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Pass the Gas! Pass the Gas! intends to provide schools in urban slums with biodigestion technology and waste management education to create a cleaner learning environment for the students and community.

Ben & Jerry’s manufactured using Ben & Jerry’s waste…

Fear not, this isn’t the latest food quality/content related scandal. In actual fact, Ben and Jerry’s use waste ingredients (dairy/sugars/fruit/etc) and waste water from the magical ice cream manufacturing process to produce clean renewable energy.

They do this by putting all that waste into a Biodigester which uses microbes and bacteria to literally digest the waste and produce gas, which, in turn, is used to fuel turbines.

Last year, 16 million pints of their ice cream were produced with the help of what B&J have nicknames ‘The Chunkinator’ or BIOPAQ®AFR Biodigester if you’re looking to buy one.

Source: Motherboard
Monitoring Flow Rates From a Biogas Digester
The Accu-Flo meter is essential for monitoring flow rates of methane released from a biogas digester in gas-to-energy projects.

A biogas digested (or biodigester) breaks down organic matter in an anaerobic biological process that not only decomposes plant and animal matter, but produces biogas (consisting of methane and carbon dioxide). Many types of organic waste products can be used in a biogas digester, including food waste, plant material, and manure from livestock.