Flower Information Post for Little Mix Fans!

I’ve noticed a lot of Little Mix fans asking about Flower and it’s a little hard to find info about them if you don’t know where to look, so I thought I’d put everything in one place!

Short Bio

Flower was originally formed with the members Erina Mizuno, Shuuka Fujii, Manami Shigetome, and Mio Nakajima in 2009 and was a four member dance unit, with the girls acting as models, extras for music videos, and backup dancers for the popular group EXILE. In February of 2011, EXILE sponsored a major talent search for young girls ages 15-25. Thousands auditioned through three stages of screening, and two dancers (called performers) were selected to join Flower alongside the four original members: Nozomi Bando and Harumi Sato. The results of the vocalist portion of the audition were not revealed until May of 2011, and then it was announced that Reina Washio, Chiharu Muto, and Kyoka Ichiki were selected as vocalists. The then 9-member group performed the audition song “Still” and it was revealed that it would be their debut single. The group officially debuted on October 12th, 2011.

Why are there only two singers? Are the rest backup dancers?

The two to three singer format originally began with their parent group EXILE, and it’s leader HIRO, who is a performer (dancer) himself. Groups under EXILE’s company are typically structured so there are two to three singers, which the rest of the members are dancers/performers. Members get to do what they’re best at, while getting an equal share of the spotlight. In fact sometimes the performer (dancer) members get more spotlight than vocalists!

What sort of group is Flower?

Their original concept is described by composer/songwriter Matsuo Kiyoshi as “moonlight”. The group is known for their feminine style, graceful dances, and beautifully designed music videos. Their songs are typically various styles of ballads with unique themes and sad, poetic lyrics.

Flower actually has a sister group named “Happiness” whose concept is “sunshine”–the exact opposite of Flower. Happiness’ style is confident and strong, with powerful and skillful dances, and music videos that are stylish and cool. Their songs are happy, with lyrics that are inspirational and have a more positive outlook.


Manami Shigetome (Leader/Performer)
Birthday: December 11th, 1994
Age: 20

Shuuka Fujii (Performer)
Birthday: October 14th, 1994
Age: 20

Mio Nakajima (Performer)
Birthday: November 23rd, 1993
Age: 21

Reina Washio (Vocalist)
Birthday: January 20th, 1994
Age: 21

Kyoka Ichiki (Vocalist/Performer)
Birthday: January 4th, 1997
Age: 18

Nozomi Bando (Performer)
Birthday: September 4th, 1997
Age: 17

Harumi Sato (Performer)
Birthday: June 8th, 1995
Age: 19

Former Members

Erina Mizuno (Former Leader/Performer)
Birthday: February 8th, 1993
Age: 22
Reason for leaving: Wanted to be an actress

Chiharu Muto (Vocalist)
Birthday: April 3rd, 1995
Age: 19
Reason for leaving: Overseas studies, started up a fashion brand/company

I’m kind of interested in their music. Where can I preview their new album?

There’s several places! iTunes Japan offers the longest previews. To switch to the Japanese iTunes store, scroll down to the bottom of the iTunes page where it displays your country and a page will pop up with a list of all the countries where iTunes is available. Scroll down to the “Asia Pacific” section and you should see Japan in the second row! There’s a banner for Flower’s new album on top of the Japanese iTunes store, but if for some reason you can’t find it put “Flower” or “花時計” in the search bar and it should pop up. Then just click the numbers beside the tracks for a preview of each song!

I love the previews! Where can I buy it?

If you want a physical copy, you have several options. CD Japan and Amazon Japan are the fastest and most reliable. Amazon Japan ships internationally and accepts international credit cards, so don’t worry. HMV and Yesasia are two other options. HMV is best if you want to bulk order items. Yesasia tends to be really slow with shipping times, so I wouldn’t use them unles the wait doesn’t bother you.

Physical copies of Japanese albums tend to be really expensive (especially after shipping fees), so if you just want to purchase it on iTunes Japan, it is possible to do so. See this tutorial for how to do it!

I’m starting to become a fan of them. Where can I get news about them and talk with other fans?

Official Japanese Website:
Official Twitter:
Official Youtube Channel:
Official Company Website (English):

Fan-Run Tumblrs: , , ,

Fy-ldh: Posts photos, scans, videos etc from events, blogs, twitter, and official release info
Ssong-melody: Posts rarer photos, scans, behind the scenes stuff that’s typically only available to fanclub members or people that purchase releases
lendy15: Posts photo updates from the members, scans, and etc
ldh-edits: Posts gifs from the girls’ TV appearances, performances, and music videos

Fan-Run Official Flower Thread (Forum; Onehallyu):

Onehallyu is a forum for all Asian music (Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and other Asian music), but there is a friendly and dedicated Flower fanbase on the forum who would be happy to chat with you and answer any other questions you might have about the group!


Hope this was helpful to some of you! Feel free to ask questions! I’ll do my best to answer :)