So, after seeing a bunch of these pop up for various characters, fandoms, etc., I was quite saddened by the fact that the Resident Evil fandom *glares accusingly* didn’t do anything of the sort. So, I kind of just decided to take the initiative (for once) and start this up on my own.

For this, you can do whatever you want - gifs, edits, graphics, art, cosplay, fanfiction - really, just whatever you want.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me!

When is it?

I’ve decided it should be August 9th to August 15th (that’s 2 weeks! Sorry if it isn’t much notice, but late submissions are still welcome!)

Please tag your submissions as #revilweek so I can see it and give it a like! Not to mention, I’ll soon start working on the blog for this event, and I’m planning on reblogging everything I can find onto that blog throughout the week. Although nothings set-up yet, the official blog will be revilweek


So, I wanted this to be something that everyone can participate in, and you can choose anything you want, but to do so I decided to create two categories of events: one if you choose to pick a character/pairing, and one if you decide to choose a single game/the whole series. There’s seven days, and therefore seven events each.

Also, I threw in an optional prompt so you can choose to do that in addition to the seven days, and post it at any time during the week. It’s up to you!

Option One: Game / Series

Day 1: Your favorite game or A favorite game element (item boxes, typewriters, weapons, etc.)

Day 2: Favorite scene(s)

Day 3: Favorite enemies(s)

Day 4: Favorite protagonist

Day 5: Favorite antagonist

Day 6: Favorite quote(s)

Day 7: Free Day!!

Optional Prompt: Good versus Evil

Option Two: Character / Pairing

Day 1: Favorite happy scene(s)

Day 2: Favorite sad scene(s)

Day 3: Favorite trait(s) (physical, personality, etc.)

Day 4: Favorite relationship(s)

Day 5: Favorite attack(s) / weapon(s)

Day 6:  Favorite quote(s)

Day 7: Free Day!!

Optional Prompt: Change

His enhanced muscle structure was meant to show just how much he had been training for his eventual confrontation with Wesker. Chris wanted to be prepared to take Wesker down with his bare hands if it came to that. We were given rather blunt instructions to “make his neck thicker than his head, and his arms should be super thick too…like, inhuman thick”. His original design actually had thicker arms than the final CG did. (laughs) We game him some scruffy facial hair and unkempt hair to give the character a more wild feel. Since the camera would be behind him most of the time, we put his knife, wich could be considered Chris’s “trademark” weapon, on his back. We knew he’d have to fight a lot of creatures, and since his insanely muscular arms would be able to handle it, we gave him a pretty big knife.

~Yosuke Yamagata (character modeler)

We really wanted a lot of authenticity in the character designs, so we had someone who actually knows a lot about this stuff to actually create a holster and suspenders for us to use as references. We also had them check the positioning of the knife, as well as other details.  

~Yasuhiro Anpo (production director)

SOURCE: The art of Resident Evil 5.

Some of us were playing that game where you draw part of a person and then fold over the paper so that only the ends of the outlines are showing, and then the next person continues drawing the picture (at least, I thought we were sticking to people, but apparently the others had different ideas of what qualifies as a person). 

The game yielded this creature. I drew the top part, qwanderer drew the middle, and our friend James drew the bottom.