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Peter is pretty decent at drawing and his doodles are always top notch so once during a lazy day you were spending together he asked if he could draw something on your arm. One hour later and you had a full sleeve of beautiful swirls, doodles and designs all done by Peter's hand in blue pen. He was very proud of himself. Getting overexcited he then brought out his markers and coloured in your sleeve of tattoos a la Peter. The main design was Spider-Man, naturally. Many pictures were taken. •Ari•

gimme doodling peter parker please

• yeah peter is definitely a doodler
• because he’s a fidgety kid it just makes sense??
• he started out just doing dumb stick figures
• but now he likes to draw comics in the margins of yours and his books
• because he doesn’t really need to pay attention in class
• and in English in particular
• where you sit in front of him in the desk row
• he shyly tugs on your sleeve till you rest you hand behind you on his desk & let him draw on your hand
• it’s cute because you can’t see what’s he doing till he’s done
• he often leaves the same lil notes
• “i like ur hair & i love you x”
• it’s also an efficient way to pass notes
• there is definitely some cheating for whatever class you’re in
• “hey what’s the answer to number 4 x”
• “i should let you fail..its kafta’s metamorphosis x”
• “thanks babe :) x”
• he’s definitely tried to sketch you before (on paper tho)
• he actually burnt the first drawing because ohmygod that is not y/n thAT IS AN ABOMINATION
• he eventually got pretty good at it because we all know peters gazes at you for ages
• but in the classes where you guys share benches (like biology n stuff)
• he really doodles
• like you had a goddamn tattoo sleeve of peters doodles
• there are random thoughts, sketches of you, spidey designs, formulas
• like you kind got use to ignoring the tickle of the pen
• because you still have to take notes in class
• so when the bell rings you finally get a good look at what he’s done
• and fuck you’re impressed
• it looks like a cool ass comic book up the side of your arm
• and when u look closer, he’s written little messages for you
• ‘this arm is property of the cutest girl’
• just sidksjsjen peter loves u