changes colour by the heat of sunlight

type: art object / material concept
designer: Tim van Cromvoirt
materials: Iron, glue, pigment
model & sizes: variable, minimum is 900 cm2
year: 2012
price: on request

“With its organic, plant-like look, the Thermophores continuously changes colour on the surface through artificial heating or sunlight. This ongoing process makes this art work & material concept so magical. When heated, a beautiful visual process is put in motion changing the organism’s colour.
After the sunlight fades away it slowly cools down and changes back to its original colour”


The starling murmurations video has been making its rounds in my twitterverse and blogosphere, including even my facebook.  Sadly, what is motivating me to post about this beautiful phenomenon of nature is how it is inspiring the evolution of weapons.

“Using computer models, researchers in the Netherlands learned that the shapes of flocks change from wide and flat to long and narrow, and birds that fly abreast of each other end up in a single file line. The researchers hope to apply these and other techniques to "flocks” of the autonomous military aircraft.“

Biomicary is a powerful design tool.  

"Today we have learned in the agony of war that great power involves great responsibility.” FDR

The irony of using a DARPA invention to communicate this is not lost on me…and that fact provides some optimism .  Perhaps this flocking technology will actually create something unforseen that will benefit humankind.