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7 Underwater Facts for World Oceans Day

Today is World Oceans Day, a global day of ocean celebration and collaboration for a better future. A healthy world ocean is critical to our survival. Together, let’s honor, help protect, and conserve the world’s oceans!

1. While the Earth’s oceans are known as five separate entities, there is really only one ocean.

2. The ocean contains upwards of 99% of the world’s biosphere, that is, the spaces and places where life exists.

Both above GIFs are from the TED-Ed Lesson How big is the ocean? - Scott Gass

Animation by 20 steps

3. Jellyfish are soft because they are 95% water and are mostly made of a translucent gel-like substance called mesoglea. With such delicate bodies, jellyfish rely on thousands of venom-containing stinging cells called cnidocytes for protection and prey capture.

From the TED-Ed Lesson How does a jellyfish sting? - Neosha S Kashef

Animation by Cinematic

4. Plastics & litter that make their way into our oceans are swiftly carried by currents, ultimately winding up in huge circulating ocean systems called gyres. The earth has five gyres that act as gathering points, but the largest of all is known as the ‘Great Pacific Garbage Patch’ and has grown so immense that the oceanic garbage patch can shift from around the size of Texas, to something the size of the United States. 

From the TED-Ed Lesson The nurdles’ quest for ocean domination - Kim Preshoff

Animation by Reflective Films

5. The 200 or so species of octopuses are mollusks belonging to the order Cephalopoda, Greek for ‘head-feet’. Those heads contain impressively large brains, with a brain to body ratio similar to that of other intelligent animals, and a complex nervous system with about as many neurons as that of a dog.

From the TED-Ed Lesson Why the octopus brain is so extraordinary - Cláudio L. Guerra

Animation by Cinematic

6. Some lucky animals are naturally endowed with bioluminescence, or the ability to create light. The firefly, the anglerfish, and a few more surprising creatures use this ability in many ways, including survival, hunting, and mating.

From the TED-Ed Lesson The brilliance of bioluminescence - Leslie Kenna

Animation by Cinematic

7. Sea turtles ultimately grow from the size of a dinner plate to that of a dinner table. In the case of the leatherback sea turtle, this can take up to a decade. Happy World Turtle Day!

From the TED-Ed Lesson The survival of the sea turtle - Scott Gass

Animation by Cinematic Sweden


C:\Users\Admin>cd Documents
C:\Users\Admin\Documents>cd Protogen Models
C:\Users\Admin\Documents\Protogen Models>cd Umisam
C:\Users\Admin\Documents\Protogen Models\Umisam>dir
Volume in drive C is Windows
Volume Serial Number is —T-M—

04/29/—- 11:17 AM <DIR>          .
04/29/—- 11:17 AM <DIR>      ..
04/29/—- 11:17 AM  348 Activity Log.txt
04/29/—- 11:12 AM  164 General Information.txt
04/29/—- 11:12 AM  207 Mission Status.txt
04/29/—- 11:11 AM  130 Personality.txt
    4 Files(s)   849 bytes
    2 Dir(s)  20,877,187,072 bytes free

C:\Users\Admin\Documents\Protogen Models\Umisam>notepad.exe Activity Log.txt

Activity Log:

Discovered solar system T-97
planet T-97a: Unable to support life
Planet T-97b: Unable to support life

Discovered solar system J-19
planet J-19a: unable to support life
planet J-19b: unable to support life
planet J-19c: Marine life present. Planet 95% covered in water. Further study in

–Connection lost–

C:\Users\Admin\Documents\Protogen Models\Umisam>taskkill /pid 13200

C:\Users\Admin\Documents\Protogen Models\Umisam>notepad.exe General Information.txt

General Information:
Name: Umisam (nickname chosen: Umi)
Age: Unknown
Species: Protogen
Rank: Uncommon
Gender: Female
Social Status: Loner
Alliances: Unknown

C:\Users\Admin\Documents\Protogen Models\Umisam>taskkill /pid 13200

C:\Users\Admin\Documents\Protogen Models\Umisam>notepad.exe Mission Status.txt

Mission: Explore recently discovered galaxy, M4r13. Prioritize study of planets capable of
supporting life.

Status: Incomplete
Suspected Status: Found marine planet, suspended mission to remain on planet

C:\Users\Admin\Documents\Protogen Models\Umisam>taskkill /pid 13200

C:\Users\Admin\Documents\Protogen Models\Umisam>notepad.exe Personality.txt

Likes: Peace and Quiet, natural beauty, the water, marine life, bioluminescence

Dislikes: loud noises, unnecessary death, chaos

C:\Users\Admin\Documents\Protogen Models\Umisam>taskkill /pid 13200