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Worried About You Worrying About Me.

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Can I request a Raph x reader? Raph is upset about something and he doesnt want to show her. (you is fine) Eventually she finds out and he just opens up to her.


You sat on the couch, flipping through the pages of your textbook as you studied for the test that was tomorrow during second period. It was only you and Splinter in the lair, considering that the boys were out on patrol and April was helping tutor a kid that was struggling in her biology class. 

The lair was quiet without the boys but it lacked the energy you loved when they were there, even though they always distracted you from your homework. 

Groaning, you closed the textbook in defeat and looked at your phone to check the time. Another twenty minutes and they’d be here. 

You reached for the TV remote and clicked on the TV, absentmindedly flipping through the channels until you got to one that suited your tastes. 

A few minutes later, Splinter finally came out from the dojo, hands clasped behind his back. “Y/N, have my sons returned?”

You shook your head, glancing at your phone to see that a solid hour had passed to your surprise. You widened your E/C eyes as you spoke. “They were suppo-“

“Shut it, Leo! She’s not in my head!”

Raph’s angry voice ripped through the lair, causing you to jump and Splinter’s ears to perk up. 

You turned to see the boys walk into the lair, all looking a bit roughed up. Sure, sometimes they would get tossed around by a mutant or Karai and her robots but something was wrong. 

As usual, Leo and Raph were arguing with each other again but that wasn’t what was bothering you. The red clad turtle that you had grown close to was acting strange. While Leo explained the mission to Splinter, Raph would always throw in comments about how Leo shouldn’t be the leader. Now, as Leo was explaining to Splinter as to why they were late, Raph was silent. Something was defiantly wrong. 

You attempted to make eye contact with Raph but he refused to look at you, instead focusing on the ground. His fists were clenched tightly and he was giving a glare to the concrete he had chosen to look at instead of you. 

You needed to know what was wrong with Raph. It wasn’t too long ago when you finally accepted the fact that you had begun liking the hot headed turtle. You also accepted the fact that the chances of Raph actually returning the feelings were microscopic. At that time you tried to talk yourself out of your crush but it only intensified. You cared about him and needed to figure out what was wrong.

When Splinter finally dismissed his sons, you jogged slightly to catch Raph before he retreated into his room. 

You gripped his shoulder, spinning him around to face you. “Hey, are you okay?”

Raph yanked his shoulder from your grip and again refused to look at you. “Everything’s fine, Y/N.”

You flinched slightly at his hostile tone. You two had spent a lot of time together when you were in the lair to the point that Raph had even taught you a few basic moves to have in case you got attacked. Sometime during that, you started to like Raph to the point that seeing him was the best part of your day. 
When Raph finally met your gaze, he noticed the hurt in your E/C orbs and sighed. “Listen, it’s nothing you need to worry about, Y/N. Just drop it.”

With that, he quickly turned and retreated into his room, slamming the door shut. 

Of course, you couldn’t just ‘drop it’. You needed to get to the bottom of this. 
You first tried asking Leo, but he was busy meditating. Then Donnie but he was too absorbed in his experiments. You were left to ask Mikey. 

When you walked into the kitchen, he had already engulfed half a pizza you were sure was whole when you came to the lair that night. 

“Mikey,” you said. “I need to ask you something.”

The youngest turtle turned, his face covered in grease and a slice in each hand. He chewed for a money before swallowing loudly. “As long as you don’t tell everyone I ate the pizza.”

You smiled and nodded. “I promise.”

“Okay,” Mikey said as he stuffed another pizza in his mouth. “Ak wey!”

You couldn’t understand the turtle that well but took that as a queue to go. “Why’s Raph acting weird?”

“You mean angry?”

You nodded. 

“He’s like that all the time,” Mikey said before licking his fingers. 

You rolled your eyes before shaking your head. “No, I mean, something must’ve happened on your mission. I mean, you’re almost an hour late and when you finally come back, you guys are all bruised up and Raph is acting weird.”

Mikey paused between chews and you could hear the gears turning in his head. 

“There was that thing Karai said,” Mikey said before eating yet another piece of pizza. 

You blinked. “Karai? What’d she say?”

“De as ike seed-“

“I can’t understand what your saying when you’ve got pizza in your mouth,” you said. 

Mikey nodded before swallowing and using a shrill voice for Karai’s. “She was all like ‘I’m going to find that little girlfriend of yours, Raphael. What’s her name? Y/N?’” Your cheeks lit up slightly at the mention of you being Raph’s girlfriend but Mikey paused, using a deep voice for Raph’s. “And Raph was like ‘If you touch her, I’m gonna hurt you in ways you can’t imagine.’ Then Karai was like ‘You can’t protect her…’ Yada, yada, yada, I zoned out halfway through.”

You sat in thought while Mikey began to lick the cardboard box once filled with hot, greasy pizza. 

“Thanks, Mikey,” you said before walking out of the kitchen. 

“You didn’t hear it from me!” the terrapin called after you. 

You smiled slightly, rolling your eyes. Your smile faded quickly as your thoughts began to wander back to the information you were just given. 
Why was Raph so bothered about what Karai had said? Yes, she was dangerous but you hadn’t been attacked by her or the Foot at all. At least, not yet. 

You came to Raph’s door, raising your fist and lightly rapping on the door. 
No response. 

“C’mon, Raph,” you said pressing your forehead to the door. You swallowed thickly. “I know you’re in there. I just want to talk.”

Again, only silence. 

You bit your lip, closing your eyes and speaking in a quiet voice. “Raph, please. I’m…I’m worried about you.”

You heard a few steps from behind the door and lifted your head, opening your eyes, just was Raph opened the door.

He gave you a lopsided smile but you could see it didn’t reach his eyes. 

“Can we talk?” You asked.

“We’re doing it right now.”

“In private, I mean,” you clarified. 

Raph blinked as you moved past him into his room, sitting down on his bed. He closed the door and turned around to face you, one eye ridge raised. “Don’t know why you want to talk.”

“We both know that’s not true,” you countered.

“I told you, Y/N,” Raph said, his voice raising only slightly. “You’re wasting your time with worrying.”

“I know you had a run in with Karai,” you said softly, seeing Raph’s gaze fall to the floor. 

There was a silence between the both of you before Raph spoke up in a low, angry voice as he talked about Karai. “She got in my head and brought you into it.”

“Karai is manipulative,” you said. 

“She’s dangerous,” Raph said as he clenched his fists. “If you got caught, she’d hurt you and it’d be all my fault. I don’t think I could…”

You stood up from his bed and walked over to him, hesitantly placing a hand on his cheek to pull him to look at you. You thought you saw a blush begin to form on his cheeks but you deemed it a trick of the light, quickly replying. “Raph, you don’t have to worry about anything.”

“I’m going to worry,” Raph said before continuing quietly. “Because I…uh…care about you.”

Your heart skipped a beat when he said this. 

You locked eyes with him again and saw a small smile curl his lips as his hand covered the one on his cheek, pulling it down and gripping it tightly. 
Raph tugged you out of his room and into the dojo. “We’re going to have to start to train more if you’re going to stand a chance against Karai. Good thing you have an amazing teacher.“

lesbianlaurelcastillo  asked:

hello! I'm a high school student who is hoping to major in medicine/biology one day. I was just curious, is there any aspect of history of medical biology you are interested in? or any aspect of medical biology that intrigues you?

Hello there!

I definitely find the history of immunology exciting because scientists have only truly begun to explore the field within the last couple of decades. For example, it wasn’t until the late 1970’s, through Susumu Tonegawa’s ground-breaking experiments, that we were able to understand how antibodies are formed. (And antibodies are a BIG deal.) So in a sense, this chapter in the history of biomedicine is being written now, which is pretty exciting.

I’m actually a Biology & Psychology double major, so I’m also interested in clinical psychology and where it overlaps with biology.

Aside from that, I’m really big on functional morphology within evolutionary contexts. You’d be really surprised how much you have in common with a shark or a pigeon, and how much in medicine is explained by our evolutionary history!