biomechanic tattoo

anonymous asked:

What would the 104th and vets tattoo look like?

Mikasa: Neo Japanese style, something expressive to show off her strength
Reiner: Lettering, something simple maybe a word or a name
Bertholdt: Wouldn’t have a Tattoo
Annie: A very small, delicateTattoo, maybe a bird
Eren: Portraiture from his mother 
Armin: Doesn’t really like Tattoos
Jean: American Traditional, many little details and bright colours
Marco: Minimalistic, few colours not very big
Sasha: Watercolour Tattoo, abstract, without any lines
Connie: Realistic Tattoo, gray and black centric
Historia: Lettering in colour, something feminine
Ymir: Blackwork
Levi: Realism, he would have many Tattoos, mostly without colour
Mike:  Illustrative style, something cute and expressive
Erwin: Doesn’t want any Tattoos
Nanaba: A little realistic Tattoo of a flower, strong and yet delicate
Moblit: Is too scared to have a Tattoo
Hanji: Biomechanical Arm Tattoo, very detailed, just a few colours

Just finished this new tattoo on an amazing client who found my art at a gallery! Such a huge honor to tattoo this custom free style painted piece on her! :)