bio remediation

Name: Rio Sakuro
Age: 27
Occupation: Doctor Hobbies: -Ghost hunting - Making inventions - Tarot reading - Making home remedies


Rio is an independent woman who has strided through life being herself! She is an eccentric woman above all and an intellectual mixed in.

Rio loves everything medicine and all things paranormal, even at her age. This young woman was home-schooled most of her life, High school being the exception. There she had made many friends (And guinea pigs) along the way.

She prides herself with every new medicine she makes and loves to help others, even when they misunderstand her. Which happens quite often. Rio still lacks some social etiquette, but most find that very endearing. Some patients however, aren’t very pleased with how dark and spooky her office is…

Rio is still up to her antics with trying to summon spirits, she hopes to be whisked away!