bio spark

Bio Spark!

Everyone’s favorite little ninja. Bio Spark is the first enemy, and one of the only enemies, that provides the Ninja ability. Bio Spark bounces around and throws his little knives. In Squeak Squad, Bio Spark can hide behind a cloth that blends with any background. I always liked the dark gray color that enemy Bio Sparks had in Super Star. It’s also sometimes called “Biospark”, without the space.

Psychological Sparking

I’ve never been sure about designations like “bio-Spark” and “clank-Spark”. They’re useful in describing someone’s main focus, in the same way refering to a biologist or a physicist is useful in distinguishing types of scientist. But while someone might be better at biology you would be unlikely to tell them that they’re a “natural biologist” and therefore shouldn’t study physics.

With weaker Sparks it’s probable that they do focus on a single discipline in order to master it, and Sparks such as the circus usually only have access to education in one discipline if they’re lucky. But a powerful and well-educated Spark seems unlikely to be limited this way, except by preference.

However, there is a strong element of instinct in Spark creations. They often solve a problem not in the most practical way but in the way that appeals to them most. But I think the instinct is neither ingrained from the moment of breakthrough nor, necessarily, as simple as clank over bio. Looking at Gil, Agatha and Tarvek, there are reasons for the directions their creations go in.

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girugin  asked:

SPARK-001: "Adams, Alexander, bio-signature recognized..." *Spark had suddenly stopped as he'd been walking past Kage, turning towards him, those orange eyes on his Gremlin-like head looking Kage up and down.* "Shiv project engineer... Engineering division Alpha... Identity confirmed..."

“Shhh, shh, shh, quiet down now SPARK, someone might hear you!” Kage hissed out lowly, turning away from his current robotic project to face the large machine. “It’s Kage now until further notice…”