biology class fun

King. Him. They both mean the same thing.

How do you kill a king? How do you kill him?
Simple: you don’t. He’s immortal. Until you do. Until he’s not.

Step one: make his discovery your own. His forest, his kingdom. Take it. Be its hands, be its eyes. It must hurt him that you didn’t tell him. He doesn’t say.

Step two: tck, tck, tck. At night, tck, tck, tck. You don’t mean to. But you do. It must hurt him to see your veins ripped open. He doesn’t say.

Step three: he said, dream me the world, so you dream him his car. It must hurt him because, for that, you had to destroy it first. He doesn’t say.

Step four: he wishes you could be kissed. But you can’t. Not under all of this, not under anything. It must hurt him, the knowledge that your kiss is his poison and it must hurt him that he still wants it. He doesn’t say.

Step five: he doesn’t know your last name. He knows you never eat. He knows it’s you he finds behind the church. It must hurt him, the fact that your life ended because his continued. He doesn’t say.

Step six: he falls down a cave. He doesn’t speak. He hears you scream his name. He doesn’t speak. It must hurt him, because he’s almost sure those are hornets. He doesn’t say.

Step seven: he can’t walk away from you. So you always walk away from him.

Step eight: stop. It’s done. It was a deadly quest, after all.

Step nine: he knows.

Step ten: that’s all there is.

He’s a king. This is the year he’s going to die.

One Piece of a Week! [ 1 / ??? ]

Eye Dissection

I sketched some things on my textbook already, and while I was drawing this bby Law, I had an idea…

I’ll try and draw something similar to this every week in my textbook. The drawing will be related to an event that happened during the week at school! (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑ So at the end of the year, my textbook will be full of drawings! 8D

This week, we dissected an eye in biology class! it was fun but disgusting at the same time.. ugh. Law would have enoyed this a lot, I think! ;w;

Detention Ashton Smut

REQUEST: “you should make a Ashton imagine where you’re a loud, loud moaner and he is too and you have to try and keep quiet while fucking you in detention.”

You honestly did not think that you were going to be the one ending up in Saturday detention. You got into a small cat fight with some fake-barbie-type girl in your biology class for making fun of you. You just pulled her hair and scratched her face. Yet she punched you square in the face, causing you to get a bloody nose and you were the one sitting in detention.

As you walked into the school’s library, you noticed there was only one other person in the room. And that person was Ashton Irwin. He was in your grade but honestly was quiet and kept to himself. You’d be lying if you didn’t think he was attractive.

You quickly flattened the red plaid skirt that you were wearing as you glanced for a table to sit at. You didn’t want to sit too close to him but something was drawing you to the desk right in front of him.

You shrugged and sat a few desks over from him. You tapped on your phone until your principal walked in. You quickly slid it into your jacket pocket so he wouldn’t take it.

“Alright. You two managed to end up in detention. Simple rules. Do your homework if you have any. If not, then sit. Stay in your seat. Don’t move. No phones. And the most important…. Absolutely no talking. If I catch you talking, I’ll send you to detention again until you decide not to talk. Got it?” He explained.

He made it clear that he didn’t want you talking so you just nodded your head. It was probably a trick he was trying to play on you anyway.

“I’ll be down the hall at my office. I’ll check on your every hour for the next four hours. Good luck.” He said again, walking out of the room. “And this door stays open!”

As he disappeared down the hall, you let out a breath and leaned back in your seat. You slid your phone out of your jacket pocket and held it in between your thighs so you could play on it.

“You’re smarter than I thought.” Ashton spoke up. “He messes with everyone like that. He says no talking and then tries to get you to talk just so you’ll end up in detention again.”

Knew it.

You turned around and looked at him. He had already moved to the desk behind you as he was leaning over it, over your shoulder.

“You moved and you’re not supposed to be talking.” You mentioned.

“And you’re not supposed to be playing on your phone. And you’re talking.” He chuckled.

“Touché.” You shrugged. “How’d you end up in here?”

“You wanna do something fun?” Ashton asked, completely changing the subject.

“Uhm, what do you mean?” You laughed.

Ashton quickly jumped over the desk and walked over to the door. He slowly shut the door quietly.

“Ashton, we weren’t supposed to shut the door.” You called out.

“I guess that’s why we’re here then, right? We’re rule breakers.” Ashton smirked.

“You have a way with words, Ashton.” You giggled, your face slightly turning red.

“An action is worth a thousand words.” He said.

You went weak in the knees at Ashton’s word. He was a smooth talker and you enjoyed it. Ashton leaned over your desk.

“Can I kiss you?” He asked.

“Can you what?” You scoffed, a bit taken back from his question.

“I would like to put my lips against yours and move them back and forth.” Ashton explained sarcastically.

“I know what fucking kissing is.” You rolled your eyes. “But we shouldn’t be doing that.”

“Why? It wasn’t against his rules. Neither was me bending you over this desk and fucking you so hard you go numb for a week.” He winked.

You chewed on your bottom lip. Never in a hundred years did you think that Ashton Irwin was going to come onto you in detention like this.

“So that’s why you shut the door.” You mentioned.

“I’m very… vocal, if you will.” Ashton shrugged.

“Then what happens if you have an outburst and we get caught? We’ll be in serious trouble then.” You questioned.

“Guess we’ll just have to roll the dice and find out, huh kitten?” He cooed, slipping his hand up your thigh and into your skirt.

He started to slowly rub you over your panties. A wetness flooded in your panties immediately. Ashton smirked, knowing what he was doing. As you glanced down, you realized how long his fingers were. You chewed on your bottom lip, thinking about how good his fingers would feel inside you, brushing against your gspot.

“Give me a chance and I can promise you’ll have the most intense orgasm ever.” Ashton whispered, placing a kiss below your ear.

“Fuck.” You breathed out.

“Is that a yes?” He chuckled.

“Yes, shit, yes.” You nodded quickly.

Ashton grabbed your hand, pulling you out of your chair. He brought your chests together as he smashed his lips against yours. You moaned into the kiss while he snaked his arms around your waist. For payback, you grinding your front side into him, making him moan.

“Tease.” He mumbled against your lips.

Ashton’s large hands slipped up the back of your skirt and kneaded your cheeks. You moaned again. He was making it hard to stay quiet already.

“We’ve got an hour.” You commented.

“Just enough time to do everything.” Ashton smirked.

Your fingers slowly traced down his fit stomach, to his zipper. You could feel his hard on poking you in the stomach already. You brought his jeans and boxers down to his ankles, allowing his throbbing cock to hit him in the stomach.

You got on your knees and started to suck him off. His fingers tangled in your hair as you bobbed your head back and forth. Ashton threw a hand over his mouth in attempt to keep himself quiet.

“Shit, shit, shit.” Ashton quickly breathed.

His hips rocked forward, pushing himself into you more. You started pumping what you couldn’t fit in your mouth, with your other hand.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum.” He bit.

As you swirled your tongue around his tip, you pulled away. As you pulled off of Ashton, your lips made a popping sound, causing you to giggle.

Ashton grabbed the bottom of your shirt and lifted it over your head. He tossed it to the ground where his jeans and boxers were. Ashton quickly removed his shirt, throwing it back as well.

Ashton scooped you up in his arms and laid you on the long desk that you were just recently sat it, before all this started. His fingers looped around the hem of your pink lace panties and pulled them off of your legs. Ashton wrapped his arms around your thighs as he started to lick up and down your center.

You fisted your fingers in his curly hair as he shoved his tongue into you. You breathed heavily, letting out a loud moan. Ashton pinched your inner thigh, reminding you that you had to be quiet. You slapped your hand over your mouth in attempt to be quieter.

You could feel your orgasm approached you quickly. As if you weren’t enjoying it enough to make so much noise, Ashton slipped two fingers inside of you, curling them up and down. Your eyes rolled back in your head as you hit your high.

Ashton continued licking up your slit as you milked your orgasm. You breathed heavily as you sat up. Ashton licked once more before pulling away.

“Ready for the real thing?” Ashton smirked.

“Fuck, Ashton, yes, please.” You breathed.

“You’ve been a very bad girl. I want you to face the desk and raise your skirt.” He whispered in your ear from behind you.

You gulped as you raised your skirt up. Ashton’s hand connected to your cheeks, causing you to squeal. You buried your face in your hands as he spanked you again.

“A-Ashton please.” You cried out, keeping your hands over your mouth.

Ashton placed his hand on your lower back and bent you over the desk. You heard him open a package, knowing that he was getting a condom. A few seconds later, you felt his tip teasing over your folds. You were still very sensitive from the amazing orgasm you had moments ago, causing you to cry out.

“Fuck. Holy fucking fuck.” Ashton groaned, pushing himself into you.

The two of you were a moaning mess as he filled you up. Ashton gripped your hips and slammed himself into you. You bit down on your bottom lip, hoping that would keep you quiet. But as Ashton rammed right into your gspot, you nearly screamed. You stopped yourself by putting your face down on the desk.

“Shit, (Y/N). You’re so tight!” He wailed, his voice cracking at the end.

You heard his hand slap over his mouth yet again as he slowly started to move in and out of you. Your legs shook violently as your second orgasm washed over you. Ashton slipped in and out slowly, milking your orgasm longer. As your walls tightened around his thick cock, you felt the condom fill up inside of you.

You squealed as he pulled out of you. Ashton let out a groan and took off the condom, tossing it in the trash bin by the door. After Ashton put the condom in the trash, he opened the door again.

You quickly put on your shirt and slipped your panties back on. Ashton started to dress himself as well. Just as the two of you sat back down, your principal walked back in.

“I heard a noise.” He said.

You both just shrugged. He stared at you evilly before walking out of the room. After he left, you and Ashton just busted out laughing.

“So what’re you in here for anyway?” You asked, turning around to face Ashton.

“Me? Oh, uh, you know… I…” He stammered.

“You’re not really supposed to be in here, are you?” You folded your arms over your chest, smirking at him.

“Whoops?” Ashton shrugged, laughing.

My anxiety has always ruined the easiest of things for me it ruined my childhood and my teen years.

I count my money 7 times before going to the checkout so I know I have the exact amount I need to give that cashier so I don’t have to cause a hassle or waste too much of their time.
“But it’s their job!”
Yeah I know it but I can’t not do that.

Having anxiety attacks
Tears and makeup streaming down my face while in the bathroom stall while all the other girls are fixing their makeup and hair so they could get back out there and dance and the schools dances.

The constant feeling of those girls that sit behind you in your biology class are making fun of you when in reality they are talking about how that can’t wait for summer break.

When your heart practically stops when the teacher calls your name to answer what the arithmetic formula is.

I haven’t been able to go get food alone since I was 8 years old because I didn’t want people to make fun of me for it.

It’s not being able to keep some friends because they get annoyed that they have to come with you to the bathroom every single damn time. And because you think they hate you and they annoyed by the fact they have to reassure 39 times in an hour and a half that they like you and if they didn’t they wouldn’t be putting up with you right now.

That hurts. Everyone is just putting up with me…

I can’t even go to my therapy sessions without heavy breathing and heart racing, I’m supposed to be getting help but this isn’t help at all.

I long to live a life where I can actually do something but until then I’ll keep my head down and avoid everything and be called a bitch for it. But that is not what I am. I have become my anxiety.

—  anxiety.