The Paw Paw Project is Closed

I’ve had a lot of fun running this project for the past year: I love seeing people excited about getting their seeds and planting trees.

However, I will not be running this project again. I probably wasn’t the best person to run it in the first place, but I just happened to be the person who thought of it.

I still get emails from people with nothing but an address, and emails from people who haven’t read anything beyond “free seeds” in a reddit or permiesnews forum somewhere. I had a lot of angry folks contact me when I asked for a $2.00 donation for postage costs, and even more angry people call the fundraising a scam when they had to wait 3-4 months for seeds.

Dealing with angry Americans who won’t bother to click the link to the project on my homepage – especially older people with established orchards, food forests, and homesteads – was not what I expected to spend most of my time doing in organising a tree-planting project.

In the future, I would like for seed distribution projects to cater exclusively to the people who read this blog and are a part of this community, and are passionate about tree planting and agroforestry.

I would also love to hear ideas from people for future tree-planting projects, and would be more than happy to have someone else run a new tree planting project through this site.

Right now, I am working on sorting and cataloging my seed collection to send to flowerfood before I move, so the seedswap can continue and expand.

I’ll be working on more connections with seed banks and academic institutions to do tree planting projects like this again, but I have to re-think how to go about spreading the word and recruiting participants.

I’m open to any ideas, suggestions or proposals.

Thank you to those of you who participated, and to all of you reading. I wish you luck with the trees you’ve planted, and those you will plant!

If you look at the asks archive, you can see I try to give detailed responses when I can. I get about 5 asks a day, and I am not always up for spending an hour or two researching and answering them all. 

Basically, I give free, in-depth gardening advice and tutorials, and as much as I’d like to answer every question, it’s not like people are actually using the donate button on the page when they ask me to do this work for them. If I made $1.00 for every ask I’ve answered, I would break even in terms of the investment I make in the projects on this site.

I’m happy to spend the time if I find the question interesting or relevant to my own projects, but otherwise, I’m not going to respond to every person who writes me: this blog has around 30,000 followers.

I also can’t even see a message from you, princetonusa, in my inbox.