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I just imagine them on a double date and an akuma appears making the gang have to leave, leaving nino all alone. RIP NINO.

insp from @thelastpilot and @illustraice snapchat thingies [here]


Okay I’m feeling a bit courageous so I’ll finally post this.  (It’s been completed, just sitting in my WIP folder for DAYS)

The sole purpose of this color sketch was to practice drawing male human anatomy and shading (specifically upper body, huhuhu) but I am such a wuss about drawing half naked males (WHICH IS TOTALLY DUMB BECAUSE I DRAW SKINTIGHT SPANDEX/LEATHER CATBOY ALL THE TIME AND IT’S PRACTICALLY THE SAME THING), so I felt like adding an “explanation” for the nakedness by making them spend time with their future baby at the beach.  XD 

This was literally the first time I’ve ever drawn a half naked man, so be nice.  XD

My old drama teacher made a great point about *Old Hollywood*: “They worked within a censorship code. They could not be overt about sex, infidelity or homosexuality. They had to be subtle. But they still dealt with those themes. And, arguably, the subtlety was better than the annoying ‘in-your-face’ gratuitous stuff films give us now.”

I don’t necessarily agree, of course. 

But I understand what he was saying.