5 things you didn’t know about...bone-healing nanofibres

Credit: Riitta-Leena Inki

1. They are thin-film and fibrous biomaterials with similar structures and regeneration rates to that of bone.  

2. They were developed by Jani Holopainen, a doctoral researcher in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Helsinki, Finland.

3. The hydroxyapatite fibres are produced on a needleless, twisted wire electrospinning apparatus.

4. They could be used in bone implants and as scaffolding for bone regeneration. Cellular tests have been made already, but medical application is a way off.

5. The nanofibres would be used as a scaffold on the bone fracture or fault, activating the bone cells to reproduce. As the new cells are generated the nanofibres disintegrate, meaning there would be no need for further surgery to remove the nanofibre scaffold.

Find out more about this on page 21 of the upcoming March issue of Materials World.  

Okay so for the Fallen the whole point of Siva is bioengineering and to make them faster, stronger, more deadly right? But what i want to know is what possible tactical advantage is there to removing the lower legs of every dreg in your command and replacing them with literal sticks?


I’m opening up commissions to help pay for my college! (I’m studying bioengineering at UCSD, and tuition is pretty steep, so any help I get is greatly appreciated 😩)

I have 2 distinct styles as you can see, one lineless/with colored lines & the other with thick black lines, so just specify which style you want. Or if you see a particular picture of mine you want me to emulate, let me know.

I will add a simple background free of charge if you want, and I can also give you a transparent version.

Add extra characters to your full-body or waist-up commission for $10 each! All prices are USD.
NSFW commissions will be detailed in a separate post.

My email is, which is also the email my paypal is under. Contact me through a message/ask on tumblr or shoot me an email if you want one!! Thank you ❤️

Hello from a new studyblr in town: inteqrals

I’m Lily and I’m the girl behind the new studyblr inteqrals (don’t be deceived, I actually really hate math). I’m 17 years old and a senior in high school who will be joining MIT’s class of 2021 next fall *squeals of joy*. I’ve been low-key participating in this community for a while now and since then it’s been such a huge inspiration for me in my high school career. Since I’m going into college, I decided to create this studyblr to document my experiences in my dream college, share and learn more study techniques, and also meet people who feel the same way as I do about learning. 

I will be double majoring in Chemistry and Bioengineering and I could not be more excited and terrified at the same time. 

Just a few things about me:

My favorite subjects are chemistry and biology, computer science, and engineering

I’m a huge nerd who loves Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Tolkien way too much and I’m a sucker for classics like David Copperfield by Charles Dickens

Studyblr inspirations (thank you so much for all of the motivation the past years): @studydiaryofamedstudent @studyign @study-well @studyrelief @thearialligraphyproject @hermionegoals @journalsanctuary @studykouffee @eintsein @dotgrids @angelastudies @biochemsitry @peachsstudy @studenting @studylustre @cmpsbls @emmastudies @studiyng @intellectus @studykiwi @studyplants @academla @ambitiousandcaffeinated @milkteastudies @universi-tea @boardingschoolblr

That’s it! So come on by and we can obsess over nerdy stuff (i mean a rogue one discussion has to come sooner or later), cute stationary, or anything. I also follow back studyblrs so just reblog/like this post and i’ll follow back right away! XD


First Aid Advance for Serious Trauma

Researchers are reporting a new sprayable foam that can stop major internal or external bleeding without needing to compress the wound, a first-aid advance desperately needed by first responders and trauma surgeons. 

Whether a person suffers a major injury in an auto accident or on the battlefield, one of the leading causes of death is blood loss. The National Trauma Institute says hemorrhage leads to 35 percent of all deaths that occur before an injured patient gets to a hospital. It is responsible for 40 percent of all trauma-related deaths in the first 24 hours. 

Now bioengineers and scientists at the University of Maryland, College Park and Massachusetts General Hospital say they have created a polymer-based foam that causes blood cells to clump together. Learn more below.

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Jackie Yi-Ru Ying

(born 1966) Nanotechnologist

Jackie Yi-Ru Ying is executive director of the Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology in Singapore. She was previously professor of Chemical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the youngest person ever to have earned the distinction of full professor at that institution.

Number 168 in an ongoing series celebrating remarkable women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Saturday 12.03.16

So this whole week, I’ve been living a pretty hedonistic lifestyle: after a day of class and lab, I’ve been playing The Sims 3 this week whole from 6:30 - 11 PM every night.

But yesterday was different. Yesterday, I went to Starbucks and studied until 9 PM. THEN, I went home and played. It felt a bit more deserving since I did get a lot done on a Friday night.

Today, I looked at potential labs for my 3rd rotation. I realized (finally) that I’m really into biomedical/bioengineering research where the aim is to develop diagnostics/delivery tools. I ditched the list of available labs given to us at the beginning of the school year and spent the evening reading  about what the faculty in the BME department was doing. OMG, that really got the biologist in me going. I’ve drafted emails to be sent to the PIs on Monday morning. Then, I got another productive session of studying in. 

So, at 9 PM, I’m going to play TS3 again because I got a shit ton of work done today whoot whoot. Here’s to another productive day tomorrow!

Alex Danvers and her Alien Dad

Okay y’all, buckle up and get ready for some feels. 

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Meet Alex Danvers.  As of S2, she has come out as Gay (SHE IS LESBIAN, FIGHT ME ON THIS)

She has a sister named Kara Danvers (Kara Zor-El), who is Supergirl, Superman’s cousin. 

Alex’s father died when she was in her childhood.  She grew older without Jeremiah Danvers, and became strong.  She has a Doctorate, and she does BioEngineering AND she is a field agent with the DEO. 

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Originally posted by missmaclay

This is Hank Henshaw - Also J’onn J’onzz.  J’onn is the last Son of Mars, and has morphed in to look like Hank Henshaw, a man who tried to kill him.  J’onn is the director of DEO.

He’s also the one who seems to be the closest this to a father Alex has right now. I mean, look at this girl, trying to hand off Thanksgiving Leftovers to J’onn at the DEO. 

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And you have to remember, J’onn took the blame for Astra’s death after they realized that yes, Kara would be absolutely pissed.  Alex was so messed up emotionally, and so was Kara.  But J’onn took the blame and held strong, and he took the emotional outlash from Kara when the adult got angry. 

And when he realized that Alex was going to let the cat out of the bag, because she couldn’t hold it in anymore, he tried to stop Alex because honestly, that’s kinda what a father does.  I know that my dad, an amazing Retired Marine, tries to keep me from doing shit that could be seen as stupid as hell. (TBH, Alex was a little stupid. Kara was struggling with it all, and she was kinda dangerous at that time.)

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Thankfully it all turned out okay, and Kara just held her sister while she sobbed, because honestly, that’s what sisters do.  

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And there’s our part alien, part human family right there. Kara reached out and grabbed on to J’onn as he tried to leave, to allow Alex and Kara a moment or two. 

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Another from that Scene.  

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And then there was the time that Alex brought J’onn some candy bars and snacks because he was locked up.  And she knew his favorite.  

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Shadow you are the cutest motherfucker. Like seriously, he’s a bioengineered alien hybrid weapon of mass destruction and yet he meticulously cares for his fuckin motorcycle baby. You adorable hedgie death machine you. …also, the Shadamy hints, however insignificant. I am shipper trash and proud

During my first year of college, I tried many new things to get out of my comfort zone and learned many life lessons throughout the year.

In high school, I mostly focused on school, running, drawing, my blog (which I started during the middle of 11th grade). I was not really “social”, and only hung out with 1-2 friends at a time. I did really well in all, and I was very happy.

In college, I decided to branch out, since I would describe myself as introverted in high school, I decided to get out of my comfort zone and be more social.

I’m a bioengineering major, entrepreneurship minor, runner for a division 1 cross country and track team, freshman representative for the Chinese Student Association, write articles and take photos for Spoon University, and work in a bioengineering research lab. I was also posting 3 times a day on my blog, and also made sure to post on my food art Instagram every day, and my personal/running Iinstagram every 2-3 days. I barely had time to draw, which is one of my favorite things to do.

I attended a bunch of events first quarter to try something new, and learned that all that social activity took away my time to do things that I am passionate about. I and found myself looking back in high school, and living in the past because I wasn’t as happy. However, that was an important learning experience for myself.  

Here are some life lessons I have learned during my first year of college that I hope helps you.

1. Most important: Never take anything personally. The more people I met, the more I started to realize that you’re just not compatible with some people. Think of it this way: If you know that you are only trying to be friendly, but the other person doesn’t seem to like you, then that is their problem because they’re obviously blind and can’t see your awesomeness. They are not worth your time. Same thing with getting rejected from something. Once you stop taking things personally, I promise you will feel happier because it’s not your fault if you’re just trying to be a good person.

In high school, I never had the desire to branch out and meet new people from my school, therefore, the people whom I hung out with share many similarities with me.

You don’t have to get along with everyone, and you’re not limited to anyone either. Be nice to everyone, because you don’t have time to make enemies and/or deal with drama.

2. People are worried about themselves. I personally don’t think it’s necessary to try so hard to present yourself. People don’t judge you as they may seem to in high school. Everyone’s mostly minding their own business.

3. Find your own method of time management. In college, no one is going to tell you what to do. You can have class from 1-9 hours a day, and you need to plan the rest of your time well.

4. Realize your limits. Everyone has a different limit, and it’s something I believe you should experiment with early on in life to find out.

In high school, I was very successful in running, so everyone seemed to know who I was. I came into college feeling like another face. I was injured, and not doing as well in everything as I would like because I was involved in too many activities. I do believe in trying new things to explore, but realize that you have a limit. Learn to prioritize.

5. Learn to say no. I like to be a nice person, but I also believe that in order to be able to help people, you must take care of yourself first. By spring quarter, I started to feel tired of having to do so many things, so i worked up the courage to say no to some of the things, so I could have more time to study for my test, finish homework, or simply because I need to go run.

Missing a party to study is ok, in fact, no one seems to really care. I never party because I rather study and do quiet activities in my room such as drawing on weekends when I have a little extra time, and my friends understand that. Don’t feel weird if you are not into things that everyone else seems to be, and you don’t have to make yourself do things that you don’t want to (unless it’s school work because you’re here for a degree), either.

6. Don’t let anyone pressure you into doing something. I don’t party or drink. But that doesn’t mean I don’t isolate myself from people who do. I have friends that like to party, but they never force me to do something that I’m not comfortable with. You’re not “weird” if you chose not to drink because your true friends will accept you for who you are.

7. Appreciate your parents. Don’t take them for granted and become friends with them. 

8. Get to know your professors. Don’t be intimidated, they want to help and it’s fun to make friends.

9. Don’t be shy. That’s not how you get what you want. Plus, don’t be afraid to speak in class, and someone probably has the same question.

10. Make friends in classes. You can make great study buddies and share notes when either of you are absent.

11. Use a planner (paper or electronic, whichever you prefer) because physically writing helps you remember things more.

12. Take advantage of your resources such as interlibrary loans, databases, writing centers, tutoring, friends, professors, gym, and anything else.

13. Don’t buy your textbooks from the bookstore since they usually cost more. Get them from a friend, or find them online. 

14. Be confident. Fake it until you make it. That’s how you get many things in life.

15. Prioritize your health. Without it, you have nothing.

16. Make a list of things to always carry with you. For example: Food (quiet food in class), headphones, planner, phone, laptop, gum/mints, chargers, notebooks, etc.

17. Learn to adapt to change. Don’t expect it to be easy. I thought I was a very independent person in high school and that I would love college, but so many things change. I struggled my first quarter, then I got used to the routine. It will be hard at first, but you will learn and grow and become a better and more mature person than you were before.

18. Don’t be afraid to try new things. The more you know about yourself, the better equipped you are to make decisions about what you want in your life.

I have more life tips here!

How to Study Effectively

How to be Happy

How to be Productive and Achieve your Goals

How to Start a Healthy Lifestyle

How to Start Running

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Edgy reblog but you do know that markiplier was in school to be a bioengineer. Even if there's a future where LPers can't make money off YouTube anymore he'd still be doing much better than taking Your order at Wendy's :) also good job devaluing fast food workers !

Hey markiplier, can I get a motherfuckin uhhhhhhhhhhhh biologically engineered burger?

Imagine Harrison Wells taking off his blazer to warm you up

Words: 826

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“Caitlin, I think I am not going tonight…” You are still hesitating rather attending tonight’s event or not.

“Why?” Caitlin walks next to you and asks, “What happen? I thought I have already convinced you yesterday.”

“It’s just…” You sigh, “Dr. Wells is an amazing scientist, and he is the brain of S.T.A.R. Lab or even Central City. I don’t think I have the qualification of attending the event.”

You feel a little bit sad and just stares at your feet.

“Why would you think like that?” Caitlin asks concernedly.

“Well, you know…” You bites your lips, “I nearly have no contribution in the particle accelerator project. I’m not like you Caitlin, you are a fantastic bioengineering expert; Cisco is a genius in mechanical engineering and Ronnie helps to build the accelerator. All of you have great contribution on the project while I am just a computer technician who just wondering around S.T.A.R. Lab and fixing computers…”

“Hey,” Caitlin squeezes your hand and interrupts you, “don’t you say that, Y/N. You are part of the project team too. You did a great job in offering computer solution for us and preparing everything we wanted. The project went smoothly not just because of Dr. Wells, me, Cisco or even Ronnie, you gave your effort into this too.”

Although Caitlin gives you an encouraging smile, you sigh, “But still, I am only a computer technician, it’s not appropriate to show up on tonight’s event…”

“Well, I do know someone is expecting you tonight.” Caitlin smiles playfully, “I bet someone will be very disappointed if you don’t show up tonight.”

Caitlin looks at your confusing face and smiles even brightly, “You mean a lot to the project team, to all of us…Especially, Dr. Wells.” Your heart skips as if it is just struck by lightning. When you still digesting what Caitlin just said, she has a quick look at her watch and says, “Hurry up and put on the dress we shopped last week. The event will begin soon.”


When you arrive the hall of S.T.A.R. Lab, there are already full of press and citizen who want to witness the historical moment. It seems that you are on time, Harrison Wells just started his speech on the stage.

“My name is Harrison Wells.” His eyes looks around the hall as if searching for someone, “Tonight, the future begins.” He pauses. He spots you. You blushes immediately under his soft gaze.

There is a smile rested on his lips, small though, but you see it. You return him with a shy smile and a small wave of hand. Harrison seems more pleasant and confident after spotting you, he forcefully withdraws his gaze from you and continues, “The work my team and I will do here will change our understanding of physics, will bring about advancements in power and advancements in medicine. And trust me, that future will be here faster than you think.”

After Harrison’s inspiring speech, he is surrounded by the press and answers questions about the particle accelerator. You think it’s time for you to leave, not only because you have already seen the attractive man you have a crush on, but also because the dress you are wearing making you feel unexpectedly cold. You have sneezed a few times since you attended the event, you bets the dress that exposing your shoulders makes you freezing.

When you just about to step out of the door, a strong and warm hand grabs your wrist, you turns around and sees Harrison Wells.

Both of you are shocked at the same time. You are shocked at his appearance while he is shocked at your cold hand.

“Oh god, Y/N, your hand is freezing,” Harrison’s eyes fills with concerns, “Come here…” He takes off his blazer without hesitation and wraps it around your shoulders, “This may get you warm.”

Suddenly, there are a lot of white light flashing in front of you. It takes you a second to realize those white light are actually the camera spotlight. Great, you and Harrison Wells are now surrounded by the press.

“Dr. Wells, who is this woman? Is she one of your employees? Are you two having a relationship recently?” A bunch of questions coming from everywhere and the flashing spotlight make you feel sick and uncomfortable.

Noticing you do not enjoy the cameras, Harrison Wells quickly says. “Questions about the particle accelerator are welcomed, but now if you excuse me, I would pass my time to one of my employee, Cisco Ramon, to answer all your questions.”

Cisco, Ronnie and Caitlin come from nowhere and separate between the you two and the press.

“Hey,” Harrison looks into your eyes softly, “are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” You face can’t help but turns red, “you should go over there, you are the star of tonight.” You give him a slight smile.

Harrison whispers in your ear, “For me, you are the only star I see.”

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Requested by anon <3
Prompt: Imagine having a baby boy with Bucky Barnes.


You weren’t sure just how Bucky Barnes had managed to get into your panties and put a ring on it, but here you were, three years later, on a verge of a civil war between your two best friends and a baby boy to look after whilst your husband tried to sort things out between Tony and Steve.

Sighing softly, you watched your (colour) haired baby boy run around in the garden, carrying his toys along with him with the biggest toothed grin on his childish face you had ever seen. Smiling, you glanced at the book you were reading – a boring text book about bioengineering and neuron analyses that you had to polish up on for your job at S.H.I.E.L.D headquarters.

It seemed like your son, (B/Name), not only inherited the looks from his father, but also his personality and Bucky’s knack of getting into trouble. It only took a second for you to look away and he was already swaying to the street, giggling whilst he chased a bug. Upon noticing the absence of your pride and joy you stiffened, frantically scanning the backyard and throwing the book to the side. You halted on your feet, feeling dread settle in you – where did (B/Name) go?!

Horrible scenarios of HYDRA kidnapping him rushed in your head, spreading like poison. Hurriedly, you bolted to the front yard, nearly colliding and tumbling over your husband.

“Are…You okay?” He asked, playfully, raising a brow at your flustered state. You released a heavy, relieved sigh when you noted (B/Name) safe in Bucky’s arms, chewing on his plastic toy with the same, beaming grin.

“I thought HYDRA got him…” You replied.

“Again?” Bucky asked.


Requests are opened!


See Dr. Sahin’s Wondrous Spore-Driven Evaporation Engine

It sounds like a steampunk fantasy, but it is, in fact, a real thing. 

Columbia University bioengineers have built a number of working engines powered by water evaporation and contracting and expanding bacterial spores. The machines represent the first time the humidity that naturally rises from evaporating water has been used as a fuel source.

Biophysicist Ozgur Sahin and his colleagues built evaporation-driven devices that enabled a miniature car to move, a mill to spin, weight to be lifted and an oscillatory engine to power LEDs.

The work is actually a continuation of research we reported on in 2014 to generate electricity and make robot muscles from the force of hydrating and dehydrating microbial spores. But where that study showed only rudimentary lengths of polymer film coated with the spores flexing when in contact with water vapor, the group has now created working machinery using the phenomenon. Learn more and see a video below.

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parental alchemist!hughes and winry hcs ?

I parentalship Maes with every single FMA kids this is such a good req I’m lov.

1. When Maes was recovering after his automail surgery, Winry bake him an apple pie to make him feel better. It was the first thing Maes eat with appetite in at least a month and he has mixed feelings because it tastes a lot like Gracia’s.

2. When finding out that a Philosopher’s Stone can’t bring what has taken to the gate back, meaning Maes couldn’t get his arms back, he doesn’t seem to be bothered, because that means he doesn’t have to replace the arms Winry made for him.

3. Maes showing off photographs of his newly adopted daughter and how great her bioengineering skill is and that he’s literally going to fight anyone who thinks otherwise.

4. Winry’s surname changed to ‘Hughes’, but Maes insists that she keeps 'Rockbell’ on her name as her middle name to respect her fallen parents.

5. They visit the Rockbells’ and the Hughes’ graves regularly, Roy and Riza often come along. They tell stories about how their respective lifes were doing and how that, despite everything, they will never forget them, and that they will always love them the way they used to.

6. Maes being an overprotective father to Winry even after she’s married to Ed and Winry has to convince her anxious dad multiple times that she’s gonna be okay.

Ways in which I, Skai Alexander, am actually Alex Danvers:
- The Bob™
- Leather jacket aesthetic
- Badge kink
- Affinity for handcuffs
- Sister is Extra™ and can’t keep a stable relationship
- Dad is v much on the lowkey
- Mom’s constant disapproval
- Great @ pool
- Bike game strong
- Guns??????
- Could and would probably kick your ass
- Defensive af
- Overprotective af
- Possible alcoholism
- Never liked intimacy with dudes
- Really Fucking Gay
- Sucker for dimples and/or height differences
- Bioengineer
- Might end up working for the government
- Calls dibs on the cool shit
- Anxiety issues
- Huge nerd
- Sarcasm/sass for days
- Punk phase
- Probably college partier
- Black is the new black
- Dad works for the government too
- Not (fully) related to sibling(s)
- Cousins are fuckin weird
- Basically my boss’s adopted daughter
- Just really needs a hug
- Everyone’s big sister
- Simultaneously the wine mom, vodka aunt, whiskey lesbian, and bourbon uncle
- Maggie Sawyer makes me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- The Mom Friend™
- Estranged aunt
- Seen some weird shit
- Done some weirder shit
- Emotional repression
- Pissed off by fuckboys
- Actually such a softie
- Big nerdy reading glasses
- Wears sweatshirts until they’re threadbare
- Badass but definitely loves cuddling
- Doesn’t hate Valentine’s Day because I’m actually such a hopeless romantic
- Bad prom experiences
- Prefers “Alex” (or Skai) to full/birth name
- Pizza game strong
- Red-in-the-sun hair
- Natural with a gun, apparently
- Hair progressively less straight as I get gayer

hungryciel replied to your post: V-Day is coming up. Which one of you hot buttery…

I guess time to prep things already

That’s RIGHT! I want a limo ride. And ANOTHER bag of Smarties offered as soon as I get in. So I can smack it outta your hand and demand Applebee’s first. And I want two hot guys dressed as wolf guys waiting there who’ll be eating everything I order and competing against each other. Loser has to eat the winner, because I also want a PLOT TWIST. And there’d better be a large exotic animal at my side the whole time, something very illegal to have as a pet. If you can bioengineer Trico to life that’d be preferable, but I’m not picky. And the night absolutely has to end with karaoke in Japan. Which we get to by limo still, while I eat my Smarties and pet my illegal exotic animal, with the loser hot guy in there with us.