woods. An echoing howl that came from some unopposed titan of this planet. Stepping from the clearing it stood proud on it’s six legs, a vicious looking abomination covered in barbs, six blood red eyes, and a coat of ashen gray fur touched with splotches of black and dark red. Even on all fours, this monstrosity stood almost 12 feet tall. It stopped a few feet from the corpse, smelling the air, gazing around hungrily, and whipped up it’s three tails. Each was barbed and dripping some kind of white and green liquid. The beast’s hackles rose up, and it hissed before moving to began it’s feast on the corpse. 

“He took the bait … Step one,” she pulled out her her gun, “Test the hide,” she took a deep breathe and aimed. However, the beast was not her target, but the vines above it. A single shot caused the monster to look up in the air, and the bullet cut through a few of the vines, only to release a horde of carved pikes barreling towards the beast. They broke against it’s hide, causing it to snarl and bare it’s teeth. “Spears are no good… Four shots left, let’s see how it handles blasters,” Sasha took aim again, and fired. The Bolt from her gun pierced the monster’s hide, and caused it to yelp before snarling and slashing it’s tail all over. 

It’s tail destroyed the nearby trees, and finally it bolted off into the woods, trailing behind it was a thin stream of thick dark purple blood. “Now we follow,” Sasha nodded as she and Breka began to slowly trail the monstrosity of this forest. 

It was several hours of tracking, finding the beast on two more occasions and putting another blaster bolt through it’s body. The monster still ran strong. “How much blood can this thing lose?” Sasha shook her head in disbelief as they continued to tail the beast. Finally they reached a cave, where the blood trickled inward. “Now we corner the beast, and kill. Breka,” she turned to her companion, who titled her head curiously as Sasha. “Hunt,” she nodded. 

Breka licked her lips and growled, together they crept forward bit by bit until they reached the mouth of the cave. Sasha knew she had one shot, and wasn’t ready to test her bionic limbs on the beast. They moved in together, keeping close and following the trail carefully. But they stopped, Breka whining in confusion as Sasha raised her brow. The blood stopped there and, “Circles … Back, shit,” she turned around, “It doubled back?!” She gasped as the creature leaped down from cave entrance. It growled, dripping acidic saliva and glaring at Sasha and Breka. It’s scales were paler, but it still looked able to kill. 

“Breka!” Sasha shouted as she jumped up on her back, “Run!” Breka turned tail and ran deeper into the cave. The monster behind them was not about to give up the fight, and gave chase. Sasha turned to look back and saw the the creature was panting heavily, but still making considerable headway. “Come on girl, faster, faster!” Sasha held on tightly as Breka barreled onward through the cave. 

As the monster drew closer and closer, Sasha turned and took aim. It was difficult, but her cybernetics made up for the unstable terrain that was her mount. Taking a deep breathe, she fired a single bolt at the creatures skull, and a loud crack bounced off the cave walls as the creature fell forward, flipping and landing on its side. “Breka, kill!” Sasha shouted as Breka turned around immediately, sprinting towards the monster. Sasha jumped off of Breka, and Breka pounced onto the monster. She began to viciously tear into the beasts neck, the sound of flesh ripping filled their ears, and finally after much struggle the beast lay dead. 

They remained there quietly, Breka spitting and hacking up the acidic blood. “Thank goodness your kind can take the acid Breka, now if only it didn’t taste terrible.” Sasha chuckled softly. She looked down at the beast and sighed, “Sorry old fella … Need the area to be safe for hunting, and you’ll boost the morale of the crew.” She knelt by the the creature and pet it’s lifeless head. She began to pry off the scales, eventually gathering enough to show to the crew. 

After some time resting, they finally returned, stocked up with plenty of meat. “We’re home girl … Let’s try to get out of here nice and fast,” Sasha pet Breka’s side again. They entered the camp, and were welcomed with immense enthusiasm. The scales proved worthy of raising spirits, the meat and vegetation that had been scanned gave the crew hope for surviving, and the source of fresh water for the crew made them share their reserves of pure water with Sasha. It was a good thing to return to, though Sasha looked up at the sky, for she knew her real hunt continued among the stars. The hunt for her true prey. “I’m coming Lil Sis … You ain’t gonna be trapped forever,” she muttered. 



Hey everyone! As always feel free to submit plots, character archetypes, and other junk! We always accept questions or general interaction! It’s 3am and I still can’t sleep, so I’m already thinking up the next story that will come from this universe. Next story will either be more from our favorite Citadel detectives Quinn and Vec, or maybe our dynamic duo Derrick and Emma on another quest for glory and riches through their shenanigans. Maybe we’ll even meet our final character duo … Viceroy and Banshee, the most wanted human criminals in the galaxy! Who will appear? Find out next time! 

Until then, fly safe, fly far, explore everything, and always tune in here to the blog for your stories from the cosmos. Be safe out there fellow explorers.