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So this PSD is really simple, I did it for my 1x1 account for my Mila Dimitrov. It was supposed to show her camera roll and photo’s and since I haven’t seen a PSD like this around I thought I would post it for all of you. I don’t know if this is going to be as popular as my other ones but I’m posting it because I have been using it alot. So I hope you like it

  • The font used are ‘Arial’. It’s a computer font so you should have it.
  • The dimensions are 640x1136
  • This is just clip masking the pictures so please have knowledge on how to do that!
  • The names and numbers are fully customisable!
  • You can see an example of it HERE
  • None of the gifs, pictures or PNG’s used are mine so credits to the original owners. If they are your creations let me know and I’ll credit you.
  • Please do not not steal or claim it as your own this counts as reposts. You are of course allowed to edit it for your own personal use.  
  • Please credit me if you use this PSD and Like and/or Reblog if you’re using it. It would be a great appreciation to me also I’d be happy to answer any questions about it.

Link has been updated: 4th August, 2014

character psd #5 »» "VOGUE"
  • everything should be pretty straight forward; you need two images, two epithets/labels, and a little blurb for the cover.  everything except for the lorem ipsum text is editable!
  • this psd works best for celeb-type rps, but please only use it if the characters are characters, and NOT real-life people
  • fonts used are Didot, AvantGarde, and Dubiel; you MUST have these fonts installed or the psd won’t work!
  • like/reblog if you download, and feel free to message me if you have any questions! 
download »» {mf}


So, as you can probably see, I decided to make a bunch of magazine templates/psds that you can use for whatever reason, really. They were based off of Teen Vogue, Nylon, Wonderland, and Glamour. Just be sure to give me credit because these took a hell of a long time, and like/reblog if you found them useful or downloaded them. Enjoy!

hold me down; a character psd by karmahelper.
the font you will use are Bebas Neue and Avdira (i think is alredy installed on computer). do not claim as your own or redistribute. credit’s not that necessary, but it will be great if you give me and/or give it a like or reblog if you downloaded enjoy & have a great day!!


                                        ( DOWNLOAD )


Recently an anon asked if I knew of any magazine cover-type templates and I made this one awhile back after not being able to find one that I needed. I figured it was selfish not to share it with the community. It does require a little bit of knowledge of Photoshop in order to get part of the photo in front of the logo, but it’s not too terribly difficult or complicated. The font used here is arial narrow bold, which should have come preinstalled on your computer. Please do not copy or steal this as I will be very displeased and grumpy if you do. Likes and reblogs would be highly appreciated. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

oh look I made a thing [9/∞] — “laced with fire”

Inspired by The Secret Circle, comes with water, earth, air options as well as the previewed fire option for the side picture
  • 500x3280 in total
  • 158x226 character picture don’t ask
  • fonts used are Echinos Park Script and Skia
  • optional hue/saturation level, although I personally think it looks better with that layer on
  • Please like/reblog if you are going to download it, because I do check
  • And please don’t claim as your own.

download from mediafire


As you know I am a big fan of all designs to do with fan sites. I love the headers and I just love how they set up their blog. So when doing this character PSD I tried to add that element to it. I decided to do Cher because I think she is just adorable. Her songs always have me up and dancing and I have loved playing her in roleplays. So this is dedicated to my little darling Cher

  • The fonts used are ‘Bebas Neue’, ‘Optimus Princeps’ and Arial.
  • The dimensions are 500x300
  • Everything is also in neat little folders so it’s not all over the place for you!
  • Knowledge of ‘Clipping Masks’ is needed.
  • I was inspired by this header that I saw. Link to original creation HERE
  • None of the resources used are mine so credits to the original owners. If they are your creations let me know and I’ll credit you.
  • Please do not not steal or claim it as your own this counts as reposts. You are of course allowed to edit it for your own personal use.  
  • Please credit me if you use this PSD and Like and/or Reblog if you’re using it. It would be a great appreciation to me also I’d be happy to answer any questions about it.
kenzaofrph's sixth character psd;


When creating this PSD, I was thinking of a crime/asylum rp that I would like to create. If you feel the need to, slap a gradient on top of it, I’ve tried it and it looks quite good.

I was actually thinking of using a png of a stamp on top of the filed-thing, but I was too lazy?? So y'all PS wizards might want to do that for me.

It includes a gif (make it exactly 30 frames, or the “filed” thingy won’t work), a loooot of textures (credit in the file), and spaces for the character nameage, a medical condiction/diagnosis (which can be replaced with a label etc), the roleplay’s name, and three positive and three negative character traits.
Fonts used are “Quickier Demo”, “Courier New” & “FoglihtenNo01”.

Another example.

Like or reblog if you download it, don’t steal/copy/redistribute, you may link me to your page if you use it in your rp, credit me, et cetera.

download; [box] or [4shared]

ow it ends

  • Font Used: Dubiel.
  • Dimensions: 500 x 430.
  • I labeled it clearly so it should be user friendly and easy for beginners to edit, but if not feel free to shoot me a message.
  • Best used with HQ photographs that have a dark background.
  • Feel free to edit as much you please, but no redistribution, thank you!
  • Please like or reblog if you found this useful!



                                                 CHARACTER PSD 001 | By roleanding.


  • Este es un sencillo PSD para personajes, completamente editable.  Para ello requiere un mínimo de conocimiento en photoshop, en verdad es muy simple. 
  • Pueden sentirse libres de modificarlos a su gusto y/o solicitarnos cualquier tipo de asistencia en su modificación.
  • Las fuentes utilizadas son CODE y Times New Roman.
  • Las medidas para cada imagen están incluidas en el psd. Se recomienda editar las imágenes por separado e incluirlas en el gráfico después.
  • Se recomienda la utilización de sharpen. (Tutorial para el uso de acciones)

LINKS DE DESCARGA: ( uno ) ( dos )


So I’m really not that much sure if there is an already existing template with the Spotify Desktop version. So if there is, I really don’t know so please forgive me and don’t send me an ask that I copied yours because I really can’t find any.

Anyway, This template use Montserrat font which the Spotify Desktop and Web Version used, so there is no need for you to download it.


character psd: a taste of silver

  • like/reblog is helpful
  • here is a character psd for y’all. this was the PSD i used for my previous bio graphics–i figured it was time for a change
  • font: fine style
  • everything is organized into groups
  • keep the quote very short!!!
  • photo b/w psd is included
  • make sure to save as a .png
  • i suggest you use HQ photos from the same photoshoot and sharpen once or twice using this action (option 1)
  • download (mf)

calpal-ofrp character psd #01   →  (mobile twitter profile)

since i’ve been looking through so many social media psds recently, i realized there wasn’t a recent twitter psd, so why not make one??

the psd is a mobile twitter profile that has everything labeled, just replace it with whatever you want! the font used is arial. please like or reblog if you use it. i don’t need credit but if you want to tag me in it so i can see how it worked out, i’d love it!

[download here]


This is my first ever character PSD to be published. The fonts used are Myriad Pro & Orator and I’m 100% sure it comes pre-installed on your computer… Please do not redistribute, post or claim as your own. Other than that feel free to tweak around with the text or the character image – but leave the gifs where they are :). Likes and reblogs would be highly appreciated. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to ask me.                               →  Download Here         


Killing Moon was inspired by Killing Moon by Nouvelle Vague and various graphic textures. It was made for supernatural roleplays, but with some editing could probably work for any roleplay with a dark/eerie feel. There are four different coloring settings, and they are labeled as “option 1” and “option 2”. Depending on which ones you have visible, the psd will be colored differently. 

The font used is Marion. Please be aware the the fonts are edited so it’s best to just edit the text layers instead of creating new ones. The character’s last name should be longer than their first name to keep everything looking right. If you know how to edit the text it shouldn’t be too difficult! If you don’t know how to do this, I’m happy to help you. You will need one face claim picture or gif. Headshots, especially profiles, will work best..

It’s fairly simple to edit, as long as you don’t move any of the layers around, and have a basic understanding of clipping masks, layer masks, and font editing. Please only edit it if you are familiar with these things, and if you do, I’d love to see what you did. However, do not redistribute this psd or claim it as your own.

You can download this psd here. Please like or reblog if you are downloading, as this took me a lot of time to make. Do not claim as your own, although slight editing is allowed. If you need any help, you can ask me here.


I’ve figured I had stalled long enough in putting this out, so here it is! This is a graphic I was originally going to use for the RP I’m currently working on (which offers two different fc changes, hence the two different fc’s in the polaroid gifs), but I decided to scrap it and use something else. I made a few changes to it, and now it’s available for all you lovely people! 

  • one png + two gifs needed
  • the fonts used are arial and calibri
  • the music player was a template I used from vanellopewrites
  • the credit for the psd used is noted on the psd when opened in photoshop
  • do not claim as your own or edit and redistribute. 
  • if you need any help with editing this, please feel free to come to me
  • like/reblog if you plan on using



it’s been a while since i’ve released a character psd, so i made this one up to share with everyone. everything is labeled and should be fairly easy to use, but please do let me know if you need help. the font is dotcirful, and i’ve included it with the file. click here to download. enjoy!

curlyrps' character psd #3 // DOWNLOAD

so text heavy, omg. anywho, the majority of this graphic focuses on text, so it’s good for rps that are based off of lyrics or have characters based off of lyrics. 

  • do NOT redistribute.
  • font is times new roman (you probably have that installed already.)
  • like // reblog if you plan to download.