biology is not destiny

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@ anon that said gender is made up, so is sex. Literally everything you know is a social construct. As a duck what its sex is, what month is. They don't know, and genitalia exists on a spectrum. Ask a doctor that delivers babies and they'll confirm; they see plenty of ambiguous genitalia. You can't put sex in two narrow boxes the same way you can't with gender. Humans don't operate that way. And just like feminists before you have said, biology isn't destiny. Stop acting like it is.


genesis would be the angriest nb person ever. switches gender presentation whenever they want. always on the androgynous or femme end, but always keeps it ambigious to fuck with people. (gender is a performance art and they will write their own script.) sets people on fire if they fuck up their pronouns too much.

sephiroth gets set on fire several times, because he’s just like “okay but /genetically/”. gender was not included in his education, and hojo is distanful of trans identity - always refers to genesis as ‘he’ and considers anything else indulging a silly whim. as far as he’s concenred, biology is destiny.

learning differently takes Sephiroth being set on fire four times, angeal pulling him aside and actually getting angry with him for the first time in memory, and a long involved lecture about gender identity and respect and pronouns.

“…so you have an innate knowledge of your gender,” Sephiroth eventually says, eyes narrowed like they always are when he thinks through something he finds hard  to grasp, “which is fluid and unrelated to your biology.”

Genesis nods, pleased that it’s finally sinking in. They don’t normally have to set someone on fire more than once for them to get the point, and it’s a shame damaging Sephiroth’s lovely hair. “Some people,” they continue with their lecture, “Have a gender that matches what others expect of them,” at this point Angeal waves to indicate himself, “and some people don’t, or have more than one gender, or don’t have any at all.”

Sephiroth tilts his head, something in the bottom of his mind clicking into place. “None?” Genesis opens their mouth and then closes it again at Sephiroth’s expression. “….that’s an /option/?”

Genesis recognizes that particular tone of voice, and smiles, and starts talking about agender pronouns. (Sephiroth decides to use “he”, which bewilders Genesis a bit. “People will think you’re male,” they insist. Sephiroth shrugs. “I’m used to it. They’re just words. They don’t matter.” Genesis narrows their eyes and is about ot start explaining that words matter a /great deal/, but then Angeal pats them on the shoulder and tells them to call it a night.)


COSIMA (Tatiana Maslany) is the cosmic geek and PhD student in Experimental Evolutionary Development Biology who helps her clone sisters make sense of the science behind their existence. After getting embroiled in a steamy and sometimes dangerous love affair with the enemy – Dyad scientist, Dr. Delphine Cormier – Cosima’s life is even more complicated.  She has a congenital respiratory illness unique to the Leda clones and is obsessively driven to get to the truth of their biology.  Cosima hopes to free them from their collective (and fatal) destiny through newly discovered research, but will she be strong enough to continue the fight to save them and ultimately herself?

If microbial terroir defines a sour beer’s destiny, then understanding the biology of those microorganisms should be enough to let anyone manufacture as good a sour as Allagash or Cantillon. I don’t live in the woods—I make beer on a chipped four-burner, five stories above San Francisco’s Mission District. To purists, making a sour here would be like growing world-class Pinot in Times Square. The best way to find out if they’re right: brew one myself.

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