Dear Cally, How Do I Curl My Hair?

This question came from my dear darling friend Laura!

Cally! I NEED HAIR HELP! Can you please, please do a blog post on how to curl and maybe do a few other styles for short/bob length hair? I really wanna curl mine (or do anything with it) and it’s not working! At first I thought my curler was bad, but now I think it’s just me! 

Laura, it’s not you. Wait…it might be you…sorry! I love you! You just need to learn a few basic tricks and you’ll be great at it in no time. AND I got a fantastic new video camera for Christmas. The picture is much crisper and the microphone really captures how high my voice is…terrifying!

Here is a quick video on two ways to use a curling iron:

Note: When I said “damp hair,” I meant towel dried hair after you’ve showered. ALSO, do  your curls in layers and start by curling the bottom section.

I’m working on a second post on different ways to style short hair. Kisses!!

Products used: L'Oreal Elnett Extra Strong Hold Hairspray (this is for real the best hairspray of all time - before it was available in the US, stylists would smuggle it back!), Bioluxe Thermal Protection Spray, Infiniti by Conair Tourmaline Ceramic ¾" Curling Iron