jeez-ninten suggested an art project! To do an Earthbound themed Children’s Book! So I’ve decided, with Cogdis inspired scenery and characters (including cute Alinivar), to do a Mook’s beginner reader guide to the many colors a Mook can see on their home planet, Saturn!

The pages will come out as soon as I finish them! The pages will be flat colored, so I can get them done quicker–I shaded the cover though. I hope you all enjoy as I update it.

Oh god…” his hands were shaking, grasping the cold, almost lifeless ones of his friend by his side. Tears were falling from his cheeks, which burned because of the cuts and scrapes he possessed. A gash, dripping blood, was on his bent arm, which quivered and trembled from the pain possessing it.

“I’m so, so sorry, Loy…”

“Nah, Ninty, it ain’t your fault.” His friend’s stomach was cut wide open, the hoodie torn to shreds around as muscle tissue in bloody chunks were evidently displayed in a grotesque fashion. The squelching and groaning of the broken organs was loud, discomforting to the younger boy whose mouth was stained with blood from coughing. His skin was paler than normal; his body trembling with pain he refused to show it hurt him. Next to him, Ana laid, her eye closed and her breathing stopped. Half of her face had been bitten off, chewed and destroyed by the god awful monster that had attacked the trio of friends. Her hat covered that deformity, out of reverence, and she looked peaceful the way she laid.

“You gotta…keep movin’ on, Ken,” Loid coughed out, smiling up at Ninten who only shook in pure fear at those words, “you gotta defeat Giegue…because someone has’ta. But I just wanted ta’ say, it was nice…it was nice knowing…”

His breathing stopped. Those bright blue eyes were no longer bright.

Ninten let out a scream, of fear and anger. His friend was gone. It was his fault. At least, this was what his mind was attempting to convince him of; he had taken Loid and Ana with him and he had exposed them to the dangers of going against an alien invasion. Now look what happened to them—they were dead.

And it was HIS FAULT.

No. No it wasn’t. Not yet. He could still change this. He knew what he had to do, and he knew how to do it.

Blood soaked and broken, Ninten limped to his feet, taking a few breaths and concentrating on the psychic power burning within him. Reverse the clock, reverse time, and relax, for you are to travel into the past; your mind shall remain intact, and you shall save what you have lost. You shall never be able to turn back.

Ninten didn’t wish to turn back. When he opened his eyes, he was glad he didn’t.