bio tyranno

Sadly I couldn’t get the lights working (no batteries), so have this crappy edit I did in less than 10 minutes.  From some pictures I took, which I’l upload separately. I was planning to make this an icon, but not sure I like it enough for that. Not sure if it’ll look good or not  >.>

Though in all seriousness, if anyone has any tips for lighting and cool tricks and stuff, I’d love to hear it. I don’t have a whole lot to work with though. 


More Zoids projects updates:

Bio Tyranno: Oi did I ever get backed up on models…anyway I picked up a Bio Tyranno for pretty cheap and figure I’ll paint it like Mother Bio. The painting is going pretty well, I think all I really need to do other than that is modify the tail and extra arm thingies a bit and bam, Mother Bio.

Whale King: Yeah this thing has been sitting at the shop for a long time, the fins did not want to cooperate at all. But I think I’ve got it figured out enough, just have to finish painting its other side, if I can find it. Also this thing needs a cool name, When I picked it up I thought…whale..Moby Dick! So I painted it white, maybe…Moby King?..Kaiser?.. I dunno, if you’ve got a suggestion lemme know.

Others: The Forest Gojulas is all done, now I just have to find a place to take pictures, which is hard because I live in the desert, same problem I have with my HMM Iron Yeti, all done but nowhere to snap pics. The salamander is still waiting on parts, dunno how long that will sit in a box. I also picked up a camera and rotating display stand, was thinking about making some reviews on these models, but I’m kinda camera shy so we’ll see. I’ll make gifs at the very least, anyway thats all I think, cya!