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Cheer Up Post #2464 - Deep Sea Fish Edition

creepykitsune would like a post with deep sea fish. Nightmarish but awesome!

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Some more Snow Elf hcs:

• If a child was born during a blizzard it was believed that they would possess strong magickal talent
• Rituals and prayers to Auri-El were most frequently conducted during mid-day when the sun was at its highest point
• It was customary to construct shrines to Auri-El in high, open places. This ensured that the majority of the time the shrine would be bathed in sunlight, and the higher the shrine was built the closer to it was thought to be to Auri-El. Climbing steep mountains paths to reach the shrines was also supposed to remind one of their parth to enlightenment
• The snow elves adopted steam powered heating from the dwemer using natural mountain vents. Natural hot springs were also popular social spots
• Clans of migratory snow elves existed, herding and tracking the movements of prey animals
• Bioluminescent Vale creatures were considered sacred and the hunting and killing of them was forbidden, unless times were especially hard. When this happened it was strictly regulated, so as not to decimate herd populations
• Snow elf armour was usually crafted out of polished bone, and involved the process of beaching by sunlight. This held both religious and ritual significance. Sometimes the plating could be varnished to resemble ice, but this was considered both vain and showy. Enchantments cast upon the armour were usually of an iridescent hue
• The core temperature of snow elves was lower than that of any of the other races or mer and man, lending them their natural resistance to the cold. Because of this, metabolic rates were lower and as hunting was kept to a relative minimum herd populations were kept reasonably stable considering the harsh climate. This would also have been a point of concern when Nord numbers began to rise and more prey was being killed. Migrant prey-herding clans would also have suffered, as skirmishes with the Nords over claims over meat was inevitable.
• The snow elves were excellent ambush hunters, using white furs and mountain passes to surprise and trap prey


Caused by the bio luminescence of phytoplankton, this natural phenomenon occurs when a particular species becomes stressed. It is thought to be used as a defense mechanism, with the phytoplankton spraying glowing goo at potential predators.

Tourists flock to this specific area of the Maldives to see the ocean light up like the stars.

- Konner

(Images and information from The Independent)


Several deep sea creatures have perfected the lightning technique known as bioluminescence, using it to lure prey, distract predators, or attract mates. Some creatures use it for camouflage. In parts of the water column where only faint blue light filters through, animals bioluminesce to match the glow. Predators or prey looking up from below are deceived by this camouflage, unable to see the creatures silhouette. Such otherworldly adaptations also arise from the need to locate and snatch up food before it drifts away.

From the TED-Ed Lesson The otherworldly creatures in the ocean’s deepest depths - Lidia Lins

Animation by Viviane Leezer


Eerie critters from the deep sea: SPOOKY EYES  

For Halloween, a collection of deep-sea animals with very spooky eyes! In order of appearance: Glass squid, owlfish, vampire squid, rattail fish, longnose skate, crystal amphipod (with orange compound eyes), spot prawn, barreleye fish (with green tubular eyes), slickhead fish, sea toad fish, Dover sole, swordtail squid, shiny loosejaw fish, eight-armed squid and Ray Troll’s ratfish.

(via: MBARI)