bios for twitter

ok, it took a long, long, long time (+/- 4h, srsly) to find all this bios so please, like or credit to @faithdls on twitter if you’re taking any of these bios/symbols. enjoy!

ps: i’ll add more bios later.

  • bios:

my dick loves your pussy

can i fuck you?

fuck me, now

till the break of dawn yo

make sure you wear something tight

spring break forever, bitches

let go and let god

i’ll fucking beat the fuck out of you

enjoy the life

i can’t be tamed

i’m paranoid

when you look me in the eyes

won’t you fly with me now?

fly with me 

she dreamed of paradise

i love sleep

enjoy the silence

there are no happy endings

hello my name is não te interessa

ready or not, here i come

i like your face, do you like my song

i’m a blonde

you’re the fire, you’re the city lights

rocks at my window

ok, fuck you funkeiro

you’re just a motherfucker 

really? aw i don’t care

justin aka kidrauhl

her love is my religion

good luck finding another me

fuck ya’ll, niggas

there are happy endings

never stop dreaming

here’s my dilemma

i love you like a love song

tell me something i don’t know

fuck you

fuck you nigga

trust no nigga

what the fuck did you say?

i think i’d have a heart attack

you make me glow

let’s make sex

get out motherfucker

unhealthily obsessed with 1d

here comes the sun

here comes jb

can we do it all over again

you’ve never loved

you’re so asdfghjkl

she’s the one, i say it loud

now you found me and got me all weak

you’re beautiful

save me

save me from me

my heart hurts

come back another day

she’s my everything

she’s like a star

she’s the only one that i want by my side

he’s the only one who understands me

she’s the only one, that i believe, can save my life

she makes me wanna be a better man

bitch, i’m perfect

sorry, i just wanted to get some pussy

music makes me lose control

you don’t love me now

you just hurt me now

you make me lose control

i wanna have sex with you

she’s moving like oh oh oh

party wow owo

party people crazy

you burn me, i burn you

Who cares, man?

yhe only thing you’re working on is diabetes, you fat fuck

give me back my fucking gnome

shut the fuck up jb

i need to masturbate

no, i’m leaving

she fucks college dudes

holy shit, dude

spring breakers

high school pussy for days

get the hell out of my way

oh shit

i’m understaffed

damn internet, everybody’s a fucking attorney

´´oh I don’t drink alcohol´´ ´´okay, faggot´´

ya’ll motherfuckers

truth be told, i ain’t from this planet, ya’ll

rise and shine, little bitch

i am a fuckin’ nightmare in this motherfucker

Ii am the fuckin’ death star

why y’all actin’ s’picious?

i got shorts in every color

i got motherfuckin nunchucks

look at my shit

bikinis and big booties, y’all. that’s what life is all about

this money makes my tits look bigger

y’all my motherfuckin’ soul mates, swear to god. i just fell in love with y’all.

i am fuckin’ made of money, look at my fuckin’ teeth

suck my dick

this is the most spiritual place i’ve ever been

i’m tired

spring break, forever

get out motherfucker, get out

good morning little bitch

jb make me happy

lana del sexy rey

fuck me lana del rey

lizzy grant is better than you

i’m coming on santa claus face

this is a party for grown ups

i‘d love to get some oral, or at least do some finger banging

get off of me you faggot dog

my dick is gonna get so wet tonight

i’m gonna win ya

team bieber

smilers love trouble

my fans are wild

para para paradise

thanks for never stop loving me, mom

shut up and let me smoke with cyrus

if i could just die in your arms

i wouldn’t mind

kajshdkjhkhd i’m funny

as long as jb love me

this is bieber’s world

lana changed my life

chasing the sun

chasing jb

I want pizza

I am dressed like an easter egg

that should be me holding your hand

i’m blessed

oh seriously? i dont carehere for mrc

love is the only way

perdeu o cu aqui kirida

i smile bc i love jdb 

my fav color is selena’s eyes

she saved my life

remember december

don’t worry, make sex with me

don’t be normal

fuck this xoxo

vote jb for president

jb means the world to me

i’m smiler and you know the rest

really? ok, so now go fuck yourself

hahaha fuck you nigga

It’s a bit fucked

argh, jb is so sexy


this is brilliant

sometimes i’ve got boobs

this ain’t the heartbreak hotel

i love my idol and i don’t give a fuck about you

i’m feeling 22

miley’s album is coming soon in 2098

i just wanna believe in me

i’m smiling but i’m not happy

i’m smiling, not being happy

i hate people

live fast and die young

live fast, die young, be wild and have fun

idk man i just love jb

cause i’m right here

i cry because i love jb

out of town girl

all around the world

justin b(etter than you)ieber

i love justin bieber

justin aka mine

that should be me

if i could just die in your arms

swag, swag on you

s(he’s) br(ok)en

diley means the world to me

shut up, i’m a queen

i wanna fly, i wanna drive, i wanna go

you and me, the perfect team

baby i would

hey i heard you were a wild one

i’m the wild one

my pussy tasted like pepsi cola

there’s nothing like you and me

don’t be like the rest of them, darling

haterz gonna hate, can’t stop this smile

can’t stop this smile

shine bright like me

it’s me, bitch,

you u gotta do is love ddl

i need to go to nyc right now, bitch

this is real this is me

did you forget?

don’t forget

baby I’m not like the rest

i’ll carry you home

how we do party

big girls dont cry

all you need is love

tonight we are young

really? that’s not on my business

really bitch? really?

i just need silence

we accept the love we deserve

i’m staying strong because of you guys

stay strong and radiate your love

radiate your love

stay strong

stay strong, bitch

i wanna dia

must. not. eat.

i’m really fat

demi is my sunshine

pandas are better than you

i love food

justin bieber did you mean perfection

believe and always stay strong
you light up my world like nobody else

i’m in love with you and all these little things

i think i love you

stuck in the moment

selena rules my world

jb makes me smile

miley’s pussy is prettier than your face

respect my idol or die

whos gonna make you fall in love

everytime i close my eyes, its like a dark paradise

i wish i was dead

justin b(ig ass)ieber

our love was made to rule the world 

i’m feeling sexy and free

miley aka sexy bitch

you need jesus, bitch

haha no, you’re a ridiculous

it was 94, the year that everything started to change

bitch don’t kill my vibe

baby i’m not like the rest

from stratford to the world

demi lovato is my reason

my heart beats for semi

oh seriously? i dont care

i’ve been crazy for you all this time

i’m better than you, bitch

my idols are the reason i’m here today

you cry bc i’m fab and your not

demi lovato fucked all my life but i dont care

vanessa hudgens is a treasure 

demi (sexy) lovato

lost in confusion, like an illusion

i want you to stay

hashtag believe 

twerkin’ with miley

justin follows hahaha no he doesn’t 

im obsessed with ariana grande

bieber or die basically

hi selena i exist

demi lovato > you

everybody > you

you know who’s awesome? me

i breathe for paramore

ignorance it’s your new bf

all you need is food

nothing like computer and me together

white lips, pale face, ed sheeran is killing me

ed aka perfect sheeran

watching netflix with jb

jb is the only reason

hey, what’s the situation?

bieber my balls

bieber or die

nothing like us

i’ll always be there for you

from stratford to the world

when he smile i smile

suck my lolly

the sun goes down, the stars come out 

i love jb so fuck you nigga

jb shine bright like a diamond

shine bright like jb

jb is the only reason

she don’t like the lights

fuck me justin 

no no no fire eyes

i wanna party

the project x 

the sky’s the limit

justin drew bieber

justin aka better than you

justin takes me to paradise

we’re gonna party like it’s 3012 tonight

idk man, i just love jb

the way you love me

the sun is up

i’m just selfish

there’s no way that I could share you

(and you can also put another music by your idol like “beauty and a beat”, “remember december”, “true friend” and etc)

  • you can also put them between this symbols:
 ✉ ☼ ✩ ♨ ♫ ☁ ☂ ☃ ☎ ✔ ☛ ☚ ✂ ✎ ☪ ✁ ✃ ✡ ☢ ❥ ❂ © ® ™ € ¥ £ ƒ $ « » ≤ ≥ * § & ≈ ß ◊ √ µ ¶ † • ≠ π ¿ ♈ ♉ ♊ ♋ ♌ ♍ ♎ ♏ ♐ ♑ ♒ ♓ ☬ ☫ ☨ ♙ ♟ ♔ ♕ ♖ ♗ ♘ ♚ ♛ ♜ ♝ ♞ ♅ ♇ ♆ ☭ ☮ ☯ ☥ ✖ ✾ ✽ ✺ ✵ ☒ ☑ ☠ ☮ ✈  ♥  ♪ ♫  ☻ ☺ ϟ ۞ ∞ ♂ ♀ ▲ ▼ ◆ ◎ Δ ◕ ◔ Ω ʊ 卐 ™ © ® ¿ ¡ ⇨ ☺ ☻ ϡ ♥  ۵  ღ  ♂ ♀  † ‡ ♪ ♫ ♯ ✰ ✟
  • normally i (and mostly everyone) use this ones:

♡ ☾ △ ´´ ▽ ▲  ☼ ☁

  • exemple: 

♡ cuz i’m right here ♡

☾ the sun goes down, the stars come out ☾

☼ shine bright like me ☼

´´ddl mrc jb smg 1d´´

△ bieber or die, bitch △

▲ i’m just selfish, you know ▲

▽ from stratford to the world ▽

☁ the sky’s the limit ☁