Elza Walker in Resident Evil 1.5 (バイオハザード 1.5) - The first footage of the game was shown at the V Jump Festival ‘96 in July


Playstation Game-soft Survival Horror
B I O  H A Z A R D  2
‘98.1.29 For Sale
2 Discs - 6,800円 (with tax)


Biohazard 3: Last Escape Official Guidebook - Fulfillment Of Her Escape

This post is part 2 of 2. This is the tribute/special look section contained within the guide that shows off previous Biohazard title’s protagonists and monsters. Part one is an overview of what the guide has to offer.

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Biohazard 3: Last Escape Official Guidebook - Complete Conquest of Nemesis
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Resident Evil 20th Anniversary ||  BIOHAZARD 20TH ANNIVERSARY 

“Many games have been added to the series since the original Resident Evil was released back in 1996, and we would like to take this opportunity to say a special thanks to all of the fans around the world for the support that has kept us motivated over the years”.


Biohazard ASCII Controller (Resident Evil Dedicated Controller)

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This asymmetrical PlayStation controller is made specifically for Biohazard fans. With your left hand gripping the handle of a knife and your right hand on that of a gun - it is no wonder this thing is endorsed by the Raccoon City Police Department.

Jokes aside, this controller feels great in your hands. It actually holds better than a ps1 controller…and I have held that thing most of my life….

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