Reviewing biology notes on excretion and the kidneys today, excited because I got new pens yesterday and they’re so nice to write with!! Would recommend papermate ink joy for your notes😌

Loving coldplay’s new song I can’t stop listening to it! Thinking of making a study playlist to post on my tumblr because happy songs are the best songs!

Happy Saturday xx

25/02/2017 // 9.40
Hi guys! I’m Ludovica, an Italian student.
I’m 19 and I study Medicine.
Studyblr is new to me but I’d like to be part of this amazing community. I’m not that cool such as many of you (I’ve not a mac or cool stuff in my room) but I hope this isn’t gonna be a problem 😅

Now I’m studying for my biology exam and in spite of my tiredness I’m working hard to pass it and get a good grade.
Have a good day, be positive and stay strong💪


FEBRUARY 25th 2017 • some genetics in pink // I’m starting to find that AP biology is getting pretty challenging or maybe just an AP science in general 😔which kind of sucks because I’m wondering if I’m not cut out for this but I still find everything I’m learning super interesting. Hopefully if I review productively enough things will start to get easier :)

Just remember...

Life on earth started with some… interesting…creatures. It was still learning how to be more than a single celled organism, how legs and eyes and things were supposed to work.
So whenever you feel like your life isn’t going right, think of this. You’re still in your Wiwaxia stage, or maybe working out the kinks with a giant centipede. (Biology side note: look up the Cambrian Explosion, it’s really cool) Someday you will make fluffy kittens and magnificent, powerful Thoroughbreds. You’re only just getting started, love, and you’ve still got so much great stuff awaiting you.


25•02 Nervous system is so interesting, I think I like it the most. Studying lately became hard, stress is eating me alive. But I hope it’d get better. Have a lovely&productive day!
Don’t give up on your dreams! 💕💫

ID #27303

Name: Erin
Age: 17
Country: England

Hello, I’d love to have a pen pal because I’ve always thought that the idea of writing to someone and sending/ receiving letters is adorable! I’m fond of sketching, writing short stories, walking, nature, animals, tea, biology, horror films, acting, going to the theatre, reading… lots of things aha! I am in love with the NBC Hannibal series, Stranger things, Sherlock, Frank Turner, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time and many other things that I’m probably forgetting right now. I love talking to people and I’d like to think that I’m a good listener and shoulder to lean on if you need help at any time. I’d love to send you little pictures of scenery and nature (like the beach as I live on the coast), little sketches, tea samples that I love etc. We don’t have to have everything in common, even one common topic of interest could spark a brilliant and insightful conversation - and even if something I’m unaware of interests you, hearing about it could cause me to become interested in it too! Thanks

Preferences: I’d prefer it if you were a similar age to me (16-19) but gender/sexuality/religion etc doesn’t matter to me as long as you’re not racist, sexist, homophobic etc. 

The bumblebee was officially added to the endangered species list.


  • Go plant an organic flower native to wherever you are
  • Leave your “weeds” alone they probably aren’t hurting anything
  • Stop using/buying Roundup and all other insecticides, herbicides, pesticides. 
  • If you have a bee problem (which almost never happens) call a local beekeeper! They will remove them safely free of charge
  • Bumblebees usually nest underground and just wanna be left alone! They won’t hurt you. To prevent destroying their habit during hibernation, avoid mowing yards until April or May. If you do mow, raise the blades to the highest setting

Please save my fat clumsy fuzzy friends I love them and they’re very good pollinators.


Researchers have identified a new organ in our digestive system: the mesentery

  • Researchers at Ireland’s University of Limerick have officially discovered a new organ. It’s called the mesentery.
  • Initially thought to be a “fragmented structure made up of multiple separate parts,” surgeons have now concluded the mesentey is a single, previously unrecognized organ.
  • The mesentery connects the intestine to the abdomen. Read more

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Let me introduce you to three of my friends: hallucigenia, opabinia, and wiwaxia. They’re all from the Cambrian explosion, the period of time around 500 million years ago when life was just starting and was still trying to figure out questions like “how should a mouth work?” and “legs?”

Hallucigenia was about an inch long (most life back then was tiny, they were only a few eras removed from being single celled after all) and it had sixteen clawed legs, hard spines coming out of its back, and a wicked tentacle neckbeard. 

Opabinia was between two to three inches long and it had thirty fins along the side of its body, along with five mushroom shaped eyes on top of its head. By far though, its most interesting feature was its strange proboscis. Like a Dr. Moreau style mashup of an elephant and a lobster, the long nose terminated in a large claw that it used to grab prey and bring it to its backward facing mouth.

Finally, this is wiwaxia. This danger-artichoke was a two inch long armored slug-like creature with no head. In fact, its actual body was largely just its one massive foot. 

I find these animals interesting for three main reasons. First, it’s incredibly fascinating to see all of the potential paths that life on earth could have taken. Imagine an ocean filled with elephant lobsters! Second, whenever I feel like my life is going nowhere and all my choices are the wrong ones, I like to think that I’m in in my phase where I’m still developing hallucigenias and wiwaxias, and not yet making awesome things like butterflies or velociraptors. Finally - it serves as a stark reminder that if we ever find alien life, there is a fantastic chance it will look like nothing we’ve ever seen before - it might look more like one of these creatures than a human being. 

After four years alone, female shark has babies without a male mate

  • Leonie, a female zebra shark in Australia, had three offspring in early 2016 after being completely isolated from males for roughly four years.
  • According to New Scientist, Leonie was first paired with a male at an Australian aquarium in 1999; the couple had over two dozen babies.
  • In 2012, aquarium staff moved Leonie’s partner to another tank, leaving her alone— which is why scientists were stunned when she gave birth.
  • How did it happen? It could be because of a kind of biological contingency plan for if there are no male sharks around.
  • According to New Scientist, sharks are capable of asexual reproduction if there’s a genetically identical cell called a sister polar body nearby to fertilize it.  Read more

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3/100 days of productivity!! I made biology notes today!! currently learning about the membranous and non-membranous organelles of eukaryotic cells!! slow progress but I’m getting there!! 💫

Sciences that best match the signs
  • Aries: Chemistry
  • Taurus: Geology/Geography
  • Gemini: Psychology
  • Cancer: Philosophy
  • Leo: Biology
  • Virgo: Economics/mathematics
  • Libra: Sociology
  • Scorpio: Astronomy
  • Sagittarius: Archeology
  • Capricorn: Chronology/History
  • Aquarius: Physics
  • Pisces: Oceanology

(via ScienceAlert (@sciencealert) • Instagram photos and videos)