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Hey! I'm currently doing a double major in biology and psychology and I always get asked what I plan on doing after I graduate but I honestly don't know what my options are. So what are some careers that I can get into with those majors?

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April 3rd {5/100}

Day 5 of my 100 days of productivity! Today I spent most of my time rewriting my in-class psychology notes. I re-write my notes for almost all of my subjects, but mostly just in those that I actually take the most notes in. For example, Bio and Psychology. I’ve got a summative essay due by Tuesday and it’s stressing me out. I did so well for the formative version of this essay topic that I’m worried that when it comes to sitting the test for 1.5h that I’ll somehow forget it all. I know it sounds like I’m stressing for no reason, but this is seriously one of my biggest anxiety triggers. 

also not to be Like That but ….. college au…. caed nua uni

pallegina’s studying law and joined the fencing team despite it being an all-male team (she, a law student, found a loophole), hiravias is the local bio guy and also probably your weed guy, zahua is a professor of philosophy with like three very uncomfortable peppers on ratemyprofessor and is also the weed guy’s weed guy, maneha is a poetry and literature adjunct prof and can rip u apart like a twizzler which is why she has like five peppers on ratemyprofessor

edér is a farmboy who can’t afford nor seems particularly interested in college but he works nearby and socializes w the crew regardless, GM is… a… professor? does she even teach classes? no one can really verify nor deny her existence, only that she seems to be Around a lot. aloth is a mathematics transfer student taking a million credits and also on every academic challenge team and he never calls his family (too busy! he says, lying), sagani is a guest lecturer on environmental sciences and a photographer who can often be seen walking her dog itumaak around campus.

kana studies classics and he can sing so well? he’s in an acapella group and also like every ‘nerd’ club on campus. durance is the local dumpster fire, and can often be found in the quad preaching fire and brimstone and making indecipherable insult-laden passes at women walking by. security keeps removing him but he’s always back, like a disease. devil of caroc was a comp sci student’s capstone project about artificial intelligence, but now is trapped in a roomba that patrols a dorm building and people keep taping knives to the roomba’s chassis


24.03.17 - completely love drawing and labelling the diagrams for bio psychology. Making the key terms in these topics colourful helps them to stand out and helps me to focus on the most important points. Hope everyone is having a productive day 😊

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Hello, Im currently doing my gcses but im thinking of doing medicine in the future. is maths a level needed for medicine?? does it help with biology and chemistry a level? i dont know what to do since i hate maths and i would much rather prefer to do psychology. however it seems like unis like maths

Hi, maths is not necessary for any UK medical schools - most want chemistry and one of maths/bio/physics (some want bio and chem). Personally I think it does help chem quite a bit, and it helps a little in bio - but there are people in my classes that take bio, chem and psychology and they are doing fine. If you hate maths then I definitely think you shouldn’t take it just because you think it’ll help your bio/chem - it is so hard to do well in a subject you hate, so if you love psychology then do that! Good luck :)

Majors at my college
  • Physics: So. Many. Requirements.
  • Chemistry: probably snorted the copper chloride to think that major was a good idea
  • Biology: can you major in bio without being premed
  • Psychology: Trying to make everyone else crazy
  • Linguistics: Actually making everyone else crazy (and everything sounds sexual)
  • English: 100000000000-word essay? Psh, no problem.
  • Math: Haha did you think you would be using numbers that's cute
  • CS: We all have 10 job offers by junior year
  • Economics: We don't know if the theory we're using works.
  • Astro: Everything is a sphere. That cow is a sphere.

Got at 79 on my BioPsych Exam, but honestly, I’m not upset considering that there was a lot of stuff to remember and I started recapping on Friday and only really started studying on Saturday Night. Giving myself Sunday Night and Monday morning to really study since I had work literally all day Sunday. 

I was also happy because the Study Group I put together was really successful, and 6 people (including myself) turned up. :) It really helped, we all psyched each other out, but for the better.

Then when I got home, I discovered my Sheep Brains arrived! I already went to town with one of them. Adam was not happy. I was really surprised that it came attached with the Dura Mater on the Ventral Side. I didn’t have a brain with Dura Mater in class so I had trouble removing it. It was cool though cause the cranial nerve was SUPER intact, with really long tracts. The meninges was also intact all around the brain so I kinda destroyed a lot of my brain matter trying to peel it off. I’ve decided with my second brain I’m gona be nicer and I’m going to take picture so other Psychology Majors, or just people who are interested in the brain can look at it. 

Stay Tuned! :)