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Week Two: Welcome back to the LGBT+ Masterlist Project

Before I get into this week’s category I want to thank you all so much for the critical support and contributions you’ve given me since making my first masterlist on LGBT+ characters in television. These masterlists will only get better as you help me along my journey to finding more LGBT+ media. Feel free to inbox me, to suggest and add commentary to my growing list. I can’t promise I’ll edit the lists regularly (I am a tiny college student; you can imagine my stress) but I will certainly share for my followers to see. It’s all still greatly appreciated.

This week, I tried to bring down the list to be exclusive to only movies with leading and supporting LGBT+ roles. I tried to avoid movies with cis people playing trans characters, and altogether tried to avoid problematic representation, which should never go unnoticed or without criticism. Please note, I have not seen all of these movies, so I can’t be the judge of how good the representation is. This is why I welcome you to respectfully inbox me or reblog with comments. 

Thanks again to @mightyachillis for the gifset. Next week’s category: LGBT+ BOOKS

And without further ado: LGBT+ MOVIES!

  • Private Romeo (2011) - A modern gay reenactment of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.
  • Frieir Fall (2013) - The life of a father-to-be and police officer begins to fall apart after he falls for his fellow officer (played by Max Riemelt). English distribution name: Free Fall.
  • Pride (2014) - This historical comedy drama follows the true story of a group of LGBT+ activists who supported the British miners’ strike in 1984.
  • Black Swan (2010) - Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis star in this psychological thriller-horror film about a dancer who’d do just about anything to get the role of the Black Swan.
  • Mosquita y Mari (2012) - Two Mexican teenagers, Mari and Yolanda, form a strong bond as they navigate their way through high school.
  • Joven y Alocada (2012) - This Chilean film focuses on the promiscuity of Daniela and her love affair with a boy and a girl. English distribution name: Young and Wild.
  • Hoje Eu Quero Voltar Sozinho (2014) - This Brazilian film follows the coming of age story of blind teen Leonardo, his best friend, and the new boy in school with whom Leo has an immediate affinity for. English distribution name: The Way He Looks.
  • Cuatro Lunas (2014) - This Mexican film explores four different storylines: an 11-year-old tries to hide his sexuality from his family, a young man is afraid of his gay relationship being found out, another couple of gay lovers are challenged by a love triangle, and an elderly man raises money to buy services from young male prostitutes.
  • Kill Your Darlings (2013) - A dramatization of the true story of Lucien Carr (Dane DeHaan) and Allen Ginsberg (Daniel Radcliffe) of the Beat Generation.
  • Jongens (2014) - A gay teen athlete finds himself in a budding relationship with his mutually attracted relay race teammate.
  • Weekend (2011) - A romantic drama about two men who have a sexual relationship for just a weekend.
  • J’ai tué ma Mère (2009) - This Quebec film by Xavier Dolan explores the bond between mother and son. English distribution name: I Killed My Mother.
  • Les Amours Imaginaires (2010) - Another Canadian drama film directed by Xavier Dolan about two best friends who fall in love with the same man. English distribution name: Heartbeats.
  • El ultimo verano de la Boyita (2009) - In this Argentinian film, a young girl befriends a farm boy when she visits her father in the countryside. One day, she finds blood stains on the boy’s saddle and trousers. The boy, though ashamed and confused, finds comfort and safety in this newfound friendship.
  • Wet Hot American Summer (2001) - A satirical romantic comedy about the last day at a summer camp in 1981.
  • The Birdcage (1996) - A romantic comedy about an owner of a drag club in South Beach, Florida.
  • Kinky Boots (2005) - This British-American comedy drama explores the unlikely story of the owner of a dying shoe factory, who finds that making shoes for drag queens could be the niche market that saves his business.
  • The Bubble (2008) - A romantic comedy about two men who fall in love. One man is Israeli, and the other is Palestinian.
  • Out in the Dark (2012) - A similar premise to The Bubble, this drama centers around the romantic relationship between a Palestinian student and an Israeli lawyer.
  • But I’m a Cheerleader (1999) - A satirical romantic comedy staring Natasha Lyonne, who plays a cheerleader sent to a gay rehabilitation camp.

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Netflix codes. Just replace the stars with the number of the genre you want using this url:*** You're welcome children...

Action & Adventure: 1365
Action Comedies: 43040
Action Sci-Fi & Fantasy: 1568
Action Thrillers: 43048
Adult Animation: 11881
Adventures: 7442
African Movies: 3761
Alien Sci-Fi: 3327
Animal Tales: 5507
Anime: 7424
Anime Action: 2653
Anime Comedies: 9302
Anime Dramas: 452
Anime Fantasy: 11146
Anime Features: 3063
Anime Horror: 10695
Anime Sci-Fi: 2729
Anime Series: 6721
Art House Movies: 29764
Asian Action Movies: 77232
Australian Movies: 5230

B-Horror Movies: 8195
Baseball Movies: 12339
Basketball Movies: 12762
Belgian Movies: 262
Biographical Documentaries: 3652
Biographical Dramas: 3179
Boxing Movies: 12443
British Movies: 10757
British TV Shows: 52117

Campy Movies: 1252
Children & Family Movies: 783
Chinese Movies: 3960
Classic Action & Adventure: 46576
Classic Comedies: 31694
Classic Dramas: 29809
Classic Foreign Movies: 32473
Classic Movies: 31574
Classic Musicals: 32392
Classic Romantic Movies: 31273
Classic Sci-Fi & Fantasy: 47147
Classic Thrillers: 46588
Classic TV Shows: 46553
Classic War Movies: 48744
Classic Westerns: 47465
Comedies: 6548
Comic Book and Superhero Movies: 10118
Country & Western/Folk: 1105
Courtroom Dramas: 2748
Creature Features: 6895
Crime Action & Adventure: 9584
Crime Documentaries: 9875
Crime Dramas: 6889
Crime Thrillers: 10499
Crime TV Shows: 26146
Cult Comedies: 9434
Cult Horror Movies: 10944
Cult Movies: 7627
Cult Sci-Fi & Fantasy: 4734
Cult TV Shows: 74652

Dark Comedies: 869
Deep Sea Horror Movies: 45028
Disney: 67673
Disney Musicals: 59433
Documentaries: 6839
Dramas: 5763
Dramas based on Books: 4961
Dramas based on real life: 3653
Dutch Movies: 10606

Eastern European Movies: 5254
Education for Kids: 10659
Epics: 52858
Experimental Movies: 11079

Faith & Spirituality: 26835
Faith & Spirituality Movies: 52804
Family Features: 51056
Fantasy Movies: 9744
Film Noir: 7687
Food & Travel TV: 72436
Football Movies: 12803
Foreign Action & Adventure: 11828
Foreign Comedies: 4426
Foreign Documentaries: 5161
Foreign Dramas: 2150
Foreign Gay & Lesbian Movies: 8243
Foreign Horror Movies: 8654
Foreign Movies: 7462
Foreign Sci-Fi & Fantasy: 6485
Foreign Thrillers: 10306
French Movies: 58807

Gangster Movies: 31851
Gay & Lesbian Dramas: 500
German Movies: 58886
Greek Movies: 61115

Historical Documentaries: 5349
Horror Comedy: 89585
Horror Movies: 8711

Independent Action & Adventure: 11804
Independent Comedies: 4195
Independent Dramas: 384
Independent Movies: 7077
Independent Thrillers: 3269
Indian Movies: 10463
Irish Movies: 58750
Italian Movies: 8221

Japanese Movies: 10398
Jazz & Easy Listening: 10271

Kids Faith & Spirituality: 751423
Kids Music: 52843
Kids’ TV: 27346

Korean Movies: 5685
Korean TV Shows: 67879

Late Night Comedies: 1402
Latin American Movies: 1613
Latin Music: 10741

Martial Arts Movies: 8985
Martial Arts, Boxing & Wrestling: 6695
Middle Eastern Movies: 5875
Military Action & Adventure: 2125
Military Documentaries: 4006
Military Dramas: 11
Military TV Shows: 25804
Miniseries: 4814
Mockumentaries: 26
Monster Movies: 947
Movies based on children’s books: 10056
Movies for ages 0 to 2: 6796
Movies for ages 2 to 4: 6218
Movies for ages 5 to 7: 5455
Movies for ages 8 to 10: 561
Movies for ages 11 to 12: 6962
Music & Concert Documentaries: 90361
Music: 1701
Musicals: 13335
Mysteries: 9994

New Zealand Movies: 63782

Period Pieces: 12123
Political Comedies: 2700
Political Documentaries: 7018
Political Dramas: 6616
Political Thrillers: 10504
Psychological Thrillers: 5505

Quirky Romance: 36103

Reality TV: 9833
Religious Documentaries: 10005
Rock & Pop Concerts: 3278
Romantic Comedies: 5475
Romantic Dramas: 1255
Romantic Favorites: 502675
Romantic Foreign Movies: 7153
Romantic Independent Movies: 9916
Romantic Movies: 8883
Russian: 11567

Satanic Stories: 6998
Satires: 4922
Scandinavian Movies: 9292
Sci-Fi & Fantasy: 1492
Sci-Fi Adventure: 6926
Sci-Fi Dramas: 3916
Sci-Fi Horror Movies: 1694
Sci-Fi Thrillers: 11014
Science & Nature Documentaries: 2595
Science & Nature TV: 52780
Screwball Comedies: 9702
Showbiz Dramas: 5012
Showbiz Musicals: 13573
Silent Movies: 53310
Slapstick Comedies: 10256
Slasher and Serial Killer Movies: 8646
Soccer Movies: 12549
Social & Cultural Documentaries: 3675
Social Issue Dramas: 3947
Southeast Asian Movies: 9196
Spanish Movies: 58741
Spiritual Documentaries: 2760
Sports & Fitness: 9327
Sports Comedies: 5286
Sports Documentaries: 180
Sports Dramas: 7243
Sports Movies: 4370
Spy Action & Adventure: 10702
Spy Thrillers: 9147
Stage Musicals: 55774
Stand-up Comedy: 11559
Steamy Romantic Movies: 35800
Steamy Thrillers: 972
Supernatural Horror Movies: 42023
Supernatural Thrillers: 11140

Tearjerkers: 6384
Teen Comedies: 3519
Teen Dramas: 9299
Teen Screams: 52147
Teen TV Shows: 60951
Thrillers: 8933
Travel & Adventure Documentaries: 1159
TV Action & Adventure: 10673
TV Cartoons: 11177
TV Comedies: 10375
TV Documentaries: 10105
TV Dramas: 11714
TV Horror: 83059
TV Mysteries: 4366
TV Sci-Fi & Fantasy: 1372
TV Shows: 83

Urban & Dance Concerts: 9472

Vampire Horror Movies: 75804

Werewolf Horror Movies: 75930
Westerns: 7700
World Music Concerts: 2856

Zombie Horror Movies: 75405

The Ellen Show: Chapter 6

A/U: I want you guys to know in advance that next week I will be returning to school this means I need to focus more on that. So updates for this fic will be much less frequent. Sorry. :( I’m sad about it. Anyways so glad you guys are liking this fic. This chapter is much longer than most. 

The Ellen Show Master List

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After the night in New York Shawn and I returned to normal. We began to text more frequently and eventually after a few weeks we would talk on the phone for a half hour or so. I began to grow feelings. Feelings more than just finding him attractive and wanting to get to know him. I began to look forward to his text messages. I wanted to hear his voice over the phone and I wanted to see him. But I fought it, with everything I had. Pushing it so far into the back of my mind I began to twist and contort my feelings to keep them as just friendly.

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A/U: I want you guys to know in advance that next week I will be returning to school this means I need to focus more on that. So updates for this fic will be much less frequent. Sorry. :( I’m sad about it. Anyways so glad you guys are liking this fic. This chapter is much longer than most. 

The Ellen Show Master List

<< Previous Chapter | Next Chapter >>

After the night in New York Shawn and I returned to normal. We began to text more frequently and eventually after a few weeks we would talk on the phone for a half hour or so. I began to grow feelings. Feelings more than just finding him attractive and wanting to get to know him. I began to look forward to his text messages. I wanted to hear his voice over the phone and I wanted to see him. But I fought it, with everything I had. Pushing it so far into the back of my mind I began to twist and contort my feelings to keep them as just friendly.

A month since New York had passed and I was very busy with the new film. For the next three months, I would be in L.A filming the biographical drama of Shirley Chisholm, playing as a young Gloria Steinem. Figuring that I would be in L.A for the next three months I decided it would be best to rent a place in West Hollywood.

Around the end of November, my birthday was coming up. My best friend, Maci, from Langley, decided I should host a birthday party at my place which she and a few other friends from back home would fly down for.

In the week leading up to my birthday, I got a call from Shawn, while on set for the cover for January’s American Vogue. I picked up the phone as I sat in the chair as they changed the set.

“Hey!” Shawn’s voice said after I answered the phone.

I saw a smiled grow at the sound of his voice as I looked into the vanity mirror at myself. I asked how he was and he asked me the same.

“I’m good.” I smiled as I looked down while brushing at the dress covering my legs. Then I whispered into the phone like it was a secret. “Guess what I’m doing right now?”

“What?” Shawn answered in a whisper too, playing along.

“I’m on set shooting for the cover of Vogue.” I spoke still whispering. “How fucking insane is that?”

Shawn laughed over the phone, which only made me smile more. “That’s pretty fucking insane.”

There was a pause over the phone, but Shawn continued on. “Hey, so you’re in L.A next week?”

A stylist came and began to fix my hair. “Uh, yeah. I am!” I paused wondering why he was asking. “Why….?” I asked with a grin, as I tried to suppress my inching smile.

“Well…” Shawn began and I could hear him smiling through the phone. “I’m going to be in L.A for a few days next week and I think we should get together.”

My chest swelled and my smiled grew so large it hurt my cheeks. “Really? Yeah, I’d love that.” Without skipping a beat I continued. “What days?”

Shawn gave me the days.

“Oh!” I said my voice coloured with eagerness. “I’m not sure if works with your schedule but I’m having a dinner party Saturday followed by a party at my place. If it works for you, you’re more than welcome to come!”

“Oh really?” He spoke. “Yeah, I’d love to come. I’ll have to check with Andrew, but if I’m free I will be there for sure.”

I smiled brightly as someone tapped on my shoulder. It was Charlie, she signalled for me to come back onto the set.

“Oh great.” I stood up from the chair speaking quickly. “Listen I’ve got to go, but I’ll send you the details.”

“Okay.” Shawn answered warmly.

You paused and smiling, making sure to take a moment to concentrate on him through the line. “Bye Shawn.”

Shawn said goodbye followed with your name. His voice saying your name was so attractive if made you feel full. Hanging up the phone you returned to set and struggled to remove the smile on your lips as you set back into character for the shot.

You friend whom you were speaking to looked away from you. Her eyes flickered up like someone was standing behind you. As you noticed you felt someone touch your shoulder. Quickly you turned your head looking up startled. But once seeing who it was, his bright warm smile just for you, the butterflies pushed away the shock.

“Shawn!” You spoke loudly. He stood over you smiling, as you pushed back your chair. The people sitting at the table continued with their chatter after the disruption. “You’re here!” You said reaching out to hug him as he kissed you lightly on the cheek.

He so smelled good, but you couldn’t ever put your finger on it.

“Of course.” He spoke as he still touched at your forearm.

“I’m so glad you came.” You spoke, as you locked eyes with him. It had been so long since New York, and you had forgotten how captivating he was. He said nothing more as you both looked to one another smiling, his fingertips still warm against your skin.

Reluctantly you turned away, losing your train of thought. “Uhh. We should find you a place to sit.” You looked down and up the table, there weren’t many places to sit except down at the end of the long table full of friends. You didn’t want Shawn sitting far away. You looked to him. “You know what? You can sit right here.” Motioning to the chair on your left. “Brandon hasn’t shown up yet, so you get his spot. His loss.” Shrugging you finished by smiling to Shawn.

His face fell a little. “Are you sure? I don’t want to steal someone spot.”

You nodded and motioned for him to sit. “Positive.”

You sat back down in your chair as Shawn pulled off his black jacket. Even within the corner of your eye you couldn’t help but notice how good he looked in his simple army green shirt that buttoned down the front. You settled into the chair and reached for you drink taking a sip as Shawn smoothly sat down. You then felt him lean in close to you as you looked across the dimly lit table.

“You looked great.” Shawn said into your ear. Grinning at the compliment you turned to him, your faces close and said thank you. Looking to one another intensely for a moment, you then turned away looking to the table.

“Can I get you something to drink?” You asked looking back to him and waiting.

He looked in front of him and around the table. “I’m good with water.” He said smiling, his eyes shimmering from the dim table lighting.

Then you head someone say your name from across the table. You turned to them and saw who it was. Quickly you turned to Shawn for reassurance before swivelling to talk to the person across the table.

The evening was filled with alcohol, food and a lot of talking. Everyone at the table chatted wildly with one another. You slowly introduced Shawn into your close friend group who surrounded you. To your satisfaction, Shawn mingled with them without your aid. At you sat next to him with the drinks refilling themselves, you began to feel warmer. You blamed the alcohol but it seemed to happen every time Shawn and you both looked at one another.

“If I could have everyone’s attention.” Someone spoke just across the table.

I looked away from watching Shawn, and I glanced to the source. My longtime friend Joshua stood up from the table drink in hand. I got a little nervous.

“I’d like to make a toast to my best friend.” He grinned at me devilishly and I glared at him, trying to communicate for him to not embarrass me. “Now she may be one year older. But if you know her like we do.” He looked to the group of my Langley friends. “You’ll know this means the only thing increasing is her alcohol tolerance.” I began to blush as my friend winked to me.

“No, no. In all seriousness, as I’m sure you all know she is one of most hardworking and most beautiful women that I know.“ Joshua place his hand on his chest. "I’m so happy to have shared so many years with her and I look forward to many many more. As I’m sure you all do. So with that, I’d like to toast to her. Happy Birthday to one of my greatest friends, we all love you.” He smiled at me and raised his glass of liquor and the rest of the table followed. They all looked at me tenderly smiling and cheered in my name. I raised my glass too as I looked at all the faces of the people that meant the most to me. We all sipped at our drinks and people turned to one another again chatting.

I felt Shawn’s warmth on my side. “You never told me it was your birthday.”

I turned to him. His face was a little hard, as he looked at me. “I didn’t?”

His face relaxed slightly and he spoke softly. “No, you didn’t.”

I looked away awkwardly. “Oh sorry.” I shrugged nonchalantly. “Well, it’s my birthday. Surprise!”

He grinned but then looked disappointed. “I wish I would have known. I didn’t bring you anything.”

He looked very upset that I hadn’t told him. I tried to reassure him it wasn’t a problem at all, because it truly wasn’t. “Honestly, I’m just happy you came.”

Shawn unhappily accepted this and didn’t make any more about it.

You chatted with him for a while, asking how he was doing, work and updates on things you had talked about since New York, also making plans to see one another soon. You talked about possibly getting together around his Vancouver show as you were sure you’d be home around that time for the New Year. As you both talked longer and longer you slowly began to forget that you were at a table full of people and not just with Shawn alone.

It wasn’t until you hear someone saying your name you turned away from him.

It was Maci, your friend sitting on your left. “We should probably go back to your place.” She said to me. I checked my phone sitting on the table in front of me. It was just past eight, and I had said to those unable to come to dinner the house party would be at nine. “Oh yeah, I guess we should.”

We all began to get up from the table hovering around while chatting. I said goodbye to a few people who were unable to make it to the house. Thanking them for coming, kissing and hugging them goodbye as they wished me a good birthday.

I then noticed Shawn standing a few feet away. He was standing calmly by the table just waiting. He looked so hot in his leather jacket and tight jeans watching me attentively. Walking up to him, the liquor made me a little braver. I reached out and touched his arm. “Are you coming back for the party?”

He smiled down at me as I spoke. “Yeah, yeah.” He pulled his hands out of his jean pockets. “If you still want me to?”

“Of course I do! If you want you can come with us? Yumi is driving if you need a ride?” I said pointing to my group of friends.

Shawn shook his head. “Oh no, that’s alright. I drove here. I can meet you there?”

Gently I nodded my head. “Alright well, I sent you the address, yes?”

Shawn confirmed that I did, with a cute smile. You then heard your name being called and your friends were waving for you to come, the car ready outside for you all.

“Alright, see you soon?” I said pulling away from Shawn. He smiled saying he would. Waving goodbye to him I turned and joined my friends.

Walking outside there were cameras flashing. They called our names as we jumped into the black car. Slowly unconcerned with the pictures we got inside calmly pulling away safely. We drove to my place and began the party. Playing music and making drinks more people began to show up.

The more people that came up wishing me a Happy Birthday the more I realised time had passed, and I still hadn’t seen Shawn. You checked your phone, hoping for maybe an explanation but it was futile.

You sat in the living room on the edge of your couch talking with some friends who had just arrived for the party when you heard the doorbell ring. Saying you would be right back to those you were talking with you ran to the door with a drink in hand. You pulled the door open to find Shawn standing tall.

"Shawn!” You said excited but your voice fell as you became distracted.

He held something bright in his hands, which you realised were flowers.

He gave a guilty smile. “I’m sorry I’m so late. But I couldn’t find a place open to get you something. I had to settle for flowers.”

You stood holding the door open in shock. He reached out for you to take the flowers. Slowly you reached and took them.

“I would have gotten you something a little more original if I had known.” His large shoulders bunched up in a shrug.

Holding them in your hand you pulled them towards you and looked down at the stunning arrangement of sunflowers and what you realised were blue hydrangeas. Slowly looking up to the beautiful boy at your door all you could say was his name, still shocked at his gesture.

“These are beautiful.” You finally stuttered, looking up to him. “Thank you.”

Both of you stood in the doorway as you looked to one another. Finally coming to your senses you stepped aside letting him come in. After closing the door you both stood in the entrance, you looked down at the flowers again. Shawn smiled broadly. “Happy Birthday.”

You looked up one last time into his gleaming eyes. “Thank you.” You whispered before someone began to laugh loudly from inside the house.

“Come inside.” You said taking a step forward. Shawn looked down and quickly pulled off his boots, leaving him in his black socks which you found adorable for an odd reason.

Leading you guided him into the busy kitchen, and pointed to the counter full of liquor bottles. “You’re welcome to whatever you’d like.” You spoke as you brushed past some familiar faces and reached for the biggest cup you had, which was a red plastic cup. Turning around you found Shawn making himself a small drink.

You gave him a guilty look holding the flowers and cup up for him to see. “I wish I had something nicer to put them in but I haven’t had a lot of time to buy stuff for the place.”

Shawn looked to the cup in your hand and chuckled as you began cutting the flowers and putting them into the vase. Shawn finished making his drink and came to stand next to you.

Cutting the stems and placing the flowers on the counter we stood talking casually until a friend came up to Shawn and I. He greeted Shawn and they began to talk wildly as they obviously knew one another previously. I listened to them as they chatted with me comfortably before I was called by someone from the living room. I quickly checked with Shawn before returning to my friends.

The rest of the night I was fed drinks like water, and felt very good and sloshy. The party was a huge success in my opinion, and I really enjoyed having everyone there. I had not had this much fun with good people around me in a very long time. I made a few run-ins with Shawn, every time I did I was a little more intoxicated and a little more flirtatious. A very more touches and looks. He didn’t seem to mind, though, which was probably bad. Because when he didn’t deny the advances the more I wanted to make them.

As the night winded down I changed into something more comfortable and somehow ended up slipping outside onto the patio furniture that my friends had arranged into one flatbed. With a glass of wine in hand, my close friends and I sat lounging outside chatting and laughing wildly, reminiscing of times before. I sensed the party inside dying down as various people came out and said goodbye to me. I looked in the windows frequently looking for Shawn and caught him a few times talking with people. I was happy he hadn’t left without saying goodbye.

“Dear god. Please turn on the heaters.” One of my friends said.

I chuckled as my Canadian friends harassed her. “What are you talking about? Are you crazy? It’s beautiful out.”

Brandon pointed his finger to me as I stood up to turn the heater on. “Don’t you dare.” He shouted fiercely. We all laughed at him, giggling at his weak threat.

I stood up on the furniture and turned on the outdoor space heaters that had come with the house as my friend protested that not everyone was cold blooded like us Canadians.

I waited for the heat to come on before sitting back on the cushions, crossing my legs under me as I looked to all my favourite people lounging comfortably together. Without missing a beat they began to badger my Californian friend about stereotypes, creating a wild debate. I listened and watched them when I noticed the patio door open. Turning I saw Shawn making his way through the door. I smiled at him as he walked across the patio to us with a red cup in hand.

God, he was so good-looking.

“There you are!” I said warmly as he got closer. “Come sit with us.” I patted and open space near me on the cushion.

Shawn looked to everyone before sitting on the patio right next to me. He sat half off the edge and put all his weight on one arm into the cushion. I noticed how large his arm swelled when he did it, his triceps bulging from the weight he placed on it.

Both him and I pretended to join the conversation but I didn’t want to listen to my friend’s bicker with one another.

“Did you have fun?” I asked turning to Shawn.

“Yes, I did.” He grinned, turning away from my loud friends.

“You looked like you knew a lot of people.” I smiled.

“I did actually.” He followed telling me of all the mutual friends we had, or the people he’s worked with as well.

“Well, I’m glad you weren’t bored.”

Shawn laughed. “No way. You know how to throw a party.”

One of my good friends then stood up on her knees and began shouting your name very drunkenly. “We have to cheers.” She looked around still yelling. “Does everyone have a drink? Does everyone have a fucking drink?’

“My god Tricia yes we do.” Someone yelled to her, playfully annoyed.

“Good.” She spat at them following by laughing wildly. “Cheers to our good friend.” Everyone looked to me. “She’s old, but still knows how to throw a party and we love her the same for it.”

“Cheers!” Everyone said as they all reached together tapping their glasses or cups while giggling happily. Shawn and I inched closer to reach their glasses. Sitting back I lifted my glass of wine to take a sip and caught Shawn’s eye. Over the rim of my sweet red wine, we looked to one another.

For the next hour or so we all sat together outside under the warmth of the heaters, chatting, giggling and drinking.

“I just saw a shooting star.” Maci squealed.

“Where?” People asked as we all looked up.

She rolled her eyes. “Well, it’s gone now.”

We all sat looking up to the clear sky for a while in silence.

“Oh I just saw one.” Someone else said.

“Lay down. I want to watch.” Maci spoke already laying on her back. A few of them began to shuffle and lay down.

“Well move, I can’t fit in if you’re gonna lay like that.” One said, and they began to line up next to one another vertically.

I heard my name. “Would you and Shawn lay down already? Watch with us.”

I looked at Shawn as he looked back. Grinning I rolled my eyes and shuffled next to the person on the end.

Laying on my back with my legs bend up on the cushion. I got close to the person next to me as we were running out of room on the furniture. Looking up into the sky I felt Shawn come and lay next to me. I felt him brush at my upper arm as he laid back. Once his head settled back I quickly turned my head to him and gave a quick smiled.

Shoulder to shoulder we looked at one another and I recognised how close our faced were to one another.  The heat radiated off his large body onto mine. I was painfully aware of how close he was to me, and how much I liked it.

“Isn’t it weird to have shooting stars with so much light in the city?” Someone asked. Someone else spoke to answer the question, and they went back and forth for a while, but I wasn’t listening. I was too focused on how close Shawn’s skin was to mine. I turned away and stared up into the abyss of the dark sky.

It was strange. Having him so close was satisfying, but yet it made me crave more. I felt like a young girl at the movies on a date with my crush. Longing for contact but too afraid to cross the few inches of distance. I felt completely juvenile.

The chatter in the side of my ears coming from my friends slowly faded away and I realised they had all fallen silent. Twelve sets of eyes looked up quietly into the upper atmosphere. The only sounds came from inside the house from whatever playlist and the distant L.A traffic south of us.

In the silence, I hear and felt Shawn take and deep inhale and then sighing. Slowly I turned my head to the right. He noticed and turned to face me. Heads turned secretly under the sky we calmly looked to one another. It was serene and reminded of how we looked to one another in the subway a month ago. I didn’t want to look away and didn’t. We looked to one another too long, but it was okay. My mouth twitched with a smile, and I watched the corner of his lip curve. Slowly I looked to his chin, then his chest, and then turned away slowly.

He was watching me, I could feel it. Staring up into midnight sky trying I tried to control my breathing to slow the ramming in my chest. He made me so nervous. The tension between the inches of distance was suffocating. I swallowed hard, trying to keep my mouth wet.

And then I felt him touch me. His finger touched my mine. My lips parted just slightly at the sensation as I continued to look up. All my work to calm my breathing was gone. The heat from his touch didn’t even have time to shoot up my arm. It just dispersed over my entire body instantly. His one finger curled around mine, and slowly his surface area inched around my hand. His hand interlocked with mine, engulfing it. Within the warmth of his hand I felt something cool around his finger, it was a ring.  As my skin began to warm the coolness of the ring I let out a shaky breath, I knew he had heard it.

Slowly I let myself glance down to our hands after his hand was settled around mine. But they hid between our bodies in secret. Even without seeing his hand around mine I smiled. Knowing and feeling ourselves touching I swelled with the satisfaction of our touch. Trying to suppress the smile I only allowed myself to grin. I pressed my lips together trying to hide it from him. I knew he was paying attention to me, I didn’t want to give away how giddy him only holding my hand made me.

In the silence, he then began to rub his thumb gently over the top of my hand. The touch was soothing, I wondered if he did this because he could sense how wired I was by his touch. But logically that was impossible. But regardless, I loved the idea of us sharing an intimate moment without my friends knowing only inches away. It felt like a private secret between our bodies.

My friends quietly talked and whispered to one another as time passed, but I never listened. I was thinking of Shawn too much, how nice his touch felt and how good it made me feel.

Slowly one or two of them got up leaving to go into the house, and eventually they trailed away until there was four of us left. The last two then both sat up and said they were going inside. As they sat up I let go of Shawn’s hand, afraid they might see. I leant up onto my elbows.

“Coming?” They asked.

I turned to Shawn, still laying comfortably down, his hair falling backwards. We made eye contact, and he gently shook his head in a no.

“Nah, we’ll stay out a bit longer.” I answered for the both of us.

They called goodnight to us as I still propped myself up on my elbows, letting my head fall back to watch them leave. When the patio door locked I looked back to Shawn slowly. He was already grinning to me, he looked so comfortable and fluffy. My hand wanted to reach out and touch him but didn’t.

Shyly l looked away to the dark backyard and slowly rolled myself back to laying down. Purposely I laid a little closer to Shawn.

Because I had pulled out hands away when my friends had left, our hands weren’t together anymore. I laid a few seconds in silence wanting to touch him again.

Do it. No, don’t maybe he doesn’t want to anymore? God just do it. Don’t be afraid.

Slowly I looked down still not seeing our hands and let mine find his. It was ready waiting for me, open and welcoming. There was nothing to fear. His fingers wrapped around mine and I smile again, still trying to hide it. We laid together outside quietly until I started talking.

“I love the stars.” I blurted out nervously. “I don’t know why? But it’s something about them. They are so far away, but yet every night they sit there. Just so close for us to see.” I fell silent but Shawn never said anything. His thumb stopped moving and just sat gently on my skin.

“I used to go and watch them all the time.” I paused, still speaking in almost a whisper. “I had to drive out of town, so much light pollution around the Vancouver area, yanno? Would take me like an hour. I couldn’t go east or west or south. So I’d have to go north into the edge of the mountains. It was unreal. I’d go out there and sit on the hood of my car.” I turned to Shawn looking for a moment, his face was relaxed as he listened to me ramble. “Which is really uncomfortable, by the way, you just slip off. The real key is to sit on your windshield. I learnt that after the second time.”

I turned away, speaking quietly but comfortably. “Anyways, I’d go out there. Sit and watch for hours. In the summer it was okay, but then it started getting cold. And I couldn’t do it. So I started bringing blankets, and eventually stored a good sleeping bag in the trunk all the time. I spent so much time out there, my god.”

There was silence for a few moments, not wanting to disturb the calmness I whispered so quietly I wondered if Shawn heard it. “ I miss it. A lot.”

Shawn’s thumb then slowly trailed over the top of my hand, and you knew he heard you. You realised you felt a little silly for rambling on, but yet felt at peace from his touch. Shawn soothed you and you felt no reason to say more or explain.

In the silence of you both, you let yourself enjoy the moment as you looked into the sky watching the stars. Looking for constellations, the North Star and the variations of brightness.

Suddenly you noticed a shooting star it started high and disappeared mid sky. You took a short breath and Shawn’s hand gently tightened around you. You knew he saw it too.

“I miss driving,” Shawn whispered after a little bit. His voice husky. “I mean not driving like to places. But driving around late at night with nowhere to go. It’s different here. I’ve tried to in L.A but it’s not the same as back home. There are people everywhere, it stresses me out. If someone is driving behind you, it makes you worry you’re not going fast enough for them.”

Turning your head you looked to watch him talk. Admiring how he looked as he spoke. A smile came over his lips.

“Back home I’d go all the time. I knew all the road. All the stop signs and lights. I never got lost, or worried about missing a stop sign. I could just go for hours and relax. It was like second nature.“ He paused, I listened to him softly breathing. "I still do when I’m there, but I’m not home a lot anymore. But I used to go for hours. I’d do nothing honestly. I’d just go and listen to music or sometimes think about stuff. Here in L.A, I can’t do it. It stresses me out. It’s not the same.”

He turned to me. “You know what I mean?”

I parted my lips and then gently smiled answering him with a whisper. “I know what you mean.”

Saying nothing more we looked to one another. Unflustered we didn’t look away. I watch his eyes move around as he blinked. He was looking to my lips, then my cheeks and my eyes. My heart fluttered just for a moment when he did.

I took a deep sigh and lowered my eyes a little, before gently looking back up into the white spotted sky. Holding hands we laid together for a very very long time. I wasn’t sure how long it had been but I grew tired. The alcohol from the wine making me very relaxed and drowsy, but I didn’t dare move away from Shawn. Instead, I bowed my head towards him and lowered my eyelids. I watch his chest rise and fall, a soothing rhythm, like a lullaby.

Faintly I heard a grunt and felt someone touching me. I felt hazy and unsure. Someone arms were wrapping around my body pulling me up. Cool air touched at my now exposed back that had been very warm. My eyes opened slightly but they felt heavy. I made a small grunt.

I felt my body swaying. Opening my eyes more I realised I was leant into someone warm. A large firm chest covered by soft fabric. You took a deep breath through your nose as your brain started to wake up.

Shawn was carrying you. “Shhh.” He hummed from his throat.

“What are you doing?” You mumbled.

“You felt asleep.” He spoke gently approaching the door to the house. “Would you?” He asked.

Confused you looked to the door, not understanding until you realised his arms were a little preoccupied with holding you. Clumsily you managed to open the door. Shawn pushed it open with the side of his arm and closed it the same. Still groggy and lost I kept close to him.

So close you caught his scent more intensely. It was the smell of his natural body heat warming whatever cologne he wore, it was nice.

We reached the hallway of the house and stopped. Blinking a few times I looked at his chest. Somehow with my fogged mind my subconscious took over. “Last door on the left.” I whispered into this clothes. Blinking more I forced myself to wake up as he took me into my room.

Slowly I fell into the comfort of my bed. Shawn’s warm body disappearing, my eyes fluttered open finally. He pulled the sheets and guided me into them. I turned to look at him, as he stood back upright. In the dark room I could see his large body above me, his hair still fluffy and eyes glistening from the little light coming from my window. Forcing myself I pushed myself up, I was very drunk and wobbly.

“You need anything?” His voice soft.

I burrowed my brows trying to think, still a little foggy. “Water, please?” I spoke my voice very rough as I looked up guilty. “I don’t want a hangover.”

Silently Shawn nodded and left the room and I pushed myself to sit up.  I heard Shawn run the tap and turn it off. A few seconds later he came back into the room. He came and sat down on the edge of the bed, his solid body pulling down the mattress.

“Here.” His whispered, his voice smooth like velvet. Taking the glass of water you brought it to your lips and took one sip before allowing yourself to drink more. Leaving only a quarter in the bottom you reached to place it on the nightstand. Unable to reach it Shawn removed it from your fingers and gently placed it.

You took a deep breath as he sat back on the bed, thanking him.

“You good?”

You nodded silently. Shawn innocently smirked for a brief moment. “Alright.”

He placed his hand on the mattress and began to push himself off the bed.

Frantically you reached out grabbing his hand freely at his side, and it slipped from your touch. “Wait.”

He paused and looked down at you as your hand fell back onto the bed.

“Don’t go.” You whispered.

Shawn looked down at you, his expression soft, but he didn’t move or speak. It made you nervous.”

“Maybe it’s the alcohol talking?” You paused and spoke slowly. “Or maybe it’s just… me? But… all I know is I don’t want you to go.”

He still said nothing.

“Stay.” You whispered. “Please?”

Shawn’s eyes scanned you, making you even more nervous.

“Okay.” He whispered.

Then he slowly came higher on the bed and you noticed he was grinning. He leant down pulling at the covers. Moving back further into the bed, he pulled the comforter back and slipped inside. Together you both leant back into bed your heads resting on the pillows.

Shawn moved his one arm up under the pillow as he shuffled even closer looking to you. I began to feel his heat being trapped under the covers. I felt warm inside knowing he was in my bed, or maybe that was due to my big sweat shirt and leggings I was wearing.

As he rested into the pillow his eyes met mine for a moment before they lowered. His arm slipped through the sheets and his hand then found my arm laying close to my body. His fingers wrapped around my arm and slowly found my hand. He pulled it from under the covers and held it between your two laying bodies.  He smiled at you as he pulled it through the covers exposing it into the air.

In the dim lighting, you looked to one another. It was tranquil, only the sounds were your breathing. But feeling him so close to you was exuberant. At first, when looking to one another you felt calm, but as I’m passed it was uncomfortable, and I needed to look away. Dropping your eyes, you watched your hands intertwined together.

You knew what you wanted to do. But you couldn’t bring yourself to do it. Self-doubt infringed on you, and the alcohol did nothing to fight it.

Shawn’s hand then removed from yours, you looked up confused to him. As you did his fingertips came close to your face and he began to brush back the hair laying close to your cheek. He tucked the hair behind your ear gently. You felt a hot flash from the touch. His hand and finger then rested on your cheek and jaw.

His hair brushed along the top of your head, and you felt his hot breath on your face as he inched closer. His breathing was all you could focus on, it was so close, it tingled your skin. Eyes still hidden behind your lids you felt this thumb brush across your cheeks slowly right underneath your eye. He brushed over the contours of your face in the same soothing manner he did with the back of your hand. You brought your hand up and touched his hand on your face, stopping him as you opened your eyes to look. His eyes fluttered up to meet yours.

And then slowly his lips were brushing yours. Touching your upper lip as he lingered. It wasn’t a kiss, but you pressed farther. Making both of your lips touch. He was soft and warm against yours. His lips much fuller and plump. He felt wonderful. You body charged from his touch, your chest swelling. Gently after a few moments, he pulled away to take a breath. Doing the same as him, yours shook with nerves and excitement.

Then you let out a breathlessly nervous laugh, looking away. Shawn’s head still pressed to yours you felt him smile. His fingers then came up right under your chin and pulled you in for another gentle kiss. This time there was less hesitancy in the touch. He felt so good. He held the kiss for a few more moments before his lips turned into a smile on yours.

Your heart was beating hard and you could feel it thumping in your body, but your mind was now placid. Shawn’s touch made your body grow alive but numbed your mind, and it was breathtaking. Literally. It was like your brain forgot to send the action potentials to your body on how to function correctly.

Shawn pulled himself from you and looked back over your face. You watch his eyes flicker as he reached to re-push back the hair he had already tucked away. Content with the touch you lowered your eyes and looked at his chest. His hand then brushed the top of your head and pulled you closer into his chest. He began to wrap his arm around you pulling you in close as he adjusted his arm so you could fall into the crook of his shoulder. It was firm and hard from his muscles, but even with the firmness, it felt safe, which made you comfortable. As you settled into this nook for his body you reached up and placed your hand on the side of his torso. Under your hand, he felt so much bigger than you. The both of your bodies relaxed into one another.

You listened to the sound of this breathing, feeling it under your hand as his side expanded and contracted. Still soothing you. Closing your eyes you focused on how nice he felt protectively holding you. Letting yourself enjoy the warmth and softness surrounding your body. Completely snug and at ease in his arms you drifted off into a sleep again at the lullaby of his breathing.

You felt a soft jolt the following morning, a body slipping away from yours. You felt sunlight behind your lids and opened them just slightly. You pupils adjusted to the light contracting. The more they did the more you opened them to the light.

You found Shawn pulling himself away from your body.

He noticed you were awake. “Sorry.” He whispered. “I have to leave. I didn’t mean to wake you.”

Closing your eye you shook your head. “No. No, of course.” You spoke incoherently.

Shawn still was touching your side. He smiled and slipped away. As he turned and stood up at the end side of the bed. You struggled to push yourself up, as you did blood rushed to your brain causing it to ache. You winced a little. Shawn brushed out his shirt and walked to the end of the bed, stopping he looked to you.

Quickly you pulled at the covered and pushed your feet out, and got out from the warmth of the bed the both of you had made. Standing up you felt the coolness on your abdomen you pulled down at the sweatshirt and covered yourself back up as you came closer to Shawn. “Let me walk you out.” You mumbled.

He lead you out into the kitchen. You stood there brushing out your hair as he looked around the room, being quiet not to wake your friends still sleeping on the couch. You watched unsure of what he was looking for until he pulled a leather jacket from the back of a chair. He held it up and you smiled pleasantly at him, now more awoke.

Feeling small you closed your arms across your chest as he came to you. Turing on your toes you began to the door.

He slipped on the jacket walking to the entrance. It was pleasing to the eye to watch his shoulders move and contort under the green shirt as he put it on in front of you.

“So I’ll call you?” He said as the jacket smoothed over his shoulders and the turned to me at the door.

Unsure you nodded your head gently. “If you want to?”

He gave a roguish grin. “I do.”

Smirking you pressed top and bottom lips together. He waited a few moments as you looked at one another before his hand reached out to touch your arm. His touch pulled you closer, as he leant down. But before he could get closer you touched his chest and covered your mouth leaning away.

“I have morning breath.”  You mumbled through your covered mouth.

Shawn’s hand came firmly around the hand hiding your lips and pulled it away. “So do I.” He said with a grin before he kissed you tenderly on the lips. You went rigid from the touch, trying to hold your breath. But as he kissed you longer the more your body began to lose control.

Leaning away he broke the kiss. Still surprised by his lips against yours, your lips parted. They tingled. Shawn smiled and bit his lip, which made your thoughts go wild with only one idea. But he turned away and unlatched the door, pulling it open slowly you held onto it.

“Bye.” He spoke, as he began to walk out into the bright morning light, still giving you a seductive grin.

He slipped out the door and you looked as he walked down your front steps. “Bye.” You said under your breath.

Shawn glided down the walkway and turned at the gate. Before he disappeared behind the hedges he turned and gave you the bright sunny smile you loved, raising his hand in a goodbye. The look made you feel happy and you couldn’t hide it on your face. You raised your hand resting under your chin and waved.

As he disappeared into the bushes you slowly pushed the door closed turning the lock until it made a solid click. Turning back you returned for the kitchen. Mind dizzy with the events of the night before.

Shawn’s smile, the heat of his body next to yours, the coolness of the silver ring around his finger. The kiss. You smiled all the way to the fridge to get a bottle of water.

Closing the fridge you began to unscrew the cap of the bottle when you noticed the yellow and blue flowers. A smile broke across your face, happiness swelling again inside you.

Your bare feet making a sticky sound on the wood flooring as you walked to them. Picking them up, you placed them in the middle of the counter, for everyone to see their beauty.

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Open Road’s Marshall placed No. 10 with $3 million from 821 theaters. In the biographical drama, Chadwick Boseman plays Thurgood Marshall, the first African-American Supreme Court justice who, as a young NAACP lawyer, reluctantly teams with a Jewish attorney (Josh Gad) to tackle an oft-forgotten case that helped lay the groundwork for the civil rights movement

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donaldmania  asked:

Why does "I'm Not Ashamed" have a bad rep in the Columbine community? Is it inaccurate or something? I'm a long-time true crime fan who just recently got into Columbine, and I'm still trying to navigate the media surrounding it; you seem like a good source to ask!

the reason why I’m Not Ashamed has a bad reputation is because people believe that it gives a misconception about what the Columbine Tragedy & Rachel Scott were all about. They used Rachel’s story as a way to promote Christianity than actually use it to honor how great of a person Rachel was. They completely fabricated Rachel’s death (which is odd since it’s supposed to be a biographical drama film). They even put in the trailer that she died because of her faith in Jesus [i’m not lying, search up the trailer]. However, what really happened was nothing like that. In reality, Eric shot her from a distance. She wasn’t targeted because of her faith. He never pulled her by her hair and asked her if she believed in God like how they portrayed it in the movie. They make it sound like Columbine was motivated by Dylan’s and Eric’s hatred for religion, when it wasn’t. For a movie about Columbine, it doesn’t really address any accurate information about it. 


“The Temple of the Golden Pavilion” from the 1985 American biographical drama film “Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters”. (designed by Eiko Ishioka)

EXCLUSIVE: Ruth Negga Reveals the Surprising Punk Rock Inspiration for Her Badass Role on 'Preacher'

In AMC’s gothic action dramedy Preacher, Ruth Negga stars as the hard-drinking, tough-as-nails Tulip O'Hare, and despite the delicate nature of the flower she shares her name with, Tulip proves time and again she’s not someone to be messed with.

The actress recently sat down with ET during a press junket promoting the second season of the acclaimed series, where Negga opened up about the surprising real-life icons who inspired her performance – and revealed how her character is a far cry from how Tulip appeared in the comic book series Preacher is based on.

In the comics, Tulip is a skinny, blonde white woman who is getting her life back on track after kicking her drug habit. In the TV series, Tulip bites a man’s ear off while fighting him in runaway car careening through a field and then kills him with an ear of corn. Then, she builds a bazooka out of tin cans and duct tape and uses it to shoot down a helicopter. This takes place all in the series’ first episode.

MORE: ‘Preacher’ Stars Dish on Season 2’s 'Fun Road Trip’ and Action-Packed Fight Scenes

The differences from comic to screen were immediately apparent, and Negga – who was nominated for a Best Actress Oscar earlier this year for her role in the biographical drama Loving – said the radical departure from the character in the comics was a conscious choice.

“They wanted to sort of update Tulip,” Negga tells ET of the intentions behind the show’s creators, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. “The comics were written in the '90s and I think they all wanted to make her more present and more modern. Which is important, especially with the conversations we have about women’s place in comics, and women’s place in TV and movies.”

In recent years, there has been a major (and long-awaited) resurgence when it comes to strong, independent bad-ass female heroes – from the recent blockbuster success of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman to Charlize Theron’s scene-stealing performance as Furiosa in Mad Max: Fury Road. Negga explained how Tulip fits in among the groundbreaking female heroes who came before.

“This is a woman who denies all projects and refutes any sort of traditional definitions of what a woman in an action piece should be,” Negga, 35, shared. “So I think that was just a necessary kind of update.”


NEWS: 'Preacher’ Primer: Everything You Need to Know Before AMC’s Gritty New Series Premieres

However, when it came to fleshing out Tulip, the actress admitted that she looked to real-life female icons for inspiration.

“What influenced me was sort of the punk era, and that kind of androgynous nature of all these musicians, who refused to be one thing or the other – they’re kind of slippery,” Negga said. “David Bowie, for example, was a huge influence. Siouxsie Sioux, Poly Styrene, all those women – Debbie Harry playing CBGB’s – they kind of intelligently cut through a really male, seemingly aggressive scene. I just love what they did.”

“I like it when you kind of refuse to be boxed in by your gender, and by what people assume,” she added. “I mean, can you imagine what people thought when they first saw Bowie? I mean they must have been astounded.”

WATCH: 'Loving’ Star Ruth Negga Stuns on Her First 'Vogue’ Cover, Calls Hollywood’s Lack Of Diversity 'Embarrassing’

For Negga, the importance many people place on preconceived notions of gender have long been a point of contention.

“It’s always troubled me that one must play with certain toys as a child because of how you came out of the womb. Or you must dress a certain way, and it signified this or that,” she said. “I like not being contained by that.”

When it comes to Tulip, there’s nothing about the former-criminal-with-a-strong-moral-compass that ascribes to any particular expectations. She’s involved in a relationship with Jesse Custer – the eponymous preacher, played by Negga’s real-life boyfriend Dominic Cooper – but the romance isn’t her defining motivation. And Tulip is never afraid to throw down or stand up for what she believes in.


NEWS: Ruth Negga on Oscar 'Butterflies’ and Her Couture Gown: 'I Feel Like I’m Walking on Air’

Among other sources of inspiration, Negga said she’s always felt connected to women like “Katharine Hepburn, Bette Davis, Eartha Kitt. [They had] that sort of energy that people [describe as] masculine, by why is it masculine? Because I’m sure women have had that energy too.”

Ultimately, the actress explained that her character’s traits, motivations, personality quirks and human flaws were informed by the challenges and relationships she’s experienced and the revolutionary men and women she’s idolized as ground-breakers.

For Negga, Tulip is a character who has “been amassed through a lifetime of not liking boxes.”

Preacher airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on AMC.

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