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[TRANS] BTS Japan Official Fanclub Magazine - Suga’s Biography

A mischievous kid growing up into a boy who enjoys reading 

I was born in Daegu in the South, the third biggest city of Korean, and grew up there until I came up to Seoul. When I was young, I was pretty much an ordinary kid. I loved playing around so my kindergarten teacher didn’t seem to like me. (laughs) I remember being scolded “It’s dangerous!” a lot. I also loved sports and was good at running, to the point of being picked as a relay runner from elementary school all the way up to high school. When it comes to studying, I’m slightly above average. 

I used to love playing outside with friends back then, but I changed as I grew up. Even when we went outside, it wasn’t like we did anything, we just gathered at the park. I wasn’t fond of that so many times I just stayed at home on weekends. My mother told me to go outside and meet my friends sometimes. (laughs) 

I had a thing for collecting, so I collected a lot of books when I was young. It was a time when I wanted to be a cultured man, wanted to pretend I know things too. Mature stuffs that didn’t suit my age or novels, poetry books, essays, newspapers,… I read everything regardless of genre. I don’t know why but up till middle school, I had the habit of reading books from the back page. I still read books sometimes now. My reading speed gets faster by reading multiple sentences at a time. 

Memories of first love from elementary school… I really don’t have any. Unlike Seoul, the provinces are conservative, and my school didn’t have that kind of atmosphere in which boys and girls talk to each other. If I was with a girl, I would become really shy and wouldn’t even say a word. 

The encounter with hip hop
Started composing in middle school 

I started to be interested in music in 5th year of elementary school, while watching the performance of “Stony Skunk”, Korean artists, on TV. It was the prime of ballad back then so if 18 teams perform on a music program, 10 would sing ballads, 5 would be idols and the other 3 would be other genres. They were one of those 3 teams. It was so cool how they were different from other singers. Up until then, I didn’t have any interest in music, but with Stony Skunk, I started listening to hip hop and reggae music, and was influenced by Epik High as well. MP3 player was starting to come out at that time, but I bought a Panasonic CD player and listened with that. 

Along with listening to music, I also started writing music at the same time. It wasn’t like someone told me to do it, I just had the thought of having to do so. I started writing rap lyrics in elementary school and started composing after I went to middle school. Back then, no one around me liked hiphop… It became extremely popular in Korea now but when I first started listening to it, hip hop was a genre once popular a long time ago. I think there probably wasn’t anyone on the streets who raps, except for me. If I rap at the karaoke room, it would just become some kind of sound to my friends. You know the moving hand gestures that are hip hop’s specialty? I was picked on for that too. 

Despite that, I still kept liking hip hop and in my 2nd year of middle school, I went on the stage for the first time at a festival. I performed Dynamic Duo’s “Go Back” with a friend. I didn’t like standing in front of people, but at that time, I only felt like I have to do it. I showed the rap that I practice too, although it wasn’t anything great. (laughs) 

 Actually in middle school, I wanted to go to an arts high school so I composed classical music. But the tuition was too expensive so I ended up just going to a regular high school. I told my father “I have done enough music now so I’ll study hard in high school” and went to that school, but of course I didn’t. (laughs) 

Full-fledged activities as a rapper after joining a crew in town 

Middle school years was when I composed music to satisfy myself only, on a hobby level. It was after I changed the MIDI software that I started full-fledgedly making music. In 1st year of high school, I showed my song to a person that was like a mentor to me, and he liked it a lot. I was introduced to a hip hop crew called “D-town” and joined. That song had the feeling of new-age music but had hip hop beats similar to Nujabes. For your information, the mentor that acknowledged me studied at Berklee College of Music and is currently working as a movie music director.

I think I started rapping properly after joining the crew. I have been rapping since elementary school, but since there wasn’t anyone who raps around me, I thought I was the best. (laughs) 

After that, I came to the Daegu underground scene, and from then, I also got to know that you can’t make a living out of music in the underground scene. Most of the hyungs who made music with me that time was about 10 years older than me, there were also people over 30. They worked part-time jobs and made music at the same time, but it seemed very hard. Even when performing live, it was already a huge deal to have 100 audiences, and I hated that fact. I thought “If I success, could I be the liaison of the underground scene?”. There are plenty of people who make good music in the underground scene, so I thought when I become famous, I want to create a better environment for them, I want to show their music to the world. 

Just then, I knew Big Hit was holding an audition in Daegu. I came there knowing nothing but that it was a company formed by composer Bang Shihyuk, but I was told that I was accepted the next day. I heard it later that when he saw me, he immediately thought of letting me pass. Even though I wasn’t good at rapping that time. (laughs) 

Coming up to Seoul after becoming a trainee
Different from first thought…!? 

I came to Seoul on November 7th, 2010, when I was in 2nd year of high school. I still remember it now. 

I joined to company not to rap, but to become a composer. So I thought I didn’t need to dance, and let people who are good at rapping rap, I just needed to follow the producer path. But it became a totally different thing. (laughs) At that time, rather than idols, the company was planning to create a group consisting of rappers, but that changed. The members were Rap Monster, J-hope and me. There were also Supreme Boy, i11even-hyung who is now active in the underground scene and Iron-hyung who made it to the finals of Show Me The Money 3. I think if we debut like that, despite being good at rapping, we would fail. (laughs) 

Rapper & producer
The future Suga thinks of as a goal 

My 4-year-older brother plays a very big role in letting me be able to walk on the music path like this. He started liking hip hop under my influence, but when I came to the audition, everyone in my family opposed it except for my brother. They didn’t view music activities nicely, even my relatives told me “What music for you, go study.” So I only showed my songs to him. He was the first person I informed that I passed the audition too. Our relationship is so good that we’re like friends. I basically don’t drink alcohol, but I drink it with him only. 

My family all support me now, of course. Even the relatives that told me to study ask for my signatures. (laughs) 

These days, I have thoughts about wanting to also be active as a producer. I have no greed of being in the center, I just want to make music. I don’t have interest towards the entertainment world too, everyone says they want to act, or to go on variety shows, but I don’t want to do those. (laughs) But still, the first thing is to make BTS get 1st place in Korea as well as Japan. And myself too, I want to be the best rapper, the best producer. I don’t know if it would take time, but I have to try.

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Everybody seems surprised that Cristiano is excellent in table tennis. But it’s nothing new.

Cristiano told already in his book ‘Moments’ in 2007 that he turned down the chance to join the table tennis team in his native Madeira for pursuing a career in football. (x)

“After football, ping pong is my favourite sport. I love to watch professional games and I like to play.

I began to feel a fascination for table tennis as a child because it is a very popular sport in Madeira, where there are several nationally competitive clubs.
I started playing as a boy in my neighbourhood and at school.

When I moved to the school of Sporting, I kept playing ping pong. There were plenty of tables in the athletes’ common and I spent good times there with my team-mates.

One day the coach of the Sporting table tennis said, “I’ve seen you play and I think you can become a good table tennis player. Want to get in the team?”. “No, no thanks”, I replied without hesitation. “I want to be a footballer. Ping pong is a hobby, not a sport in which you want to be professional,” I said.

‘He tried to persuade me again and again. I always said “no”, and he finally gave up. Football was my passion.

'I do not know if the ping pong has lost a good player, but I know that even today I enjoy playing.

'I play with the right, left… Without being boastful, I think I do pretty well. Even those who think they have a chance against me give up when faced with the facts.”

I was tagged by @islandfeuer. She has a wonderful blog of photos of Iceland. 

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Name: Carl
Nicknames: I have been call Son of bitch a lot and others. Does that count?? No nicknames 
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Height: 5′-8″ or 172.72 cm
Orientation: I’ll let you know when the dryer stops and  I can get out.  Whew, it stopped. Straight
Nationality: Scottish, Irish, French, and Cherokee, or Heinz57, in simpler terms one of those dang Americans
Favorite Fruit:  Cherries, apples and  I like almost all fruits
Favorite Season: Spring and Fall
Favorite Book: Mouse and the Motorcycle loved it as a kid, biographies of famous people use to read a lot about older baseball players.
Favorite Flower: Vinca (periwinkle), roses, and daisy
Favorite Scent:  roses(Mr. Lincoln rose), fresh baked apple pie and whatever perfume that my wife is wearing.
Favorite Color: yellow
Favorite Animal: eagle or a mustang
Coffee, tea or hot cocoa: sweet tea, (not this syrup tea that a lot of southern folks like.This tea has way to much sugar. That ain’t tea. Its liquid sugar.) It needs just enough sugar to take the bitterness. I like coffee, but it doesn’t return the favor.
Average sleep hours: What’s that? 4 to 6 hours
Cat or dog person:  Been called Son of Bitch a lot. Does that make me a dog? Actually, both we have a couple of each in the house
Favorite fictional character: Rooster Cogburn (from True Grit and Rooster Cogburn movies) He is a flawed character but has a good heart. He accepts Katharine Hepburn’s character as an equal as the movie develops
Number of blankets you sleep with: Depends on the season
Blog Created: August 2013
Number of followers: Under 1000, but hey I’m having to block more porn blogs/bots lately! 

I won’t tag anybody. The last time I did, they stopped following me. If you want to do it feel free and jump on in. The water is fine.

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What's the fluffiest Supernatural headcannon that you have?

Oh, oh I have a few!

1) Sam’s first word was “Dean”. His first stumbling, staggering steps… were to Dean. That it was Dean who taught Sam to read, and that Sam’s interest in learning actually started with Dean reading to him from a very young age. Dean would pull a tiny Sam into his lap and read him comic books and fairy tales and biographies geared toward kids that were about heroes who saved lives by risking their own. That Sam’s deep sense of morality actually comes from the lessons Dean taught him while reading to him, that Sam grew up praying to God and the angels because he didn’t know who else to ask to protect the one person who cared for him on daily basis.

2) Charlie accidentally referred to Dean and Sam as her actual brothers once, then flushed and stammered her way through clarifying that they weren’t her ACTUAL brothers, just, y’know, LIKE brothers to her, because she’s an only child, and half way through it her words faltered and she stopped and considered, then waved her hand dismissively. “Forget my babbling. They’re my brothers. I have brothers. Two of them. Older. They’re awesome.” And from then on every time somebody asked her if she had siblings, Charlie would just nod, “Yep. Two older brothers: Sam and Dean.”

3) Like Cas kept a picture of Dean and Sam in his jacket, Dean has a candid shot of Castiel he keeps hidden. Hidden because, well, admitting he wanted one made him feel too vulnerable. They don’t keep pictures and sentimental things, the pictures they have are rare and precious, like of their mother and the one of Sam and Dean with Bobby, the closest thing to a father either of them ever had. Dean has a single picture of Castiel, and he lacks the words to describe how much he loves it, loves it for so many reasons. Because it’s Cas, and it’s Cas home, and it’s Cas with a faint smile curling his lips and his eyes lighting up and just… Dean’s heart and stomach do weird flips and flutters and twists every time he sees it. He treasures it because he doesn’t know if they’ll ever get another moment like that, so it needs to be memorialized.

4) Occasionally when driving, a song will come on the radio that ends up causing both Winchesters to singalong., to which they have a long standing rule of “We never, EVER mention this or it will NEVER happen again.” as if they’re terrified singing duets will make them any less badass monster hunters who saved the world. They sang the opening to Supernatural the Musical once. Full volume. Windows down and everything. They don’t talk about that one especially.

Anyone else? Saturday Night Slumber Party Continues!

Submit your Asks, confessions, head canons, favorite books/movies/TV shows/games/fics, requests, otp talk!

In the late ‘80s, when I was in the fifth and sixth grades, my school librarian took a special interest in me. One day our assignment was to do a book report, and Ms. Newton pointed me toward the biography section. Being the lazy kid I was, I picked out the thinnest book I could find. Barely a hundred pages, I thought. I can knock this out. I only had to skim it, I thought, and I’d get an A. The book was Night by Elie Wiesel.

I was right about one thing. It was a quick read. That was it.

I’d read stories with all kinds of protagonists — Laura Ingalls, Huck Finn, even The Diary of Anne Frank. Having read that last one — and having watched a few made-for-TV movies about the Holocaust — made me think I was already a bit of an expert on that experience.

But as I sat up reading, Night stirred something deeper in me. Maybe it was the simplicity of the story. Maybe it struck me because of how bookish and isolated and weird the young Eliezer was. Just like me, he was concerned with books and theology. Being Jewish made him vulnerable in a way that I understood. I knew, as a black child in Chicago, I lived in an isolated community where I was deeply loved. But with the racial turmoil of the time, I also knew there were hostile forces all around me.

Forgetting Isn’t Healing: Lessons From Elie Wiesel

Photo: Jordan Silverman/Getty Images

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do you know of any good 'meta-ish' fics? like tin soldiers, or the 100 years of captain america?

That I do! heres a few more!

cross this river to the other side

In 1943, the Howling Commandos wrote goodbye letters to be given to their loved ones in the event of their deaths.
In 2014, Sharon Carter finds those letters in a tin can in an abandoned HYDRA base.

Steve Rogers Might Wear Tights, but He’s Not Your Pin-Up Girl

Bucky enrolls in a college course about Captain America. It doesn’t go well.

(Due to its unique formatting, this story is available only as a PDF. Click for link.)

Subjective Histories 

Extracts from materials relating to the official biography of Steve Rogers (A Kid From Brooklyn, Yale University Press, 1999)

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Any fics like tin soldiers and United States v. Barnes, 617 F. Supp. 2d 143 (D.D.C. 2015)? I tried the social media tag, but there wasn't a whole lot like them, from what I saw. Tweets and tumblr and articles and shit, I mean. Thanks.

There aren’t a ton more, they’re pretty unique honestly. These are the closest I have:

Captain Steven Rogers: A History Through Art by Pugglemuggle

[Excerpt from the speech of chief curator Virginia M. Mecklenburg at the opening banquet of the “Captain Steven Rogers: A History Through Art” Exhibit at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, January 5, 2012]

“Welcome to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. It is my pleasure to introduce to you all an exhibit that has been many years in the making. So rarely are we presented with opportunities to join art and history in a union as perfect as this one. Though Captain Steven Rogers sacrificed his life for our country more than sixty years ago, his legacy lives on in history books, documentaries, independent films, and now, thanks to our generous donors, in galleries as well. His artwork provides us with a singular perspective of pre-war American society, as well as a unique window into the soul of the American hero himself….“

Or, the life of Steve Rogers as told by biographers, art historians, tumblr users, a very enthusiastically queer college student, and the artwork of Steve Rogers himself. [Art included]

Cross This River the the Other Side by defcontwo

In 1943, the Howling Commandos wrote goodbye letters to be given to their loved ones in the event of their deaths.

In 2014, Sharon Carter finds those letters in a tin can in an abandoned HYDRA base.

Subjective Histories by Odsbodkins

Extracts from materials relating to the official biography of Steve Rogers (A Kid From Brooklyn, Yale University Press, 1999)

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hi !! i'm sorry if this is a rly weird question but do u think u could share like, ur artistic journey? as in like, where u started, how u practised and improved over time, like ur life in terms of ur art. u give rly in depth interesting answers and i'm just rly curious but u absolutely don't have to answer if u don't want i just rly rly love ur work and would love to know the story behind it all !

AWW THANKS SWEETIE OOoohhhh ~ * artistic journey * ~ sounds so sophisticated, which my art is so not, but w/e I’ll take what I can get. Throwing this under a cut cos it’s kinda long.

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steve/bucky ficrec !!

recently i’ve descended deep deep down in steve/bucky hell, so i thought i’d make a reclist of some of the best fics i’ve read!! there are 36 fics; all fics are on ao3, and this list is organized by rating. although every single one of these fics is amazing, i have put three asterisks in front of the ones i loved even more than the others. please reblog and share this reclist– i worked hard on it AND all these fics are incredible and i want to spread Feelings to as many people as possible :) enjoy!! x

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The Boy Who Loved Math: The Improbable Life of Paul Erdős -- great kids' book #1yrago

The Boy Who Loved Math: The Improbable Life of Paul Erdős is a beautifully written, beautifully illustrated kids’ biography of Paul Erdős, the fantastically prolific itinerant mathematician who published more papers than any other mathematician in history.

Boy is written by Deborah Heiligman, with illustrations by LeUyen Pham, and the pair really worked to weave numbers and mathematics through the text, with lively, fun illustrations of a young Erdős learning about negative numbers, becoming obsessed with prime numbers and leading his high-school chums on a mathematical tour of Budapest. They also go to great lengths to capture the upside and downside of Erdős’s legendary eccentricity – his inability to fend for himself and his helplessness when it came to everyday tasks like cooking and doing laundry; his amazing generosity and brilliance and empathy in his working and personal life.

Ultimately, this is a book that celebrates the idea of following your weird, wooing the muse of the odd, and playing to your strengths rather than agonizing over your weaknesses. It’s an inspiring and sweet tale of one of humanity’s greatest mathematicians, and a parable about the magic of passion and obsession.

My daughter, who is five, demanded that I read it to her three times in a row, over three bedtimes, which is always a vote of confidence.  

The Boy Who Loved Math: The Improbable Life of Paul Erdos

The illustrations and layouts in Boy are fabulous, and Roaring Brook was kind enough to supply us with three spreads.

Daddy 5SOS Kids: Biography (Kayla)

A/N: Okay, here’s the bios y’all have been waiting for! I’d like to thank Heather for all her help on this one! These are being posted one at a time. If you missed one or want to read them again, they’ll be linked on my masterlist! Enjoy!

Name: Kayla Nicole Hemmings
Birth Date: August 18

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Daddy 5SOS Kids: Biography (Isaac)

A/N: Okay, here’s the bios y’all have been waiting for! I’d like to thank Heather for all her help on this one! These are being posted one at a time. If you missed one or want to read them again, they’ll be linked on my masterlist! Enjoy!

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