February Job Bizness

There’s a lot to keep track of in this short month, y'all, so stay tuned.

The Mayor’s Summer Youth Employment Program applications haven’t hit the airwaves yet, but BUT – there are some positions that have deadlines in advance of the MSYEP paperwork.  Namely: The New England Aquarium!!!

Guys, you could work this summer AT THE AQUARIUM.  Cambridge teens don’t submit applications, so these jobs get snaffled up by those Boston kids across the river.  Will you let this stand?  I thought not!  Their application goes up February 1, so you can fill it out during the commercials on Superbowl Sunday.

Another upcoming application is for the Community Lab at Biogen Idec.  Keep your eye on this space, because I heard their deadline is sometime in March.

We good?  We’re good.  Okay, let’s zone out with some jellyfish…

Time is lives for those dealing with ALS ... What Next?

I was diagnosed with ALS on 12/8/2010 (with initial symptoms in January-February 2010 – While on the EMPOWER Dexpramipexole clinical trial my ALSFRS-R stayed steady for 18 months without losing a point (I’m told that it is not unusual for an ALS patient to typically lose a point per month) - were there others like this that may have responded positively to the treatment? 

Perhaps folks saw this quote from the ALS Association’s Chief Scientist in the Wall Street Journal on 1/3/2013?

“The important thing we’re learning about ALS is it’s a spectrum of diseases,” Lucie Bruijn, chief scientist at The ALS Association, said recently. “There are some who respond to treatment and some who don’t; at the moment, we lump all the people together and that might be one of the reasons why the trials are failing.”


Given this lumping all the people together, what was the percentage of folks that may have responded positively?  Given an ALS patient death rate of 15/day, approximately 8,100 folks will have passed away during this 18 month period - perhaps I would have been one of those 8,100 had I not been in this Trial?



This has been the relevant issue and “problem” with ALS for well over 100 years and still NOT ONE treatment that really delays progression or improves quality of life for any of us that have been “lucky” enough to have this horrific disease.

It’s time for some OUT-OF-THE-BOX thinking, solutions and ACTIONS.



See the ALS Advocacy Blogspot from ¼/2013:  Yesterday Was A Lemon Of A Day -


The blog read as follows and I AM STRONGLY SUPPORTIVE

Today we need to empower their efforts by learning lessons from the trial process and making positive changes.

If a drug company has a dud in the pipeline, it is good both for the company and for the patients to eliminate the dud.  Good, but how could we have identified this dud sooner?  Time is money for a pharmaceutical company.  Time is lives for those dealing with ALS.

The traditional clinical trial sequence is to have two safety phases followed by efficacy phases.  That makes a lot of sense for most diseases, but ALS isn’t most diseases. 

We need to face the fact that even a Phase I or II safety trial is an efficacy trial in the eyes of volunteers with ALS.  They’re looking for improvements (or more typically, a sense of getting worse less quickly) from the very first dose.


The large amounts of information collected each month by Biogen Idec during this trial needs to be made available to the entire “ALS Community” immediately and as well as other vast stores of ALS specific data/information that has been collected for years in “stovepipes” and “silos” by the National ALS Registry, Northwestern University ALS Biogistry, ALSTDI databases, Neuraltus NP001 trial data, Cytokinetics CK-357 trial data, the Veteran’s Administration, Patients Like Me (PLM) Public Registry, the Familial ALS Registry, the ALS Clinical Assessment, Research and Education (C.A.R.E.) Program, the ALSoD, the ALS Mutation Database, the ALS Gene Database, the Prize4Life PRO-ACT database, NEALS (6 databases),   the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) NCT00362362, Athena Diagnostics, Baylor University ALS DNA Banking Project, University of Miami ARC, DNA, Blood and Skin Cell Repository for Research on ALS and Related Neurodegenerative Disorders at Mayo Clinic Florida, Massachusetts General Hospital Trial Databases, University of Virginia Trial Databases, the Longitudinal Study of ALS Biomarkers at Mayo Clinic, Neuralstem, Brainstorm Therapeutics and Emory University collected data, the International Alliance of ALS/MND Associations data collections and many, many more too numerous to name here.

The more data dots that we can share together and provide for the entire ALS R&D community the higher the probability that patterns in the data will become easier for these scientists and researchers to isolate and more and more dots can be connected leading to more INFORMATION and KNOWLEDGE and much faster PROACTIVE DECISION MAKING.  

Over 100 years with no viable treatment progress for a disease that takes the lives of the afflicted within an average of 2-4 years — IS THERE ANYONE WILLING TO UNITE, COLLABORATE AND OPENLY SHARE WITH OTHERS AND STEP UP TO FIND A WAY TO MOVE THIS BALL FORWARD AS A COMMUNITY AND NOT A BUNCH OF “INDIVIDUAL” AND “SEPARATE” ENTITIES AND/OR ORGANIZATIONS?

So many exciting things going on!
  1. I’m going to be running on the New Balance Boston team! :D That’s like one degree separation from Jenny Simpson and Maggie Vessey, right?! 
  2. My internship is over tomorrow! It’s been so awesome. The experience has been unbelievable. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to work at such an awesome company. I’m excited to follow them and see how they do in the future especially with BG-12 coming out this year! Maybe I’ll make my way back to the company later on in life, who knows!
  3. I move back to Bentley on Sunday to start RA training. I look forward to being an RA, meeting new people, and just my final year!
  4. The job search is going to begin soon. I’m nervous but also excited to go through the process and hopefully get some offers! I had a dream last night that I applied to the accounting firm I interned at in the past and they offered me $14,000/yr. Talk about a nightmare! :((
  5. I got into the grad class I was on the waitlist for!!! That means I now have all the classes I wanted, phewww!
  6. I applied for a retreat held by the IIA in Orlando FL. My professor emailed my class saying she was going to choose 2 people…she ended up emailing us saying 6 people submitted their resume and paragraph as to why they should be chosen and she’s going to see if she can just take all of us. So yay! Looking forward to that.
  7. Did I mention I’m training for the Olympics?
Interactive Brokers Announces Commission-Free Trading for O’Shares ETFs

Interactive Brokers Announces Commission-Free Trading for O’Shares ETFs

Option Trading Partners News

Interactive Brokers Announces Commission-Free Trading for O’Shares ETFs

External image

Interactive Brokers (#NASDAQGS:IBKR) is proud to announce that it has partnered with O’Shares Investments to offer its global suite of ETFs on IB’s Trader Workstation platform. O’Shares was founded by its Chairman Kevin O’Leary, who is an investor on ABC’s Shark Tank, along with Connor O’Brien,…

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Biogen Idec (Subtitle: Grace Goes to Work)

Made it through my first full day of my internship! Okay, so I still haven’t actually done anything other than new employee training and stuff. But still. Ah. This company. I’m in love with Biogen Idec. It was rated #3 best company to work for in the country in 2011 and I totally believe it.

Everyone is so freaking friendly! Everyone! I have yet to meet a person who didn’t smile and greet me warmly, from other interns to the head of the department who I met today. My supervisor is so nice and the other two interns in the lab I’m in are really sweet. Everyone just seems so accommodating and willing to help.

I have a desk and my computer should be here soon ahh I get my own computer and desk I’m a real person. I can’t get into the lab until I’m set up on my computer because they use this sweet-ass e-notebook program. It’s so cool, you use ChemDraw to type in your reaction and it automatically fills in physical data for your reagents and you write your notes right on it. And I get this INTENSE lab notebook to put the printed pages in… it’s hardcover with an official number embossed on the front. I can’t wait to pick it up in the morning, it’s going to feel so official haha.

 I can’t wait to actually get into the lab. The equipment is beautiful and new (they literally JUST moved to this new lab). There’s so many cool instruments I’ve never used at school, I’m so excited to get to try them out. This is a huge nerd rant but seriously guys, this place is everything I ever could have hoped for in a company. 

I’ve been doing well packing my snacks and stuff. I worked out when I got home today, and I plan to tomorrow too. I have tentative lunch plans with a girl I met at orientation who works in a different department, and though I would have liked to go my entire first week packing my nice healthy calculated lunches, it’s much more important to me to meet people and make connections for the summer. The cafeteria has SO many great healthy options but she mentioned going to Ana’s Taqueria, so I planned out what I’ll get there if that’s what happens- 2 grilled vegetable tacos on soft corn tortillas with black beans, salsa, and fresh veggies (7P).

I’m pretending like I’m on Biggest Loser and this is the new challenge. Eating out with coworkers… no excuses, people! 

But going back to the cafeteria oh my goodness it’s so great! Fresh fruit, greek yogurt, snack/meal bars including NuGo Bars (my favorite!), big salad bar, some really yummy looking fresh sandwiches, and I’m sure lots of other stuff but that’s all I could see in my quick walk-through… it’s just great to know that if I have to rush out the door some days I will have plenty of really good options. They’re very environmentally conscious as well. Every trash can is trash/recycling/compost and pretty much every piece of paper goods they have is compostable. Even the utensils are all made from corn products. The whole company is really like… up to date and aware. I love it.

As I’ve said I really hope I can get into the lab tomorrow. I’m itching to play with some chemicals, it’s been far too long. I secretly miss the smell of acetone and latex.

Somewhere amidst all this word vomit it got to be wayyy past my bedtime. Good night, tumblr. Sleep well. I’ll most likely kill you in the morning.

Veleiro Oceans of Hope leva doentes com esclerose múltipla em viagem de circunavegação

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Pessoas com esclerose múltipla fazem parte da tripulação do projeto Oceans of Hope, que fez uma viagem ao redor do planeta

O veleiro Oceans of Hope partiu de Copenhaga numa viagem histórica à volta do mundo e esteve na Marina do Parque das Nações, em Lisboa, para recolher a representante portuguesa na expedição.

Em comunicado, a organização da iniciativa informa que se trata da primeira volta ao…

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The day I got the pugs not drugs shirt was the day of the Biogen Idec intern/co-op Red Sox game so before the game I stopped in Harvard Sq bought the shirt put it right on so I wouldn’t have to carry the bag and to the game we went. That’s a picture of us from internal audit who went :D Kevin, myself, and Alex 

Work has been a lot of work the last couple of weeks! Very tiring but it’s awesome to always be busy! Today though we went to the Cambridge location and did a tour of the manufacturing of drugs. That was pretty cool because we had to get all suited up and stuff. I forgot to get a picture of us in the lab clothes though :( 

After work I went to Bentley to go running on the Charles River Reservation path. It was funny because my brother texted me while I was running and I responded haha. He was like so you’re running and texting and then I proceeded by sending him the blurry picture you see up above to show him that I was! Hahah, we had a pretty solid conversation in which I didn’t break stride…I lied I stopped at one point to text BUT I had to cross the street anyway so it’s almost like I didn’t stop just to text..right? The last picture on top I didn’t mention is lower campus of Bentley from the top level of the parking garage. I was walkling around a little to cool down a bit before I stretched since it was pretty hot out and then decided to take that picture.

Well Awkward. is going to be on shortly so I gotta go!

AM run, work until 12, meeting Kevin, and then to the Cape! 

Biotech Stocks to Watch in May 2015

Biotech Stocks to Watch in May 2015


Financial News – Option Trading Partners Network 

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External image
 Biotech Stocks to Watch in May 2015

Option Trading Partners – The best biotech stocks to watch for in May 2015 are businesses that dominate their respective market, command a diverse drug pipeline, and have lots of profits to show for it. Profitability is crucial given that the NASDAQ Biotechnology Index…

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Nordika: hai mai provato una primavera, ma anche autunno, in Scandinavia? Prova! Era lo slogan di un marchio di prodotti per l’igiene personale in voga nella seconda metà degli anni 70 e ve l’ho riproposto poiché tra sette giorni si aprono a Stoccolma, capitale della Svezia, i lavori del 51esimo meeting dell’EASD, Associazione Europea di Studi in Diabetologia. L’anno scorso presenziò Roberto e…

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New Post has been published on Breaking News Headlines Submissions Ratings & Reviews

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VIDEO: WSJ Market Wrap: March 20, 2015

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U.S. stocks rallied on Friday, with the Nasdaq Composite Index hitting its highest intraday level in nearly 15 years. Nike’s sales rose 7% over the holiday quarter. Photo: Nike

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Top Biotech Stocks to Watch in 2015: What’s Trending in 2015

Top Biotech Stocks to Watch in 2015: What’s Trending in 2015

OPTION TRADING PARTNERS Financial News – Option Trading Partners Network 

External image
External image
 Top Biotech Stocks to Watch in 2015: What’s Trending in 2015

Option Trading Partners–  In searching for the top biotech stocks to watch in 2015, let’s not forget that many on Wall Street are talking about the group’s sky-high valuations. In fact, since the start of 2012, the NASDAQ Biotechnology index has…

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Black Hole

No I didn’t get swallowed by a black hole I’ve just been a combo of busy and lazy. Mostly the lazy part.

Since I lost wrote (which I realize was ages ago. I’m a full blown alum now!) quite a bit has gone on! 

New Englands

As you might remember I was excited that I got into New Englands. I ran the 5k at it and unfortunately did not break 18:30. I believe I ran at 18:35. I was feeling good until the last couple of laps. At least it I didn't completely tank like I had the year before. Over-all I’m happy with how my season ended considering the anemia and bronchitis I dealt with. After the race I had to rush to get back to shower and get ready for the Bentley Ball.

Bentley Ball

My date was Gabe who had gone to New Englands too to watch Tom. What a great roommate! We ended up getting a ride from Amy, who would be competing the next day. We got there at the perfect time. Just as dinner was being served! I had ordered the chicken and was pleased to hear that my roommates made sure they put our meals down even though we weren't there right as it was served!

We were at the table with a couple of random people but it wasn’t awkward or something we just hadn’t had a big enough group to fill it ourselves. I was surprised by the number of people who got the steak. They all thought it was good so I sort of regretted my decision. I went for the safer choice and it was good so I shouldn’t complain. Besides drinks being way too expensive I had a lot of fun. My roommates and I spent a good 10-15 minutes taking silly pictures. Then we did a whole lot of dancing. Gabe and I decided to stay until just about the end so we got our money worth. We certainly did because my feet were killing me by the end. The bus ride back was very interesting. I didn’t make the connection until later that the more drunk people would be at the front because they couldn’t make it to the back when I just picked up front so I wouldn’t have to walk so much. That was entertaining to say the least.

Bachelorette and Graduation

Bachelorette was a lot better than I had imagined. It was really cool to be able to come together in our caps and gowns and sort of relax as we heard different readings and stories. It was a great beginning to the night. Marie invited me to go out to dinner with her and her parents. It was really nice of them to invite me and I had a good time. We went to Margaritas which I also enjoy. After that was a night back in the trees (I say back…but I never actually lived there. Freshman housing is what I mean). That went a lot better than I thought it would. Fastforward and I’m running late to get down for the ceremony. By late I mean late according when they told us to get there, which was way earlier than we really needed to be. It was like the Ball, so I got there at just the right time. Snapped a couple pictures with some friends, got my gown adjusted. I enjoyed the ceremony including the CEO of the Boston Red Sox but especially the people in my class. What I was most excited about was seeing my family. I had family from Texas fly in, family from New York drive the 3 hours that morning, and tons more waiting back in New York for the grad party. I had a great time at my party with all my family and my best friend Dominique who I was very happy to see after a while, and even Gabe made it too. Couldn’t have been happier. I mean we never got the fruit kabobs…but what we had was definitely more than I could have imagined. 


I spent Memorial Weekend at the Cape, that was pretty fun and the weather was pretty nice. Food was wicked expensive but the cupcake at this one place was spectacular..the drinks were nice there too haha. What surprised me the most was the high tide and low tide. It was so crazy to see how in the morning there would be no water for a least a mile off the shore and by night it would all be full again. 

Biogen Idec

I am having a blast at my job. I can’t say too much since it’s all top secret stuff well kidding. I can say more, but it makes it sound a lot cooler if I say I can’t talk about it. Orientation was really cool, I thought it was going to be just people from my department there but it was orientation for the company as a whole so there were students from all different departments there too. I met people working in IT, Corporate Accounting, HR, and even people who would work with making the drugs, how cool is that!! Then there’s me in Internal Audit haha. I think it’s awesome. We’re working on SOX 404 compliance. So we’re auditing ourselves by completing walkthroughs of the process that different departments in the company take to do what it is they do. We also check to ensure that they have controls set up that make sure the information they have is complete, accurate, verifiable, and reliable. We want to make sure that there is segregation of duties and basically people cannot commit fraud like was done in the past. (Google Sarbanes-Oxely for more information).

After that we have to document all of the information so it’s our job, the interns, to gather as much information as we can. Once these are completed we will actually test the different steps in the process to see if the controls work and such. This past week I’ve had a ton of walkthroughs and it’s been exhausting. I have to document 2 more from yesterday, and I’ll have another tomorrow, and another Monday. I think then I’ll be done, but I have the week to finish those and get my review comments and then make those corrections. It’s really cool that I’m applying all of the things I learned in my audit class to what I’m doing now. I also get a chance to see what the public auditors do does since they lead the meetings I attend.  All of the interns too are pretty awesome. They all go to school together, and are all guys so I thought I’d be left out but I’m not and that’s awesome! 


Now to the main focus of what this blog is about, running!

I originally planned to continue running since I had been running so well but with graduation and travelling to New York I just took my break after about a week and a half of still running. Now it’s been about 4 weeks and it’s pretty cool. At Biogen there’s another intern, Kyle, who used to run that I run with. It’s funny because either of us have a huge reason for doing it besides staying in shape yet we’re on a schedule which includes tempos and everything. We have discovered with the help of people in our department of some trials behind the office so we have been hitting those up. I tend to slack on the weekends which is so lazy of me considering I manage to run throughout the whole week even with 9 hour work days and an hour commute each way. I’m running a 10k on Tuesday so I’m sure the results of that will get me back on track since I imagine I’ll be disappointed in myself. 

p.s. I didn’t proofread this 1000x like I usually do so don’t judge me. I mean you can, but I just said I would get this up tonight so I wanted to make sure I did

p.p.s. I don’t think I ran through poison ivy, but boy does my arm sting and I don’t think those bumps are supposed to be there. (no running from the back of Dana through those little woods to get to the Lyman house)

Oh and I saw Nikki in Waltham! Didn’t expect that haha. Pretty cool.

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Un particolare relativo alla collocazione della statua: ora si trova esattamente dove si trovava all”ingresso del vecchio padiglione di degenza della pediatria abbattuto nel 1965. Sul fare del primi anni 80 quando cominciarono i lavori di costruzione del nuovo padiglione ci fu un tentativo della direzione sanitaria di rimuovere la statua ma la cosa venne subito abbandonata a seguito delle…

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Google e Biogen Idec contro la sclerosi multipla - #sclerosimultipla #google

Google e Biogen Idec contro la sclerosi multipla – #sclerosimultipla #google

Google e Biogen Idec contro la sclerosi multipla L’azienda farmaceutica Biogen Iden al fianco di Google X nella ricerca di nuove cure e strumenti diagnostici per i pazienti affetti da sclerosi multipla.

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Cristiano Ghidotti

Il gruppo di Mountain View estende ulteriormente il proprio raggio d’azione in ambito medico, dopo aver messo in campo progetti come Calico, acquisito una startup…

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