Everyone is doing this so…

Hi, i’m Zelka Renji or Kazel Jiren, and I’m Bruno’s overprotective and invasive mom 

🍬 I’m 19 and I’m mexican. I speak spanish and understand english(?)

🍬 I love Bruno, Oliver, Yohioloid, Kaito and Meiko. 

🍬 I´m eco biodegradable shipper trash nwn)b

🍬 I tend to be overprotective with almost everyone I know, probably because I’m almost always older and see everyone as my babies. You probably are my baby  too right now.

🍬 I like to make new friends, but believe it or not, I’m too shy to start a conversation, especially if it’s in english. That’s why I’m silent in each stream where I go. 

🍬 But if we talk in spanish and/or there is confidence, be aware, because I pervert people…


Do you want to see where I got the idea to draw Bruno’s hair? 

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Las Máquinas Biorecicladoras de Hengsheng PlasticMX están diseñadas para dos cosas; recolectar basura y ser un atractivo medio de comunicación y publicidad.

Nuestras Máquinas reciben latas de aluminio y envases de plástico (se puede adaptar para Tetra Pack). Todas nuestras máquinas están equipadas con tecnología de punta; cuentan con una pantalla dónde se transmiten comerciales y cápsulas informativas sobre el medio ambiente. Súmate a nuestro proyecto y sé parte de nuestros patrocinadores! Demuestra que tú también quieres salvar nuestro planeta!

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Heng Sheng MX

Empresa 100% Mexicana, socialmente responsable y especializada en reciclar, reprocesar, biodegradar y producir productos de plástico


Things my environmental professor has said

-”they’re endangered as fuck”

-”anyone got any bat guano?”

-”you need to know the truth about coral, it’s actually some gunky shit”

-”dumbass politicians and their dumbass pipelines”

-”you know what money is? biodegradable. nothing lasts, man. nothing lasts.”

-”kids are like bags of sand, man, they’re useless and you gotta lug em around and all they do is complain.” 

-”my girlfriend says she loves kids and i just stay quiet because i like having a girlfriend.”

-”if you guys wanna check your pokemon go right now, go ahead, i hate this unit, it’s boring.”

-”shiiiit, i’m outta here as soon as class ends, no offense, but i got better things to do.”

-”coral is better than people.” 

Yale Researchers Find Fungus that can Break Down Plastic

Professor Scott Strobel offers a class in Yale University that takes undergraduate students to the Ecuadorian rain forest to collect fungi.  This year one of his students stumbled upon a very special kind of fungus, one that lives in symbiosis with guava and has exhibited the ability to break down polyurethane anaerobically.  Polyurethane is a foam-like material used in mattresses, upholstery, car seats, refrigerators and home insulators aka the kind of junk that fills up our landfills.

The problem really becomes how to deal with polyurethane or any of the so-called biodegradable plastics (bags, pens, etc) in the context of a ginormous pile with little to no oxygen available.  See what your biodegradable plastic product don’t specify is that it can only decompose under extremely hot and aerated conditions, which are not to be found in landfills.  The discovery of this fungus, then way surpasses the degrading qualities of the marketed plant based polymers.  Polyurethane is synthetic, abundant (global consumption of polyurethane raw materials was above 12 million metric tons with an average annual growth rate of 5%) and until recently undegradable.

However, the accomplishments of Professor Strobel’s class do not end just there.  This year his students created 444 extracts from fungal samples.  One of which as aforementioned could revolutionize waste management, and another that can inhibit the growth of a yeast that causes a common infection found in hospitals.   Professor Strobel’s class sheds light on the intrinsic value of biodiversity and serves as a reminder for the conservation of the world’s rainforests, especially when the area surveyed by this class neighbors multinational oil operations.  Pharmaceutical companies have ceased their large-scale exploration of natural compounds since the 1970s, but programs like this will hopefully redirect our medical base and raise the perceived value of traditional knowledge.

These pencils sprout into vegetables, herbs and flowering plants 

“There are 15 billion pencils made annually, and three million of those just in the United States. That’s a lot of pencil stubs thrown away,” said Michael Stausholm, CEO of Sprout World.

Denmark-based Sprout World wants to shrink this waste. The startup makes plantable pencils that grow into vegetables, herbs or flowering plants once you’re done using them.

Stausholm said the pencils, made from cedar in Pine City, Minnesota, are the perfect sustainable product because one “dying product is literally giving life to a new product.”

Where a typical eraser would be, these wooden pencils have a capsule made from biodegradable material that contains a small mixture of seeds and peat.

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Plastic six-pack rings are the bane of conservationists — images of sea birds and turtles entangled in them serve as constant reminders that consumer culture and the environment don’t get along. But thanks to an innovation from a Florida-based brewery, we can feel a little better about enjoying a six-pack.

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We did nothing, and everything
All at once, and not at all

I forget sometimes
But bricks hurt when they fly at you from undiscovered directions

Pictures, or songs you introduced me to
burn like wildfire

Words never go more than a thrown stone

“One day” I tell myself
I’ll find you on my doorstep
“Just kidding” you’ll say

Sometimes that is enough.
Sometimes it isn’t.

Sometimes I can block it out
before I’m a full blown crying machine
sometimes I can’t

And that’s even worse
because no matter how much I cry,

nothing is going to change except for how damp my sleeves are

Plastic Bag's Effect on the Environment

Plastic bags are one of the worse things to be brought on to our environment. If put into the ocean, they are capable of killing thousands of marine life and even affect the quality of the water. Plastic bags cause the deaths of over 100,000 marine lives every year. In addition to the ocean, they have a horrid effect on the air quality. The manufacturing of plastic bags adds tons of carbon emissions into the air. And finally, the worst of all: plastic bags take over 400 YEARS to biodegrade. This means that a plastic bag has NEVER naturally decomposed yet. 

Currently Hawaii is the only state to ban plastic bags (click HERE to read on). Other countries have discouraged the use and have manufactured fewer bags, and I believe that America should jump on the bandwagon. It’s in the best interest of the country, its citizens, and its posterity. Millions of bags are used per day, and for no reason. Tip: Spend the 99 cents on the reusable bags at the grocery store, it’ll be worth it. 

So, you have dozens of plastic bags and don’t know what to do with them? Try some DIY projects HERE or head down to these stores that have a special bin to recycle plastic bags! (participation may vary based on location):

  • Trader Joe’s
  • Staples
  • Various grocery stores (Pavilions, Giant, Acme)

Sources and useful websites: