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hey! I love your Future AU! I was wondering if you ever mentioned what each of them are studying?

Hmmm don’t think I did.

Kuroo: Studying Chemistry, he hopes to become a Pharmacologist or work in a Lab as a researcher.
Bokuto: On Volleyball scholarship. He majors in Sports Science, which, he doesn’t really study for because his goal is to be scouted by a pro team.
Oikawa: Aiming for Law degree. Currently in business major.
Akaashi: Majoring in Biomedical Sciences, aiming for Dentistry.
Iwaizumi: Majoring in Physical Education. He wants to be a coach/teacher.
Kenma: Majoring in Computer Sciences, he wants to be a programmer.

List of awesome M’sian studyblrs

Here is a list of Malaysian studyblrs that I’ve come across up until now. I have done a list in the past so this is just an updated list that I wish to share around. So, dear fellow Malaysian studyblrs, please reblog this so that we can make this list longer! *there are some studyblrs that used to exist but sadly some of them deleted their blogs :(

Wei Yu , SPM 2016 @ishouldbestudyingbutiamblogging

hhanastudyblr , SPM 2015 @hhanastudyblr

div-studies , SPM 2017 *if her blog is updated? @div-studies

saoirse-is-studying , Chemical Engineering Major ; she has a studygram (under the same name) as well which im following @saoirse-is-studying

futurepaleontologist ; *fellow sherlockian as well @futurepaleontologist

study-cool ,*unfortunately no info on her blog but she has a nice theme tho @study-cool

studymakesmehappy , PT3 2016 @studymakesmehappy

jo-studying , SPM 2017 @jo-studying

tasyashallstudy , Biomedical Science Major @tasyashallstudy

accounting-blr , *its obvious from her blog name; Accounting @accounting-blr

vsionary , well from her blog we know she’s erm….. 18 and the name’s Mia @vsionary

hushstudy , SPM 2016 and um nice eraser icon…. brings back old memories *like im actually older but nah we’re at the same age @hushstudy

aeristudies , SPM 2017; EXO fangirl *i mean who doesnt need a cool boy band oppas for motivation @aeristudies

dontstop-study , Iman and 18 @dontstop-study

studypraysleep , Rhoda and also 18 @studypraysleep

sempurnamilikdia , sedang mencari yang sempurna…..@sempurnamilikdia

sarahnofangirl , PT3 2015, and i think she’s studying in Germany? @sarahnofangirl

shtudies , SPM 2017 @shtudies

mintstudies , 14 @mintstudies

yeeping- , PT3 2016 @yeeping-

lets-get-lucky-tonight @lets-get-lucky-tonight

studypositivity , PT3 2016 @studypositivity hello and how are you ?

@zahirahakeen *sorry but i cant find your url….

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hello all!

I’m a new studyblr–created bc i love how pretty everyone’s notes are and i want to do the same!

a little about me:

name: klaudine (no nicknames really, but everyone calls me “klaud” at some point)

age: 18 (libra)

school level: freshman year of college (USA)

major: biomedical sciences, pre-med track

I’ve been following the studyblr community as an observer and felt too intimidated by all the pretty notes and the organized posts and was just liking and reblogging posts bc they inspired me to become more productive.

My overall goal is to be as productive as the other studyblrs while maintaining grades that are presentable enough to get into med school! 

I love watching The Office, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, and Parks and Recreation in my free time as well as KDramas I stumble upon (and don’t mind binging for a week).

I love to listen to the Arctic Monkeys, Fleetwood Mac, Harry Styles, Lorde, ABBA, and HAIM. But for studying I love listening to quiet instrumentals like the soundtracks to Francis Lai movies, Bach, Purcell, and Tchaikovsky. Guilty pleasures include: Disney Channel Original Movie Soundtracks, Gloria Estefan, One Direction, KPOP Girl Groups, Little Mix, and the Spice Girls.

I’m really excited to getting involved in this loving community and I hope you all will like me :)

New Additions to Medblr Spotlight, pt 3.

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Hi! I love your blog so much, and I just wanted to ask, currently I am a freshman Biomedical Science Major and I plan on picking up a minor in pharmacology and toxicology. I want to become a perinatologist with a focus in maternal/fetal medicine, so I can become a medical missionary and distribute vaccines and care to infants around the world. I'm going to stop at nothing to get there. However, I am taking Cell Biology right now and its killing me. Will a C ruin my chance at med school?

Repeat this prayer (substitute deity or non deity of your choosing):

Dear Great Cosmic Cat With Really Great Sunglasses Who Is Riding a Flaming Cheeto Burrito Into A Black Hole at the Heart of this Dimension,

Remind me that I am more than my grades. Help me remember that one B or a C or a D, or maybe two or three or four or five of six of them, will not kill my chances of going to med school. In your infinite wisdom, humans have made grades, which are a social construct and indicate NOTHING about how smart I am, how worthy I am, or what kind of doctor I will be. Thanks also for the heads up that it is also ok to jump ship at any time if I decide this isn’t for me and that makes me honest, not a quitter or a failure. The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.

Blessings upon each one of your Space Fleas Who Wear Hats,
*this is the part where you do something silly to close the prayer*