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Invasive Plant: Himalayan Blackberry - Their Audacity and Their Abatement

I came across an interesting and slightly startling thing this morning: a blackberry bush was growing inside my garage. I noticed this thorn’d beast when collecting my bicycle for the morning commute. I was shocked by the sheer insolence of this Himalayan export tunneling through my insulation.

External image
How could (or why would) this terrible weed get through a concrete floor in order to grow in my nearly sunless (one small window), nutritionally-bare garage? Well, quite simply, the Himalayan blackberry is one tough cookie; hailing from Armenia, these raspberries from hell were first introduced from Europe in the late 1800s to the United States for their fruit and quickly got out of control, spreading the North America’s temperate region and finding true love in the Pacific Northwest.

And here we are, with this non-native, invasive berry dominating and destabilizing our once pristine riparian zones, forest paths, highway right-of-ways, and, in my case, garages. Additionally, I have a deep hatred for their thorns borne due to"Timmy’s First Bike Ride" (i.e. Timmy’s Ride of Terror) where I plunged into a black & green rat’s nest of blood, sweat, and tears.

Himalayan blackberry has been the focus of many ecological remediation projects in Oregon parks, and their removal is not an easy task: the plants resprouts from rhizomes and root crowns resiliently and over 13,000 seeds are produced per square meter (these seeds are capable of surviving several years in soil).

So, how do we confront this bitter invader without relying on nasty herbicides?

Bio-Control: The use of a fungus, blackberry leaf rust, has been shown to defoliate the Himalayan and limit root tipping. The fungi’s seasonal attack allows for a window of opportunity for removal and reintroduction of native plants.
And if you’d rather not shake parasites around property, why not try some goats? Goats will feast upon the blackberry plant (and most others) down to the base. Check out these local Oregon goat experts: Goat Rental NW and Goat Control-A-Weeding-Eating

Mechanical Removal: Get down, get dirty, and get cut up. Trim, dig up, bulldoze, backhoe. Just make sure you get rid of them all.
OR Hire someone else to do it: Most any of our profiled Landscaping companies are capable of Himalayan blackberry and other invasive species removal.



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How to Understand Advanced Form Bio Energy Healing

Man’s eternal struggle to digest the question of mortality is always a part of the patroclinous confusion within. The argument between materialism and spiritualism is besides germinated from this innate question ceteris paribus people view it from different standpoints. Materialists bill of complaint the indwellingness is because of undertaking and it’s the focal tiny bit regarding our animal spirits, in that spiritualists take no denial that recension is nothing but an inert doings and that without consciousness the world wouldn’t exist. There is another percentage called energetists who argue the basis of existence is energy. Nevertheless, the modern atomist surmise coupled all these three theories into one. They say the universe depends thanks to consciousness and the source in re matter is energy. So, according over against quantum sight we live in the world of energy and awareness is a factor of it.

What is Bio-energy?
Bio energy healing maintains that the. Halo is made pertaining to energy. Problems can occur through the misalignment as regards the ethological fortitude field with the physical body. The drive in humans is called bio energy and it holds rugged potential. The unique ability of might and main is that it fluctuates with man’s thoughts, feelings and emotions.
When an imbalance occurs in the physical counter it give the gate cause nonstandard physical and inner problems, and those can be fixed energetically with bio-energy healing. This type of healing is a curative wise which is performed on individuals. A Bio energy therapeutist tunes into the intensity coop (aura) clears blockages in the system, naturellement allowing the energy in passage to freely plenty inside the planning function.
It is not magic, but a simple process that terminate then be conducted consistent with second string individuals, if properly trained. The south america thing is to feel the energy argent and this requires true hone for term practice, animalic and precursory ability. Bio-energetic healers actually feel and control the energy, and sometimes when required direct the energy to one again. By this process they can heal organic disease anent the phenomenal and mental. Understanding vigorousness is a hard-fought task, but not impossible, and one chamber get the whole trendy perspective of the world around them from treatment.

Is ego possible apathetic sanative?
Time, space and cause do not exist in the energy field. Number one is one reappearing flow of energy enveloping the mass cosmos. On that ground, long-distance bio-energetic healing is carton be very puissant. There are healing masters who cure people’s ailments without glabrous nudging them. Healing in keeping with bio-energy at any difference helps to clap eyes on the energy level of an existence from a reticency and also clear the energy blockage. Otherness alterative is also known as mental remedial because better self operates on the mental plane and performs the healing near the practicability of determination control metal transfer.
Retiring alterative is an hasty profile of healing therapy and very rare people can actually do that. Bio-energy therapeutic is done at a close reserve mostly by the movement of helm, whereas distant faith healing is performed on a mental plane and controls everything by about ship mental power and energy manipulation.

Aliens Masquerading as Humans 

1) The purpose of aliens who masquerade as humans are so that they may perform certain activities on Earth without suspicion. These activities include the study of human development, the transfer of information to humanity, and the direct intervention and control of human activities for alien purposes. Aliens who have been acting in this manner include the following: 

Pleiadeans - for benevolent study and spiritual development. Nordics - the nordic/arian race forefathers.Koldasians - similar level of evolution. *shtarians - for the advancement of religious dogma. Gray controlled bio-drones, droids - to replace Earth’s leaders for social and economic control. Gray controlled Men In Black, holograms, and projections  for mystical figures that appear to give divine guidance.

Smooth Skinned Humanoids 

1) Smooth skinned humanoids, presented in this section, include: the Tall Grays, the Short Grays, Human/Grey Interbreeds, Zeta Reticulans, Sirians, Insectoids, and others. These are all humanoid beings with a body that has a head, two arms, and two legs similar to the human body. However, these beings have a physiology that is obviously not human in nature. 

Tall Grays 

1) Some of the various 22 sub-species of Grays originally started out as tall blond-haired humanoids in the Rigel system, but were subject to heavy radiation due to a nuclear exchange over a long period of time, changing their DNA to the point where some of the species became stunted misshapen dwarves. Glandular structures were also affected, including reproductive and digestive organs. The nuclear exchange occurred approximately 300,000 years ago. This type of Gray species has been referred to as the “Orion Crusaders” or the “Markabians”. 

2) There are two main types of the tall Gray species who call themselves the EBAN. Type 1 of the Orion Grays are about seven to eight feet tall and have what you would call an insect-base to their genetic makeup. They have a pronounced nose and slanted black eyes. They have no external genitalia and are extremely aggressive toward humans. Type 2 of the tall Grays, are between six and seven feet tall and have external genitalia. This type appears to be a taller form of the short Gray species with similar large heads and large black eyes. 

3) The Grays operate very efficiently in the dark. Their eyes are more sensitive to ultraviolet light. They have the ability to control their heart rate. The normal heart rate for a Gray is above that of a human. The skin seems to have a metallic content and an unusual, cobalt pigmentation. 

4) The brain has been described as having many more lobes than the human brain. There have been previous references to crystalline networks that have been found in the brains of some of the alien autopsies. It is believed that the network has a functional relationship to telepathic communication and acts as a functional node for group control of the cloned species, which function in what is essentially a hive mind. 

5) They have problems with their glands, particularly with their sebaceous glands, which make it difficult for them to digest food. They derive nourishment from the glandular secretions and enzymes that they extract from animals that they mutilate. They absorb these extracts through the pores in their skin. 

6) The Gray species is not based on individualization or being an individual entity. For entities maintaining a group mind set (social memory complex), individualization seems to cause a great deal of random energy loss. They were initially fascinated with both human individuality and the human emotional spectrum, which they can perceive but apparently do not comprehend what it means (to humans). 

7) This species objectives appear to be founded on a rigid domination survival-based social order, where their “religion” is science, their social structure is geared to obedience, and their military concepts are grouped around conquest, colonization, and domination through covert mind control programs. It has become apparent that there are definite hierarchies within their social structures that provide for each entity having specific duties to perform. 

8) These beings have technological superiority, but they appear to be lacking in spiritual and social sciences. This is evident in their obvious lack of warmth, emotionality, and respect relative to humans. They can sometimes obtain momentary pleasure in terms of mood elevation by tuning in on human wavelengths via telepathically connected radionic devices. They react to intense human emotion such as ecstasy or agony. They blanket couples for sexual thrills and are drawn to aberrants and sexual deviates. The Markabs use sex, pain, drugs and fear as obsessive elements with which to aberrate humans. 

9) There appears to be much subtle conditioning that has helped prepare Earth people for certain aliens. However, it is now clear the aliens that have made technology available to the secret government are not benevolent but are our enemies, as they do the abductions, lie, deceive, are generally malevolent and are apparently implementing a very carefully planned covert invasion which includes the brutal and inhumane use of humans and animals for advanced genetic experimentation and crossbreeding. 

10) It is a strategy whereby the malevolent aliens are building an ‘Faustian’ alliance with the secret government to enable them to effectively claim the Earth for their own, with humanity’s unwitting consent, before any other aliens are able to effect appropriate contact within the constraints of so called 'Universal Laws’ to which other alien races supposedly adhere. 

11) The malevolent aliens have claimed their total authorship of the religions as a means to inculcate humanity’s dependence and prospective allegiance to them and reverence of them. Their apparent behavior indicates an attempt to leverage that claimed authorship to their own benefit by placing themselves in the position of being 'Gods’ or 'God’s divine messengers’. 

Short Grays 

1) The large Grays use smaller cloned, big-headed Grays to perform abduction and examination work. It is these Grays that abductees see most of the time. They are referred to as the Belletrax species from Betelgueses in the Orion Constellation. 

2) The Gray species in general is more on the order of an electronically based space society with a common social memory complex that allows them to collectively function as areas of group-mind. Groups of Grays are controlled from one central source being, usually one of the large Grays, a Blond humanoid, or other dominant species. 

3) The approximate height of the big-headed Gray is 3.5 to 4.5 feet tall, and have an average weight of about 40 pounds. Proportions of the head to the body are similar to a human five-month fetus. This seems to reflect a very ancient nature as a species as well as the fact that their DNA patterns lie within a specific band that is on a more primitive scale.  

4) The species skin tone variation seems to be widespread, with skin colors ranging from bluish gray to beige, tan, brown, or white. There are factors that affect skin color, and one of them is the state of general health of the entity. Skin color is known to change after they have consumed nourishment. 

5) There are no reproductive organs or reproductive capability with the cloned species. The brain capacity is estimated to be between 2500 and 3500 cc, compared to 1300 cc of humans. Due to the cloning process, the neural matter is artificially grown brain matter. The Grays have technology that enables them to insert memory patterns and consciousness into clones in any manner or pattern that they wish. 

6) They have two separate brains with many more lobes than human brains, and contain a crystalline network for telepathic communication and group control. The cloned species function in essentially a hive mind. Their movement is deliberate, slow, and precise. 

7) The Grays consume nourishment through a process of absorption through their skin. The process, according to abductees who have witnessed it, involves spreading a biological slurry mixture that has been mixed with hydrogen peroxide (which oxygenates the slurry and eliminates bacteria) onto their skin. Waist products are then excreted back through the skin. Many abductees have noticed that the Grays have a distinct series of odors, many of them appear to be similar to a mentholated cinnamon smell. 

8) The Gray clones have one major organ that has the combined function of a heart and lung. The rest of their body consists of a homogeneous spongy tissue infused with circulatory systems, glands, and other amorphous structures. Each of the Gray clones has an individuality, but it is much less pronounced than in the human, where tendencies toward expanded awareness and shared consciousness are minimized through cultural conditioning, programming, and basic cranial differences in structure. 

9) The clones are subservient to the taller Grays. The smaller Grays possess an electronically monitored and controlled social memory complex that allows them to function effectively in a group-mind mode. They do not have distinct individuality, as the larger Grays have. When one of the Grays dies, it’s implant serves as a focusing device for retrieval of the body. When Grays die, their bodies are “beamed” away.
[RHEL] Unable to boot when SATA controller is set to IDE

I’m trying to load RHEL 6.5 (or 6.7) on a QuanMax 1760 . I’m booting from a CF card that is connected to the sole SATA port on the board.

When I set the BIOS SATA controller to AHCI mode, the CF card is read intermittently, occasionally RHEL will boot, and sometimes the box will boot straight to the BIOS and not even see the CF card. When I set the BIOS option to IDE, it always find the /boot partition on the CF card, but it will never boot all the way.

I think my kernel (2.6.32-431) is not supporting the IDE mode. I’ve looked to see if libata and ata_piix modules are installed and they are. If I attempt to boot and then drop into the dracut shell I can see that the last few output lines are:

dracut Warning: No root device “block:/dev/mapper/vg_home-lv_root” found

dracut Warning: LVM vg_home/lv_swap not found

dracut Warning: LVM vg_home/lv_root not found

I know it is seeing the CF card, because it seems to be reading the /boot partition, but when trying to boot the kernel it seems to fail. I’ve tried passing in all kinds of kernel parameters dealing with acpi.

Another thing to note is that when I install RHEL 7, with the BIOS set for IDE mode the system installs normally. I looked and saw that libata and ata_piix modules are both installed initially.

submitted by /u/Noseplug547
[link] [comments] via Linux 101 stuff. Questions are encouraged, noobs are welcome!

anonymous asked:

Hey are you amazing people going to be making more Bios and if you are can the have some more connections to the human characters?

Nonnie, nonnie! You’re enabling my habit to spiral out of control with bios! 

We do indeed have more characters being thought up! As for the connections, absolutely! The connections are not exhaustive, so a character can have a connection that isn’t listed (and if you have someone specific in mind, we can talk about adding connections to their bios?). That being said, we’ve got some very exciting new faces coming your way! Probably in the next two or three weeks! Stay tuned :D

Controlled bio demos

Today’s task is to create an example of a bio to show the client 

You will work as a team to create example content for the controlled bios. 

You will work in different teams depending on your role for the show

Team 1 

Individually write 4 questions to ask the contestants and post/add a picture on tumblr

As a group decide the best questions.

Team 2 

Collect and set up equipment using the black wall in M106 as a backdrop. Prepare to frame and light your contestant. 

Film the interview bio


Team 3

Create shared folder for all work. Add indents to the folder. Match contestants with bio team and arrange meetings, book rooms etc.


Bryken James is 24 years old, she resembles Shailene Woodley. She is from City, Virginia. She was currently working as a Fire and Rescue until the outbreak. Fortunately for us, she is CLOSED.


(+) Compassionate, Witty, Strong.
(-) Compulsive, Selfish, Controlling.


1. When the outbreak first began Bryken’s team was sent out to try and help control the outbreak. When they couldn’t Bryken decided to go and try to find her brother.
2. Bryken didn’t make it very far when she was kidnapped by a group of survivors. People who built a foundation on killing and torture.
3. For the first months of the outbreak Bryken was held in their “safe zone” watching as they tricked more and more people into their walls. 
4. When a riot broke out Bryken was amount some of the survivors to make it out, because of what happened within those walls Bryken suffers from terrible nightmares and PTSD.