biology poetry

When the moon is full, I wonder:

What makes me different?

From the grey whale who mourns for her lost young,

From the crow who remembers the face of his enemy,

From the albatross who flies for thousands of miles a year, always returning to her same partner?

What makes me different from the bottlenose dolphins who call to one another, almost by name,

From the rat who reflects on his own thoughts,

From the great ape who recognizes herself in the mirror?

And what makes me better?

I cannot transform the color of my skin, like the cuttlefish,

Or regenerate my limbs, like the sea star,

Or virtually clone myself through parthenogenesis, like the female whiptail lizard.

So, am I different?

Am I better?

Is the difference that I want to know exactly what that difference is?

There’s a full moon, and I was just wondering.

NCT Taeil, Hansol, Johnny, Taeyong and Yuta's ideal type (personality)


Anon: Hello!! Could you do an ideal type (personality and looks) for NCT U?? I love your blog by the way

Hi! I know you asked for NCT U but I’ve decided to eventually do all the members and doing them in age order makes more sense and is easy to keep track off. Remember this is just my opinion and is definitely not accurate.

Also, thanks for everyone who has been sending in very sweet messages and supporting me! I’m eternally grateful and I can now happily say I’m off hiatus! I’m spending today updating my masterlist, and there’ll be a few posts today and I’ll schedule some for the next few days :-)

Tell me if you want the next 5 (Kun, Doyoung, Ten, Jaehyun and WinWin)!

Ideal type (appearance)

Ideal type (personality)



Originally posted by moonlighting94

A motherly girl, someone who has similar traditional views to him and will be willing to move to Korea for him. An intellectual, not necessarily overall, but would like if someone had a passion for a certain topic (like books or poetry or biology, something like that) Someone reserved and quiet, willing to just sit in silent with one another and you don’t have to speak to have fun. Speaks very well and articulates their opinions well and clearly, with the ability to not only listen to others but speak their own mind when asked. Someone good with advice and has some experience in things so he can learn from them and with them. Someone who prefers rain over sun, winter over summer and tea over coffee - a soft spoken and gentle soul.



Originally posted by 94ten

Someone who is secretly opinionated; he’d like if they had, not necessarily strong opinions, but opinions that they were willing to stand up for and wasn’t easily swayed. Someone whose an extroverted introvert and can speak if approached or asked to. Someone younger than him but has a mature vibe and will keep him youthful. He’d find husky and slightly low voices attractive and would like listening to them read. Can listen to him and not say what he wants to here - he wants someone who will give him a wake up call, or a push if he needs it. Will have a secret side for him; one where they’re vulnerable and weird and subtly loud. Has a weird hobby or habit that you’re embarrassed to share or show; he’ll find it cute and sweet that you’re okay with him seeing it. Someone with a warm heart, doesn’t have to be big-hearted, but has to be able to empathise well with feelings and be able to put themselves in someone else’s shoes.



Originally posted by nakamotens

A smiley and positive person. Someone who is hardly ever affected by hate or negativity and has the ability to spread happiness wherever they go. Someone who is respected by others and is a leader who can listen to others and also direct them well. Someone who is generally quite mature and not overly hyper, but has does have a childish and hyper side too - if it’s tempted to come out. Likes adventures and stepping outside their comfort zone and is willing to sacrifice a lot for your relationship (if needed) Someone who is generally quite independent and fearless, but needs him for support and someone to protect them. Likes food and doesn’t fuss about appearance or weight. Someone with a regular job and life who will keep him grounded and help him stay humble and sane. A family-orientated person; not just with blood-related family members but close friends whom you could basically call family and will happily welcome new people in.



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Someone whom he can admire and respect - basically worship and idolise. An emotionally strong person who will help him and his sensitive self. Someone with experience and will help him grow is self-confidence and with his idol duties. A polite and caring person, even if first meeting them, they seem cold and unwelcoming. Someone fiercely loyal to him and will always support him and cheer him on in life, be his biggest fan. Can hold a conversation and prefers to listen over talk - but can still take lead if need be. Someone who has a comfortable and homely vibe to them, whom he can be open and weird with without fear of judgement. Someone who wants to have a big family and thinks that family must always be your highest priority. A person who will love him for who he is, without bringing up his past or think him of Taeyong from NCT. Has done some kind of charity work, or is still invoked with it, and will inspire him to do the same and spread charity and justice from his idol platform.



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A person who is 70% childish and can mess around. Someone with a dirty mind and will have secret inside jokes with him. Someone willing to play practical jokes on one another without getting mad or angry. Likes rock or heavy metal music whom he can talk with all night long. The type you can take home to your parents, and they’ll fuss all over them and love them more than Yuta himself does. A fit person who is active and likes to watch him play or actually play with him. Someone who is secretly sensitive and relies on him a lot. Someone who has good conversation and knows exactly what to say. Someone who know what they want and will always get it justly. Will get on with his members and siblings and will not only support him, but them too and will treat them well. Spontaneous and unpredictable. Will shower him with affection and gifts and now expect anything in return. An optimistic. Someone who isn’t overly feminine nor overly masculine. Doesn’t stick to stereotypes and will surprise him every once in a while.

Do you know what the word deciduous means?

Most commonly, we use it only in reference to trees that shed their leaves every fall:

A deciduous tree decides that its leaves are useless during the short days of winter,

When the lack of light becomes insufficient,

And the weight of frost on its foliage could cause its branches to break–which have taken years to grow.

But really, the word deciduous refers to anything that at some point becomes unnecessary;

Falling away from a body after it has served its purpose.

In humans, baby teeth are deciduous–

In animals, deer antlers and thick coats of winter fur.

There is much of the living world that destroys itself;

Many small pieces of large and delicate machines that sacrifice themselves,

For no purpose save to benefit whatever they have once belonged to.


Mycelium Lights by Nir Meiri in collaboration with Biohm,

The shades for each of the minimal table lamps is made from mycelium – the vegetative part of a fungus – while more conventional metal forms the stand and base.

Each lamp is illuminated from below by a separate light source, which projects onto the mycelium shade to create a soft, natural glow.

So I’m walking to class and I’m lightheaded from all this nicotine and I realize:

I can’t remember anything that happened this week, because the Valium will do that to you,

And it’s just common sense that I’ll never be whole with all these pieces missing.

I take notes on the important things, but they still get lost, almost like

They’re in black holes. And you know, nothing escapes black holes except for a little radiation.

So I go to the lab, and I’m washing all the vials.

And washing the jars, and putting them away in their bins, and

Waiting for the scales to recalibrate,

And measuring,

And calculating,

And writing down answers I don’t understand to questions I don’t know,

Because it comforts me. It doesn’t matter that I’m a ghost to myself, or that I can’t remember this week, or that I’m lightheaded and tired,

It just matters that the instruments are precise, and the containers are sterilized, and the data is documented.

And after all that,

Then something is real and I proved it and that one thing will still be there even when I don’t remember having been the one to find it.

I’m buried under the rubble of

Frantically handwritten lecture notes

And I have no time or drive at all

To look over these slides once more

Or make graph after chart after synopsis

Of ceaseless comparisons of mitosis

And meiosis.

I look ahead at my calendar and see

That hope is surely drawing near

A time of rest or revelry is soon here.

After a week of cramming, an age 

Of crying, panicking, and barely eating,

It comes. I know it’s almost here, but yet

So far.

anonymous asked:

Oh my god. Why do you look like an elf and gremlin interracial baby

Anonymous does not have a degree

In Anthropoid Applied Biology.

Although to call them ‘races’ is quite easy,

They really are akin to human species.

And as we know, it’s tough for cats and dogs

To come together and make lots of sprogs.

An elf could fuck another elf, indeed

And fuck a gremlin, too, but would they breed?

It seems unlikely, if you look at nature,

That mother elf could spawn with gremlin pater.

Anonymous felt something of a fool;

They’d only sent the message to be cool.

Behind the nameless face of grey sunglasses

They’d made it clear that they should take some classes.