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I'm pretty fucking sure your fingers don't base your sexuality. That's just ridiculous. Get a grip.

It doesn’t “base it,” but it’s well documented that it’s correlated with it, especially in women, likely due to prenatal androgen exposure. A woman who is attracted to women is more likely to have a low digit ratio than a similar woman attracted to men.

Please  take  a  look  at  these  studies  if  you’d  like  more  information

And besides, potential evidence for biological markers of sexuality actually tends to promote lgbq+ rights. There’s no need to be so rude.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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It really bugs me that people still use blood-singer and mate as synonymous terms. But, do you think there is some sort of scent vampires pick up that helps them decide if someone may be "mate" worth, or even just more likely to be supernaturally gifted? In humans, MHC plays a role in mate selection via scent (women preferred the body odor of men that have a different MHC than their own, which would produce an offspring with a more diverse immune system). Maybe there is a vamp equivalent?

I actually think some sort of MHC-analogue would be a really good explanation for vampire mates. Like you, I find the blood-singer + mate conflation annoying, but at the same time, it really does seem like some vampires are supernaturally drawn to their partners. Many Twilight couples have a timeline that’s way too fast by human standards, and a few genuinely experience love at first sight. It’d be neat if there was some kind of biological marker which facilitated this. 

The MHC obviously isn’t a perfect predictor of attraction. One review suggests that people prefer the scent of those with ‘different’ immune systems, but they also prefer the faces of those with ‘similar’ immune systems. And the correlation between MHC diversity and actual partner choice appears to be random. (I’d also be willing to bet that the MHC is one of those things that really matters in a lab setting, but falls by the wayside in real life, where emotional compatibility and shared values rise to prominence.) Still, I’m sure there are a few case studies where it really did bring unlikely people together. This translates to vampires well: whatever their mysterious chemical ‘thing’, it only draws couples together sometimes, and plenty find themselves perfectly happy without that immediate allure. 

As for the nature of this MHC-analogue, I’m hitting a wall. Vampires self-evidently don’t need to worry about immune systems. Not every vampire wants a gifted partner. I’m almost tempted to say that the indicator-of-compatibility is behavioural rather than chemical. Like, maybe a vampire looks at someone else (whether living or dead) and their super-senses cobble together a whole bunch of clues as to that individual’s personality. And, if that personality is compatible, that vampire’s brain turns up the perception of attraction, which might manifest in physical ways (i.e. suddenly the vampire finds their scent particularly alluring). 

Kids' risk of diabetes rises with too much screen time
Spending three or more hours a day watching TV, using computers, or playing video games could put kids at risk of type 2 diabetes, a study shows. More time spent staring at screens is associated with diabetes risk in adults — and it looks like the same is true for kids, too. Researchers in the UK analyzed data from nearly 4,500 children, and found that those who spent more time glued to the screen had biological markers known to increase the risk of type 2 diabetes. Read more

Dear useless diary,

Is the ability to irritate genetic? Are there biological markers that predict when someone will insert herself where she’s least wanted? I may once have taken a chance on GI Lane, mostly with the goal of irritating her (much) older sister, but to have little Lucy strongarm my assistant into giving her ten minutes this afternoon was just too much.

Apparently I’m lucky - lucky! - that she’s the one who dropped by for this little talk, and not Kara’s big sister Alex. She seems to think I would not enjoy that experience at all. As if anyone related to Kara, by adoption or otherwise, could possibly intimidate me… well, really.

The girl who let James Olsen go for no good reason claims not to be after Kara for herself, but did have the cheek to criticize my dating skills. Apparently good romance involves a clear and detailed itinerary. I think Lucy Lane has confused ‘romance’ with ‘an Expedia reservation’. 

I could speak to Kara, but I don’t want to appear desperate at this stage. How hard can it be to dress for an art show, and a light dinner after? It’s possible I didn’t mention that part, but surely it’s implied? I’m not going to starve the girl in the name of a bit of painting.

If Kara is confused, she can damn well ask me. I’ve made more than enough moves for one week.