Some not-so-bad news

I believe I passed the LIN100 midterm, albeit not with flying colors but like who am I to complain. Beggars can’t be choosers. Worst comes to worst, I may Credit/No-Credit the course, since it’s not required for Neuroscience.

Also, I got an interview with the Health Science Department tomorrow! Fingers crossed for the research position.

Today, I realized just how efficiently I can study…while under pressure. Starting now, and hopefully for the rest of the school year, I will channel that consistency and efficiency into all my studies.

Now starting prep for the upcoming BIO130 midterm on Friday.

Go Sunny go!! You can do it.

anonymous asked:

which proffesors are good for bio120 and bio130? chem 138, chem 139?

For bio 120 there isn’t a choice but the ones you have (Thompson and Barrett) are really good. 

For bio 130 - Professor Yip (the night prof) is better

For chm (either) whichever doesn’t have Browning

anonymous asked:

Which one is easier to get a better mark in bio 120 or bio 130?

It really just depends on you. I’ve known people who’ve done well in both, more better than one than the other or just terrible in both. 

I think it might be more likely in bio130 since about 1/3 or ¼ of it is high school biology review

anonymous asked:

hi is it hard to get into BIO120 and BIO130? Im planning to take those this year but i'm not in the life science program, im in the humanities.. i have the pre-requisites for those courses. i wanna take them cause i wanna major in biology later on. thanks!

Nope, shouldn’t be a problem at all. Even if you’re waitlisted, you’re bound to get in because they are both huge classes and there are daytime and nighttime options for both