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Kinfolk Butcher Block Party - Paris by Nico Alary
Via Flickr:
A great gathering at Le Garde-Robe des Batignolles in Paris 17th arrondissement organized by Lise and Lauren. Lots of amazing charcuterie and cheeses from small producers paired with delicious vins naturels. Follow @nicoalaryjr


I also want to add that sometimes being too specific or expert in your knowledge can alienate the reader, or take the reader out of the story. There have been a ton of times that I have read specific facts in a book, get taken out of the novel, google the author on a hunch, and see in their twitter bio “wine enthusiast” or “horse lover since 6” or “owns 18 race cars”. Then I realise that the character has become a self-insert by the author and am entirely turned off.

Because I think it’s an interesting point: At what point do you all find yourselves alienated by an authors particular interests coming through in the story? Personally, I love learning about things that I don’t know much about, but there’s a line where it stops feeling natural to the narrative/isn’t explained in an interesting enough way to keep my attention.