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instead of jars to bury your spells in, my i suggest the idea of peat pots planters?

not only are they biodegradable, they are useful for many different things. you can grow herbs and starter plants or use them to bury a home protection without the fear of broken glass rising to the surface, or your jar staying in the ground for a 100 years. they also come in many different sizes as well. from large to very tiny

and you can even make your own from left over toilet paper rolls for a byproduct option that lessens garbage going into landfills.

there are plenty of cheaper, earth friendlier options available to us, as witches, at our disposal. it is up to us as a whole to start making better earth friendly choices, to modernize the practice. we are not from the middle ages and tradition has nothing to do with glass jars - we have the knowledge in modern days to realize how harmful the practice of burying jars actually is, we have resources to change that as well.

Witch Tip #4

Need to bury something but don’t want to use a jar? Coffee filters, 100% cotton, silk, tissue paper, newspaper, wool, and cashmere are all biodegradable!☼

Witch Tip: Stock up on coffee filters

Especially those round ones that you can lay out flat. Seriously, they’re the cheapest and most versatile store-bought tool I use.

-Easily sewn into tea bags for homemade tea blends
-Completely biodegradable and safe to bury
-Quick and cheap sachet material
-Perfect for herbal bath mixtures so you don’t have to clean up after (in my experience you should use two for this since they might rip if overstuffed)
-Rubber band one over a jar to filter herbs out of herbal water mixtures, or clean dirty rain water (I still wouldn’t drink it, but it’ll look nicer)
-Collect the rain water with one on it from the start to keep bugs out
-Use one as tracing paper on your screen if you’re not good at copying sigils or symbols
-They look completely mundane in your cabinets if your craft is a secret
-A pack of 100 is like $1.50 at most

There’s probably a lot more I haven’t thought of. I just love these little things.


Please watch this video of a man trying out a fountain pen for the first time it is the best thing ever for me.

“Do I have to go to college to use this pen?”


And then he spends like 20 seconds just sniffing the Ahab flex pen in utter disgust and fascination (the Noodler’s Pens are known to have a certain smell due to being made out of biodegradable material)

Charging Methods

This is no where near all the ways you can charge things so feel free to add to the list or send me other methods. I intend to go back and add to it occasionally.

Edited 12/10/16


  • Draw it on paper (or something safe to burn) and burn it
  • Draw it on a firework and set it off
  • Carve it into a candle, light it, and let the sigil melt away
  • Place it close to a flame to absorb the light and heat


  • Draw it on wind chimes and hang them up
  • Hang it up somewhere it can blow around in the breeze by a fan
  • Draw it on a balloon, blow the balloon up, and pop it
  • Draw it on a kite and fly it


  • Draw it on something soluble and dissolve it in water
  • Draw it on a rock (or something non-soluble) and place it in running water
  • Draw it with something food safe on a tea bag and drink it (It’s more using a sigil to charge the tea, but whatever)
  • Draw it on yourself then take a shower and let it wash away
  • Draw it in chalk on the sidewalk to wash away in the rain


  • Draw it on something biodegradable and bury it
  • Transfer energy from previously charged crystals
  • Draw it in the dirt somewhere it will be worn away


  • Place it in the sun or moonlight
  • Draw it with/in something that will disappear: lemon juice on paper, fog in a mirror, etc.
  • Paint it with glow in the dark paint, the light used to charge the paint and its own glow charges the sigil


  • Place it on/under a device that is plugged in and charging
  • Open the image on your computer and play a video game on top of it
  • Use the sigil as your background or screensaver or just leave it up for a while to be charged by the screen’s light and energy of the computer
  • Open the sigil in a paint or photo editing program, cut it to pieces, and delete them (like you would tear up a piece of paper)
  • Place the sigil on/near speakers and play music (match the music to the intent of the sigil)
  • Post the sigil on social media with the intent that it charge with every like/reblog/thumbs up/etc.

Personal Energy (Mental and Physical)

  • Direct your own personal energies into the sigil (How to)
  • Draw it on yourself or something you have on you as you exercise: dance, run, play sport, etc.
  • Have the sigil on/near you and focus on it as you have sex/masturbate and orgasm
  • Have the sigil on/near you and focus on it while experiencing pain
  • Have the sigil on/near you and focus on it while experiencing extreme emotion
  • Add a drop of blood to the sigil


  • Sing or play an instrument to it
  • Place it in a music box, wind it up and let the music charge it
  • Draw it on paper and tear the paper up
  • Draw the sigil with food or carve it into food and eat it (bonus if it’s baked/cooked/etc.)
  • Draw it on the bottom of your shoes and walk around
  • Draw it on yourself with lotion or makeup and blend it in

If all packaging was 100% biodegradable, having no more effect on the ground than, say, a fallen leaf, would littering still be stigmatized?

I’m kind of in two minds about it. On one hand, I can see a Solarpunk society having a lot of cleanliness hangups that would make it be seen as just as bad if not worse. But I also think individual people would get kind of “meh, who cares?” about where they throw their trash, if they were told there weren’t any long-term effects.

Maybe there’d be a mix of both attitudes in play, which could be written very humorously!

Jar Substitutions

Before you do a jar spell, it’s a good idea to ask yourself where that jar will spend it’s life. Is it going to be buried immediately? Will it hang out in your closet for a few years? Will you keep it on your dresser to shake and re-energize every now and again?

Why is it important to think about? Eco-friendliness, my pals. Glass isn’t exactly what you’d call biodegradable. Many witches are replacing jars with more sustainable, eco-friendly options. 

Is the spell going to be buried, left outside, tossed in a river, left at a crossroads, etc.? Leaves, flowers, coffee filters, anything made from wool or cotton, tea bags, peat pots, egg shells, natural clay, long grass woven into baskets, and so many more biodegradable options are available to replace the standard glass or plastic jar. 

Can the spell eventually be disassembled? Cool, you have my permission to use glass or plastic, but consider using one from the thrift store or one you already have! Peanut butter jars, tomato sauce jars, etc. That way you’re not condemning another jar to its eventual landfill destination. When you’re done with it, take it apart and recycle the jar. 

The spell can’t be disassembled? Go to Michael’s(or equivalent craft store) and go to the wood aisle. There, you will find small jewelry boxes made of either wood or cardboard. Many will have metal closures, and you can seal them with wax if you need to. They will biodegrade significantly faster than glass or plastic. 

I know, glass jars are pretty, and contribute to the aesthetic of witchcraft. By all means, use glass jars to hold your herbs, to store your moon water, for anything that’s temporary. Because you can recycle those. But spells are a commitment, often we don’t want to take them apart once they’re put together. So it’s our job to consider how our practice effects our planet. 

So everyone knows how Robbie Rotten eats packing peanuts like Cheetos, well unfortunately one of my friend got a box in the mailed with packing peanuts…. but the cornstarch kind. The biodegradable kind…. The edible kind. And I just kind of, stared at them, and I thought about it. And I waited, and I thought about it. And Then I ate one.

I ate a fucking packing peanut. Because of this fucking show.

So I successfully downed a potentially dirty, INCREDIBLY gross packing peanut, and only realized AFTERWARD that nobody actually confirmed they were the edible kind….

(They were, thank god, but my lack of real hesitation made that twice as weird)

Whats worse is I’d probably do it again….

Shooting flowers

The US Department of Defence (DOD) has put forward a plan to develop biodegradable training ammunition loaded with specialised seeds, meaning that when a bullet degrades, a plant will grow in its place.

The US Army currently manufactures and consumes hundreds of thousands of bullets per day in training exercises. The ground, over which these projectiles are fired, often becomes littered with cartridge cases and sabot petals, on the surface or even several feet underground. These components take hundreds of years to degrade, and there is no clear way of finding and eliminating all used projectiles from battle or training grounds.

The DOD says that these biodegradable bullets can be manufactured from water bottles, plastic containers and any other composite or plastic product available on the market. The US Army Corps of Engineers’ Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory has demonstrated that the bioengineered seeds that can be embedded in the resulting composites, and will not germinate until they have been in the ground for several months.

The seeds are said to grow into environmentally friendly plants, removing contaminates from the soil and consuming the biodegradable components of the bullets. They are also harmless to animals, allowing them to be consumed with no ill effects.  


LGBTQ activists are throwing a queer dance party outside Mike Pence’s house

  • At the end of this week, Mike Pence and his family will be moving out of their temporary residence in D.C.’s Chevy Chase neighborhood and into the posh Naval Observatory. 
  •  Before he leaves, one group is going to give him one good look at the queer side of America he will soon have to represent.
  • Over 700 people have confirmed their attendence to the Queer Dance Party at Mike Pence’s House.
  • The party is a protest action organized by WERK for Peace and DisruptJ20, designed to send a message to “Daddy Pence” that “homo/transphobia is not tolerated in our country,” according to the event’s Facebook page. Read more

There’s bleak, then there’s “happy memory from school being that time we stuck a doll’s leg in some dogshit and checked it every day” bleak.

Rådare (Norse Creatures)

I will be using the Swedish names/words as there are no English translations.

  • Rådare comes from the word “råda” which means “to rule/take care of” so a rådare is a creature that rules over something.
  • Every rådare rules over their own thing. For example there’s a skogsrå for every forest.
  • The easiest way to make them happy is through respect and gifts.
  • You can protect yourself from them by wearing metal.
  • Remember that the gift has to be biodegradable! A lot of sources say that you should give coins, clothes, tobacco etc. But this is extremely disrespectful as you’re destroying their home (and it’s generally shitty to pollute).
  • Even if you haven’t done anything to make them angry it’s always good to show respect by acknowledging them when you enter their home.


  • Rules over the forest and the creatures that live there.
  • Usually looks like a beautiful woman with a hollow back and/or hooves and tail. She can also take the shape of different forest creatures.
  • If in a good mood she helps those who are lost and warns people about incoming storms.
  • If in a bad mood she makes sure people get lost.
  • If you live on your own in/close to a forest (or if you are camping) she might come at night when you’re sitting by the fire and attempt to seduce you. If you sleep with her she will keep a part of your soul and you will always have a longing and obsession with the forest.
  • If hunters give her gifts she might “give” them an extra big animal. Though if they manage to shoot one of the animals she protects they have to face her wrath


  • Rules over the ocean and the creatures that lives there.
  • Usually looks like a beautiful woman with long hair, gills, fins, and a fishtail. She can also take the shape of different sea creatures.
  • If in a good mood she shows fishermen where they can find the best fish or warns them about incoming storms. She can also give them good wind and help boats that are taking in water.
  • If in a bad mood she can trick boats into storms so they get lost or sink.
  • Sometimes she will seduce people and drag them down to her home at the bottom of the ocean where they are forced to work as servants.
  • She might stop boats and offer to buy their load, if this happens it’s best to accepts as if you say no she might get so angry that she takes down the entire ship.


  • Rules over lakes and the creatures that live there.
  • Usually looks like a beautiful woman with a hollow back. Unlike havsrået she has legs. She can also take the shape of different freshwater creatures.
  • If in a good mood she might help fishermen and warn them about incoming storms.
  • She only drowns people who have made her angry or if she is very hungry.
  • Just like skogsrået if fishermen give her gifts she might “give” them an extra big fish. Though if they manage to catch one of the creatures she protects they have to face her wrath.


  • Rules over mountains and mines.
  • Usually looks like a tall woman in an elegant, grey dress. If seen wearing black it is a sure sign of death.
  • If in a good mood she shows miners better ore veins or warns them about any dangers.
  • If in a bad mood she tries to scare people away, if they ignore the warning signs she makes sure they get lost in the mine.
  • Enjoys silence and solitude.
  • Doesn’t like it when people make too much noise.
  • Becomes very angry if miners manage find one of the ore veins she protects.


  • Rules over natural springs.
  • Usually looks like a young girl but most of the time she’s invisible. She can also take the shape of a toad.
  • If in a good mood she might show you the future though the water surface. It’s important to remember not to look for too long or too deep as you might lose yourself.
  • If in a bad mood she can make you sick after you’ve drank the water.
  • A lot of sources will say that if you sacrifice something to her before you drink the water it will heal you as well as make the water clean/drinkable. This is not true. There’s not a magical cure for deceases or disorders. Also there’s no way to magically make water drinkable. Always make sure a natural spring is clean before you drink from it.

This is compiled from my own grimoire / what I was taught growing up

“I wash my hands of you” Banishing Spell

 A spell to banish, to remove a person from your life completely. This is ideal for unwanted exes, toxic friends, and those who have caused trouble or harm to yourself and loved ones

Be certain you want to do this as it is to remove someone for good.

You will require;

- Running water, so be near a sink

- A representation of the unwanted person; Something can can be destroyed easily. So temporary poppets or photographs.

- A place to dump the representation; a trash bin is ideal. If it’s biodegradable, you can bury it, but a trash bin would be easier

* Start by visualising a wall around yourself. This can take whatever form makes you feel safe from the unwanted person

* Take the representation in both hands, make as much contact as possible, and whisper into it (choose your own words if you wish);

I do not fear you

No more will I see you

No more harm, no more hurt

Begone from my life

*Start to rip, tear and just destroy the representation, Put as much feeling into it as possible, unleash all negative energy

*Dispose of the representation. Just throw every piece in the trash. When it’s taken away, it’ll be gone for good.

*To cleanse yourself of their contact, wash your hands. As you do say something along the lines of;

As I wash my hands of you, you fade away

Disappear from my life

Never seek my presence again