biomotor unitron


Owning a NeoGeo Portable meant being able to play this gem of an RPG. Biomotor Unitron is a little known game only for the NeoGeo Portable where you pilot a Mech/Unitron through a series of tournaments.

Depending on what Unitron you pick determines your race and the different kind of tiers your machine will go through as you level up. Truly one of the better handheld RPG’s of the late 90’s.


I actually didn’t end up playing this at all just yet because I was editing settings so this can all be a bit easier in the future, but look at all the characters you can be.

BIRDians, the mariners are grade A, and look at those lizards, and the plot is basically “We were at war, a meteor fell from the sky, we made robots from it and won the war, and now we fight them for fun” I think, so I have to be real, this sounds pretty decent, I might have to look at this later on.