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“Heal the Soil and heal Yourself. Heal the Earth and heal the Body which comes from the Earth and which was born, which was created from the Earth with the natural interdependence of the life which springs from it….The attitude of mankind that has developed over these last few periods, or centuries, to a tendency within the individuals to think of the soil as dirt or dirty, what a symptom of man’s losing of his relationship of appreciation with the Earth!….. Begin to become in harmony with life, the soul, and the Earth. 

You have yet to sufficiently appreciate the ability of the Earth to protect those in harmony with her, and if each could learn that lesson, those wherever they are about the face of the Earth, those even in zones which are so subject to violence of the Earth Changes, those who build a sufficient symbiotic relationship with the Earth on which they live, that they heal Her are protected by Her, even in Her times of disruption that are the results of the scarring of the introduction of diseases to Her skin, and Her surface and Her systems, yet Her own immune system protects itself and those who participate in the building of it and even in the most dramatic times of change, which are fast approaching.

Then make your life and your harmony with the Earth, such that you become sufficient on your land, that you build a harmony with that and an ability to live on that which you produce. Become less dependent upon economic systems that reach out beyond your relationship with the land, but let yourself form a harmony with it that gives you an independence from the artificial systems out there, and so be prepared in your relationship to survive those times when others have suffered from their dependence upon taking all things, food and shelter and clothing and economic exchange from beyond that place upon which they live.

 Those who live in harmony find themselves not so subject to the difficulties of those changes which cut off the people who have no relationship with their soil and no participation in provision for the survival of their own lives because of a direct relationship with the harmony of the Earth. That is the most protection that anyone can have. 

Those who form healing relationships with their environment are protected by it, and are lifted up, as others are cut off and subjected to the upcoming Earth changes. This is the best that you can do, the highest, the most healing and most protective of self and family”

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Azienda Agricola Al di là del Fiume

Founded in 2004, Azienda Agricola Al di là del Fiume (“The Farm Beyond the River”) is a small family farm practicing Biodynamic techniques to make gorgeously natural wines.  Though Danila, Gabriele and Adriano own and farm 27 hectares, only 3 (7.41 acres) are planted to vines, with Albana for white wine and Barbera for reds.  Their entire philosophy is to respect the earth and create a living, breathing organism of their farm.

Everything is done by hand, from the picking and sorting of the grapes to the making of the wines.  Wild yeasts are allowed to ferment naturally, and the Albana and one of their 2 Barberas undergo skin contact maceration in Tuscan amphorae according to ancient principles.

Danila’s Fricando is an amphora fermented and macerated Albana.  This ancient, almost unknown thick-skinned grape is native to the Bologna region just north of Marzabotto.  Whole clusters are added to terracota vessels and after a long, slow ferment in the Tuscan clay jars, the wine is bottled unfined, unfiltered and unsulfured, for a brightly oxydative, slightly ripe wine with herbal accents, a wonderful umami mouthfeel and a mineral-driven finish.  $28


This Youtube segment includes a beekeeper’s sober and articulate account of the bees’ wisdom and how mankind has ignored it (at 17:30).  It’s from interviews for the film ‘The Challenge of Rudolf Steiner’, which gets at the extent of influence the hungarian creator of anthroposophy has had in the century since he began lecturing and writing about biodynamic agriculture.  

Ever the skeptic, I wonder whether the “unproven” tenets of Steiner’s teaching detract from the potential value to agriculture of an integrative and holistic approach.  Are the astrological elements of planting rituals of benefit?  Does sowing under lunar ascendence when the moon is in Taurus really improve yields?  Does it boost the credibility of his philosophy that Steiner predicted in the 1920’s that bees will, after sixty years of artificial queen rearing and other human interventions, show signs of weakness and decline?

Perhaps these are the wrong questions to ask, and we should instead compare the general results of the modern interpretation of his philosophy with the big-ag approach to food and decide which serve people and planet better.


Joel Salatin, Real Food, Real Farmer, Real Good for you.

We need more farmers like this guy.
Is this the smartest man in the USA, or just a farmer with common sense? Please check out the documentary film “Food Inc.”, and read Fast Food Nation. You deserve to know what you’re eating.

Note: for those who may be squeamish, please realise that the chicken you eat is no longer alive. This is a humane and relatively painless way of killing the animal.

Become a Biodynamic Gardener, and grow your own. Learn about “the buddy system” and “companion plantings” as well as composting and crop rotation. Certain plants benefit by growing near other plants: tall crops can provide a canopy for shorter crops; leeks will repel carrot flies; include flowering herbs and perennials to attract beneficial insects. 

Illustration:  Genevieve Simms