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This video game could literally train our brains to resist symptoms of disease

  • Some research already suggests that gaming can be good for our brains. Now, a study found that a specific type could help treat “brain fog,” also known as “cognitive impairment.”
  • Cognitive impairment is when the brain is slow at processing information. It’s a symptom that appears in people with Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia and other illnesses — but it also shows up in head injuries, depression, fevers or simply as we age.
  • Scientists asked a group of about 200 MS patients to play computer games for 12 weeks, or about 60 hours in total.
  • Some played regular puzzle games thought to sharpen the brain, such as a sudoku, while others played adaptive brain games developed by a group called PositScience.
  • The PositScience games use something known as “adaptive cognitive training.” The game adjusts its speed or difficulty level in real time, based on how well players perform on simple tasks like remembering a sequencing of numbers or identifying a target on the screen.
  • Patients who played the adaptive games reported significant improvement in their thought processing, leading Charvet to believe that these games could revolutionize how diseases are treated. Read more (5/18/17)
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Mermaid Biology

So, lets talk about Mermaids, because that’s exactly the sort of thing we adults do on a weekend.

We all have these concepts of mermaids in our head. They should be beautiful, flowing and colorful with big tails and ability to sing. Artists love to draw them in all sorts of poses, in all shapes and sizes, tails bending all over the place. They are not the most logical of beasts. So lets try to explain them which science!

Mammal, Fish, or reptile?

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ID #44001

Name: Summer
Age: 18
Country: New Zealand

I’m looking for a penpal as a new way to get to know people. I haven’t had a penpal for years.
I really love music, rock and metal (pop punk, metalcore and all other genres). I love reading and I really love video games. I love RPGs and all fantasy games (The Elder Scrolls are definitely my favourite series). I’m starting Uni next year (Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery) so it’d be cool to talk to someone about uni and biology. I’ve lived in New Zealand my entire life and only speak English.

Preferences: Preferably someone between 16-20. Not much else really

Centaur Biology

Centaurs, how do they work?

How are they born? Which nipple set do they suckle from? Where are their lungs and their guts? Are they vegetarian, or omnivore?

Well, lets think about this, with veterinary science!


Foals are born with long legs and a long neck that can get in the way with disastrous consequences for both mum and bub. Humans are born relatively underdeveloped compared to foals, but with a fully functional respiratory and digestive system. The centaur foal would have to keep the human torso between its front legs when birthing, or everything is going to be stuck. Now it’s cramped inside a mare uterus anyway, so it would be easier if the centaur foal is born more on the underdeveloped side, more in line with the human development.

As long as the lungs are mature, and it can digest milk, having a relatively underdeveloped foal body should be no issue. Usually premature foals have great difficulty feeding as they can be too short to reach the mare’s nipples. The centaur mare luckily has the ability and intelligence to sit down and cradle her young while feeding them from the torso. 

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All For The Game hc

Okay so there’s this experiment that was done and I don’t remember the details, but basically they had a group of people wear shirts and sweat in them. They later had the people smell the shirts(sweat) to see which smelled the most pleasant/least gross. The people who were biologically different in some way (this is what I can’t remember) tended to like their shirts the best. Biological opposites attract to diversify the population. Anyway so what if Andrew and Neil were in one of these experiments but they didn’t know they were both in it. And then Andrew smells this one shirt and he’s just like, ‘this is the worst, disgusting, I hate this shirt’ and it doesn’t fit with the data. But he recognizes that is most likely Neil’s. Neil sweats a lot, he probably nervous sweated a lot when he was first around Andrew, they play exy and he sweats, he sweats when they make out, and he runs All The Time. So, Andrew is very familiar with the smell of Neil’s sweat and he recognizes it, and it makes him feel things. He has feelings in reaction to Neil’s sweat/shirt and he hates that. So then when Neil gets to Andrew’s shirt he’s just like, ‘is someone I know in this experiment’ because his memory isn’t as on point but he is also around Andrew and his sweat a lot. So Andrew hates Neil’s shirt and Neil kinda smiles sorta dopey at Andrew’s and the kids conducting the experiment are like What’s Up? Why Do The Exy Kids Know How Each Other’s Sweat Smells? Werid

ID #22392

Name: Kaylee
Age: 13
Country: United States (USA)

Oh wow,I have no Idea what to put here haha.I’m an avid reader of webcomics and heavily interested in the sciences (like Biology,the medical industry,genetics and especially chemistry),along with a few video games like Tf2 and Dragonquest.Minecraft is another game that I frequently play.My humor is pretty dark and offensive ,just a word of warning!I love cats,but I’m not able to have any ;-;.Freaking people out with existentialism is a fun pastime of mine. Uh,what else to put here?My MBTI type is ENTP and I find it fun to study.Psychology’s pretty interesting as well.I like studying ancient asian myths and legends also.I can find almost anything to talk about,so feel free to contact me :P

Preferences: Doesn’t matter what gender/country you are,as long as you can have an intelligent conversation.I don’t mean to discriminate but preferably under 16 would be nice for safety reasons!


This has always been my favorite series, and my favorite horror game. I haven’t thought about it in years, and now that it’s back, I’m absolutely over the moon. Glad to have this keep me company while I run a few DNA extractions.
(So I’ve got youtube playing while I work. Go ahead and fire me.)

I want a Zoo Tycoon 3 that’s aimed more at teens and adults where the things you have to worry about with your animals is more realistic, like if there is inbreeding then there can be birth defects and you have to make sure that their diet is balanced with plenty of nutrients and vitamins and maybe the weather changes so you have to account for those factors and bascally I just want a Zoo Tycoon that is more of a realistic challenge that can teach you more about genetics and biology and animal welfare….

Theory about the Temmie shop. Temmie already has over 1000 gold, she just can’t count that high.
Anyone who has exploited the shop by buying and selling or using dog residue has found how you can get infinite money from Temmie, then give it back to her to pay for college or the Temmie armor. We know that Temmies aren’t the brightest of the monsters, which can be expected of an organism that has no natural defenses beyond its overreactive immune system that causes allergies to humans, it’s only method of reproduction is by budding (those things on the side of its head aren’t ears, the ears are above that, those orbs on the side of its head grow and fall off and develop into more Temmies), and it apparently subsists on the nutrients found in scraps of cardboard. Needless to say, it’s amazing it has the energy to speak at all. Perhaps she has been running this shop forever and built up a huge supply of gold, perhaps Toby the Annoying white dog (seen in the framed picture on her shelf) took pity on her and used his dog residue matter creating powers to make a gold coin that filled her inventory with gold coins whenever she takes one out, meaning she has a huge vault of golden coins somewhere, but because of her lack of comprehending a number like 1000 does not realize she has more than enough gold for college. It takes you, the player, to get 1000 gold and then go and count it out and offer it in one go to pay for the college, because she needed you to count out and give her a pile of exactly 1000 coins and tell her that it is that many gold coins and she can go to college with it.
You can sell every item in the game that you can to her, and you can buy infinite amounts of fancy Temmie flakes, she won’t realize that all this gold coming in adds up to 1000. It’s like those studies they did with Natives South American Tribes who were not contacted for a long long time and never developed words or concepts for a number past 20, because in the hunting and gathering lifestyle, exact numbers beyond 20 aren’t needed. The concept of counting beyond that just isn’t there. They have a few words that basically translate to “a lot” but no exact amounts. Studies showed they weren’t able to accurately estimate large amounts of various objects compared to people from cultures with words and concepts going to infinity. However cognitively the natives were okay and could estimate lower amounts fine and do other things. Same goes for the Temmies.

It’s a happy thought, without you coming along, Temmie would never have been able to go to college. Because of you, Temmie can pursue higher education without having to learn what “student loans” are.


Witches and bio nerds and bugblr and neurodivergent folks who like pretty things:

Do you see these apps? They are lovely! Runaway produces nature-themed mobile games that allow you to collect and learn about real species.

Witches- the moth one correlates species development to LUNAR CYCLES 😳

Neurodivergent folks- I have heard that neko atsume is great for checking in because there is no penalty if you get busy and therefore it causes less anxiety. These are the same way! You aren’t feeding them, you’re just helping them grow and enjoying their prettiness.

BONUS: you can plug in your headphones and enjoy the rainforest nature sounds for meditative mindfulness or chill out time.

They also have one called Splash that’s all about helping repopulate the coral reef with endangered species of fish. There is a lot to love about these games so go support a small shop developer- you can also follow their tumblr @runawayartteam! (And they are all FREE!)