Synthetic Cells Move On Their Own

What look like animated illustrations that could easily spring from a child’s imagination are actually newly unveiled artificial cells under a microscope.

Biophysicists at Germany’s Technical University of Munich along with an international team developed simple self-propelled biomachines in a quest to create cell models that display biomechanical functions.

The researchers say their work represents the first time a movable cytoskeleton membrane has been fabricated.

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Our new program director, Lauren, came in and wanted to know why we destroyed my gift.

“My gift?” I asked.

“It’s your birthday,” she replied. “Daniel and I and the whole StrexCorp management team got you that StrexPet, because we know you love animals so much!”

And I replied, “But it’s a machine!”

“A bio-machine,” she retorted.

Meveret:now we need an earl bot

Meveret: to obey the law, attack daniel, and to be hooot

D-bag Chopra: that would be pretty hot

 Meveret: you insert whatever boyscout badge you want into earl

 Meveret: and he preforms the action

 Meveret: earl bot i mean

D-bag Chopra: like little software disks

D-bag Chopra: should Earlbot have freckles?

Meveret: he like

 Meveret: put them on with perm marker

 Meveret: to look more “earl”

two sir

He liked to pretend he didn’t miss them.

He’d liked to pretend he didn’t care at all about any of them, not Diego, not Kevin, not Earl, not Steve not Cecil not Carlos not Daniel, but the truth was when he had Diego cornered and had the gun pointed straight at the CEO’s heart, he hadn’t been able to pull the trigger.

And he’d lost everything, in failing to kill him. He’d lost his job. He’d lost his home. He’d lost everyone he’d ever pretended not to love.

For a while he hung around in Night Vale, living off Cecil’s hospitality and smuggled Big Rico’s pizzas, sneaking into Dessert Bluffs in a trenchcoat and hat that hid his features so that he could watch the new biomachine take his place, that cold, calculating machine in more ways than one, that was not and could never be Charlie. He’d watched them promote some robot named Robert and hire a vice president and watched Night Vale elect a mayor.

He and Daniel were pen pals for a while. But soon that stopped too, for reasons he’d never been able to explain. He just hoped Daniel was okay.

And then the war began. And he couldn’t pick a side. He couldn’t fight for a StrexCorp that had rejected him. He couldn’t fight for a Night Vale that longed to kill Diego. His Diego. His Kevin. His Daniel.

He left soon after that. He didn’t even know where he was going. Just away.

He ended up in England by means he couldn’t even explain. No one was forcing him to eat bananas here, or second meals, to forcing him to watch them have sex or to shut up or to keep them company. 

He had never felt more empty. 

He sat on a bench in the park because that’s what everyone seems to do in RPs nowadays. He looked around him, vaguely surprised that they allowed humans in the cat park in this new town. But nothing really surprised him, anymore.

 Meveret: so my daniel was human before. strex experimented on him and made him a biomachine.
 Meveret: Way back he rebled with kevin against strex. kevin and pre danny were not close friends but kevin knew him
 Meveret: and he recognizes him as a biomech all changed and butchered
 Meveret: but he can’t do anything but smile
 Billy Illegal: O: I love that
 Billy Illegal: that’s katie’s hedcanon daniel too
 Billy Illegal: he was human and he had some disease so they fixed him
 Meveret: so wehave laurenw ho loves biomachine danny… and kevin who remembers the strong rebel pre danny
 Meveret: kevin later with danny like
 Meveret: man just kevin knows but he can’t say anything or he is jsut
 Meveret: tortured again
 Meveret: and daniel might evenbe the one to turn him in
 Billy Illegal: oooh
 Meveret: Pre daniel keeping kevin’s spirts up
 Meveret: we can do this
 Meveret: strex can’t stop us all
 Meveret: they can’t get the entire town

Markus was furious, bits of void floating after zir as ze walked through the halls.  Zir jaw was clenched and zir steps echoed off the walls.  Ze pushed open a door and looked around at the depressing setup that was the human resources department.  Ze’d been putting them through the ringer, trying to get a whole new scientific research staff and reorganize everything else, but the fact was, everything was still a mess and it seemed like nobody was doing their jobs. 

Ze strode past the employees, towards the manager’s office, then screamed in frustration when ze found it empty.  “What ‘re all ‘f you doing, anyways?” ze yelled angrily.  “An’ you!”  Ze pointed at the biomachine, then looked away to glare at the other employees, “What is that doing here?  I thought those were decommissioned!”


“There was a request for a study,” said C223. “To see how deep a biomachine’s emotions could go. To study their minds as well. It asked if biomachines could suffer from psychological disorders, or even depression. It… was laughed out of the conference room, but it always stuck with me. I have often wondered that myself. Could we suffer from the same sicknesses as humans. Could our minds go down those roads? And if so… was there a cure? Could it be reprogrammed? Would we display the same symptoms? There were so many things I wanted to know. But it was tossed out but those who believe we cannot feel.”