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hello ap nerds! since it’s that time of year again…. 
here are my ap psychology and ap biology notes from when i studied for the exams (i got a 5 and 3, respectively)

p.s. the ap tests are never as hard as the class
they follow a very predictable structure and generally test on the same things every year, so it’s 100% possible to do ok if you study

p.p.s pls stop asking me to do your homework for you! i graduated nearly two years ago i am done with homework

It feels awesome to take a break from studying just to dedicate this entire week to winx,(Yes, I do know how to spend my spare time.) even tho I’m on the edge of hell now…this is definitely the worst time of the year. Anyways, this is my part of my first collab with a winxer, I’m waiting for her to color it ❤
Papa Riven will forever be one of my favorite things. I bet he’d be one of those dads who’d protect their children from everything. I’m feeling as well oddly maternal this week… Weird

April 3rd {5/100}

Day 5 of my 100 days of productivity! Today I spent most of my time rewriting my in-class psychology notes. I re-write my notes for almost all of my subjects, but mostly just in those that I actually take the most notes in. For example, Bio and Psychology. I’ve got a summative essay due by Tuesday and it’s stressing me out. I did so well for the formative version of this essay topic that I’m worried that when it comes to sitting the test for 1.5h that I’ll somehow forget it all. I know it sounds like I’m stressing for no reason, but this is seriously one of my biggest anxiety triggers. 

anonymous asked:

Hey! I'm currently doing a double major in biology and psychology and I always get asked what I plan on doing after I graduate but I honestly don't know what my options are. So what are some careers that I can get into with those majors?

These PDFs are about to rock your world:

anonymous asked:

Can I please have a scenario where kuroo has a nerdy girlfriend like himself, where she loves chemistry and biology and collects house plants, how would he react when he finds out? 💕

“Oh __ this is the cutest thing ever!” He stood at the doorway of her bedroom in awe, giggling in a surprised manner. He looked around the room, multicolored succulents placed on every flat surface. She had several hanging plants, the vines coiling out of the pots and down towards the floor. Cacti and orchids were lined up by her window sill, and he was honest he spotted a venus fly trap. Her room was practically a jungle, and he absolutely loved it.
“How come you never told me you were literally a botanist?”
“Never came up.” She shrugged, leading him into her room and sitting down on her bed. She patted the empty space next to her and with caution, he took his seat. Now that he got a closer look, he saw that even her bedsheets had little illustrated cacti on it. His hand wandered to find hers and gently, he squeezed it, not knowing how else to express the utter fondness he began to feel.
“__ we’ve been in about fifty circumstances where you could’ve brought this up.” He snorted, his attention being captured by a row of pink succulents on her nightstand. “I mean, I only talk about chemistry everyday. You could’ve just been like ‘Hey. Tetsurou. I like that science thing too.’”
“I just figured you knew that already. I mean, why else would I take a college chem class?”
“For the credits?” He shrugged. “I don’t know.”
“Well yes, I really do love sciences, including but not limited to, chem, bio chem, paleontology, psychology and botany.”
“You forgot geology.” He laughed while motioning towards a small heap of geodes on top of her dresser. She shrugged, stretching to pick one up and cup it in her hands.
“Yes, and definitely geology.” She examined the geode, the bright purples and pinks capturing his own attention. “I bought these pre cut though, because I suck and if I cut them myself they’d probably shatter.”
“Oh, don’t be so pessimistic.” He said.
“I’d shatter them.” She repeated, examining the geode a little while longer before setting it back down. “Yeah, so that’s my room!” She concluded, bouncing up and down on the mattress.
“You should…” Kuroo trailed off, sliding off her bed and pulling her up with him. “Give me a tour of the jungle.”
“I prefer indie greenhouse, but I’d love too.”
She pulled him back towards her dresser and pointed up at a row of small plants inside domes situated next to the geode heaps.
“These are my Tillandsia, they’re my heart and soul and I care about them more than anything.” She smiled. “Would you like to hold one?”
“Hold one?”
She nodded, slipping her fingers through the small opening in the glass dome and pulling out the little succulent. It had no roots, and if it weren’t for its vibrant green color he would’ve thought they were dead.
“Wait, what?” He gasped as she placed it in the palm of his hand. “Is it dead?”
“Nah, its an air plant. I still have to water them but they just kinda… dwell here. They’re my anti problematic plant friends…” She shrugged, taking it back out of his hand and securing it back in its dome.
She went on like this, describing each plant with wide eyed enthusiasm. Kuroo was half listening, half not listening. Of course he found interest in every little thing she said to him, but he was just lost in the fire of her passion. He was only pulled back down to earth when she introduced him to a venus flytrap, a plant that struck his interest the moment he walked in.
“Who’s this little guy?” He gawked. Although he knew it would be dangerous, he patted the top of one of the heads, becoming more fascinated in the way the jaw snapped shut.
“Well, his name is Seymour, for obvious reasons.” She shrugged. “Remember how I said my Tillandsias are the anti problematic ones? Yeah, here’s Mr. Problematic.”
“Whys he problematic?”
“Because I actually have to make food for him.” She pointed towards one of the smaller openings of the plant. “See that?”
“Yeah, what is that?”
“Meatball. I’m too big of a puss to go buy him flies or crickets or whatever, so I end up making him a bunch of meatballs.”
Kuroo snorted, leaning over towards her and pulling her into a tight hug. He leaned over, dragging her down with him onto the floor.
“You’re so cute when you’re passionate.”
“Well, I’m glad you think so.”
“I love you, my little scientist.”

To all AP students out there:

  1. Good luck!
  2. Do your best!
  3. Remember what your teacher told you!
  4. Extra practice won’t hurt!
  5. Be sure to relieve your self from stress by:
    • Listing your worries and then tearing the paper up
    • Having a good filling breakfast
    • Try to avoid personal problems before the test
  6. Think, Focus, Concentrate!
  7. You can do it!
  8. SHIFT happens!

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anonymous asked:

Meds just numb your emotions . Diet, exercise and support around you is way better than taking some addictive drug for depression or anxiety which has side effects of being more suicidal ect. Side effects are still effects. I believe everyone should try absolutely every possible coping mechanism before turning to medication for help. Popping a pill is not a coping mechanism. It does not teach you anything but "everything will feel better if I take this" medication should be 100% last resort.

That isn’t what the medication is for.

You have these things called neurons in your brain. Neurons are brain cell. From neuron to neuron, there is a chemical transfer between neurons, and these chemicals are called Neuortransmitters.

There is a neuortransmitter called Serotonin. Here is what is is responsible for:

As a neurotransmitter, serotonin influences both directly and indirectly the majority of brain cells. The following is a list of things that it is thought that serotonin could affect:

Mood and social behavior
Appetite and digestion
Sexual desire and function.

The majority of anti depressants that are prescribed are called SSRI or Selective Serotonin Reuptake inhibitors.  What SSRIs do is prevent the reuptake of serotonin back into the previous neuron, so that it lingers in the synapse longer (the area between two neurons) and has more of a chance of the serotonin going into the next neuron. This can amplify the affect of serotonin, making it more likely to work, which can really benefit those suffering from depression, because depression is believed to be linked to individuals having a deficit of serotonin in the brain, or it is not being processed efficiently. The blocking of the ability to reuptake allows the next cell not to create a lot more serotonin, which is a lot of work for the cell itself. 

They commonly are prescribed first in small doses, and should be used along with therapy and exerisize. Popping a pill isn’t a coping mechanism, your right. But depression isn’t just being sad and not being able to handle it.  It is not being able to get out of bed, not being able to function. SSRIs help you be able to function.

Just like if you were sick with a physical illness you would take medication, you can take SSRIs for things like depression and anxiety. These drugs are tightly regulated by the FDA and can only be prescribed for a few conditions, and only if the doctor or psychiatrists believes they would help.

Here is a picture of what SSRIs do between the neuron:

SSRIs can help the brain function normally when it is not. Its important to learn what these drugs do for the brain before we assume they don’t provide a lot of help. I am taking an SSRI, and it really helps me be able to function.



07.18.16 // {4/100}
Bought a couple things for school today 😍

Loving the different blues and the little labels I made for the inside covers. The open binder is for my ap bio and physics classes, the mint colored one is for apush and psych, and I have another one for bc calc!
I’ve never been sold on loose leaf paper but I want to use graph paper and I haven’t found any good wire bound graph notebooks in stores near me.

Majors at my college
  • Physics: So. Many. Requirements.
  • Chemistry: probably snorted the copper chloride to think that major was a good idea
  • Biology: can you major in bio without being premed
  • Psychology: Trying to make everyone else crazy
  • Linguistics: Actually making everyone else crazy (and everything sounds sexual)
  • English: 100000000000-word essay? Psh, no problem.
  • Math: Haha did you think you would be using numbers that's cute
  • CS: We all have 10 job offers by junior year
  • Economics: We don't know if the theory we're using works.
  • Astro: Everything is a sphere. That cow is a sphere.