Neuroturntable demands your attention otherwise “No Music for You”

Products that use bio-inputs seem to be popping up more and more as wearable device technology advances and is becoming more of a reality.

I recently covered one such device from my time at Expand this past weekend. Muse, a headband which will be available for the general pubic later this year, uses brainwaves to analyze your state and also to control apps. 

Today I stumbled upon Neurowear - a project team based in Tokyo focused on creating “communication for the near future”. They design prototypes of products that use biological signals like brainwaves and heartbeats as input controls. 

Neurowear has tons of products on their site which use bio-inputs to make things happen. Some of the latest projects involve bunny ears and tails (perhaps not the most useful but extremely fun) but a music-based project  Neuroturntable, caught my eye.

The Neuroturntable is a revolutionary concept which reads brainwaves to play music based on the level of concentration of the user.

Here is how it works:

Step 1: Put your favorite record on the turntable.

Step 2: Put on a brainwave headset

Step 3: Concentrate on the music

The music keeps playing while you concentrate. Once you are distracted, the music slows down and automatically stops. The video shows the user getting a call while listening and when he takes it the turntable stops playing.

Talk about really hitting home the fact that we CAN’T truly multi-task.

I could definitely see applications in the educational sector for this type of technology. What better way to get your kid to focus on something then to have it disappear or stop if they aren’t really thinking about it.

I would guess that starting and stopping based on concentration is only the start of what this technology could do. Soon we will be turning on, changing the channel and doing other tasks without gesture, touch or voice.

I can’t wait.