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Black history month day 22: Renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson.

Benjamin Solomon “Ben” Carson Sr. was born in Detroit, Michigan on September 18, 1951. When he was eight, his parents separated and he moved with his mother and brother to his mother’s sister’s home. Carson’s mother struggled with severe depression, resulting in several psychiatric hospitalizations and an attempted suicide. She was however very involved with her sons’ education, limiting their time watching television and requiring them to read and write book reports on two library books per week.

Carson had dreams of being a doctor since he was eight. He did well in school and scored very highly on the SAT for the Detroit school district. When it came time to choose a college, he narrowed the choice between Harvard or Yale, but could only for the $10 application fee for one school. He chose Yale after seeing them win a televised G.E. college bowl against Harvard. He received a full scholarship. Later he attended medical school at the university of Michigan and was excepted into the neurosurgery program at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

Carson was the Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Maryland from 1984 until his retirement in 2013. He was indisputably a pioneer in neurosurgery, his achievements including performing the only successful separation of conjoined twins joined at the back of the head, the first successful neurosurgical procedure on a fetus inside the womb, and the first completely successful separation of type-2 vertical craniopagus twins. He also developed new methods to treat brain-stem tumors and improved techniques for controlling seizures. At age 33 he became the youngest head of pediatric neurosurgery in the country. He has written over 100 neurosurgical publications and received numerous accolades, including over 60 honorary doctorate degrees, dozens of national merit citations, and the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian award in the United States.

He loves me, He loves me not Pt.1

Request: “…could I ask for a Jimin angst with a fluffy angst ending? One where Y/N goes to High School with BTS and they’re all close to each other- a squad basically; but you have had a crush on Jimin that the other guys are aware of?”

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

A/N: After 600 years I’m finally posting this, quite a journey in planning the plot, plus school got in the way. I’m sorry for taking so long and enjoy :)

gif cr.

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Hey AP kids!

So apparently there’s this phrase going around to kind of mess with the AP graders. In your essays, write “TURN DOWN FOR WHAT” and then cross it out but make it still visible. That way, the grader can still see it but won’t grade it. I dunno; it sounds pretty funny.

sebastian stan gif hunt @ nandahelps

Quantity: 263

Size: 245px, different heights.

Here’s a gif pack of the FC Sebastian Stan mainly in Gossip Girl as Carter Baizen, and The Covenant, where he looks a little younger. None are mine, I just gathered and edited them to make it roleplayable. Don’t claim them as yours if they’re not. They should be all under 1MB, so you shouldn’t have any problem uploading them.

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canon au! halfway between a fic and a headcanon, 4k, rated M, pimms but eventual pb&j. originally plotted out live in the OMGCP IRC chat but then I cleaned it up to post here. promise it turns out alright. so just read it idk.

  • What if Kent hadn’t been a dick at Epikegster, and he and Jack started dating again?
  • Like, there’s so much history there. It would have been so easy. If Kent had just come to Jack as a friend, had just said, “I miss you. Where do you think you’re gonna play? I want to be in your life again, no matter where you go.”
  • Jack misses Kent too. He always has. And if Kent hadn’t used I miss you like a weapon, Jack might have… actually wanted to kiss him back.
  • Obviously Bitty would notice right away that something is different with Jack, because he has a crush the size of Montana. He’s paying attention.
  • So then Bitty would have to watch as Jack and Kent talked more and more—first just texts, then phone calls, then Skype sessions most nights, Jack laughing loudly enough that Bitty can hear him through the door. Jack would start mentioning Kent in conversation, telling stories about him, and it’s just little things… but Bitty notices. Kent even comes to visit, too, a couple of times. Jack starts leaving some weekends to go to Vegas.
  • and it’s………………. a pretty awful day, honestly, the day Bitty realizes Jack isn’t straight but he’s into someone else.

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the logic of the Political—linear temporality, bio-political futurity, perfection, betterment, and redress—sustain black suffering. Progress and perfection are worked through the pained black body and any recourse to the Political and its discourse of hope will ultimately reproduce the very metaphysical structures of violence that pulverize black being.
—  Calvin Warren, “Black Nihilism and the Politics of Hope” (7)

La Nuova Inquisizione

“Il nuovo clero laico ha decretato i nuovi peccati mortali – omofobia, sessismo, razzismo, xenofobia, fascismo, accanimento alla vita – e chi li viola viene scomunicato, considerato blasfemo, peccatore e condannato alla pubblica gogna del disprezzo mediatico, fino a perseguire i trasgressori a norma di legge.

La Nuova Inquisizione punisce i reati d’opinione, sancisce il moralismo giudiziario e invoca norme speciali punitive. Questa religione bio-etica instaura il politically correct che provvede come il Sant’Uffizio a squalificare l’avversario.

La sua testimonial istituzionale è ora la presidente della Camera Laura Boldrini, vestale a guardia del fuoco sacro. La religione bioetica esercita un disprezzo antropologico verso chi si pone in difesa della famiglia, della tradizione, della natura e della vita.

È quello che ho definito «razzismo etico» rispetto al vecchio razzismo etnico. Il razzismo etico è fondato sulla pretesa superiorità di una razza di illuminati o virtuosopensanti rispetto ai retrogradi e agli oscurantisti.

Una razza che decreta quali sono i valori ammessi e quelli inammissibili.”

MV, Lettera agli italiani


Much of Raze’s political views are founded on Marxism. He doesn’t believe in the freedom of the citizen (he does believe in he freedom of the individual to a degree). He has anti-mutant supporters in Madripoor systematically silenced. Bearing licensed weapons is legal in Madripoor – directing them at government officials or mutants is illegal.  

He doesn’t skim his own paycheck from taxes – unlike Marxists (who believe every cent taken from the civilian should be used to make the underclass dependent on government), he believes that every cent taken from the pockets of the citizens should be returned to them in the forms of international defense, and emergency services. Raze pays for his own expenses by taking on jobs.  

Finally, he allows only one religion practiced in Madripoor – Catholicism. However, there are no explicit laws against religion, and the subject is restricted from the news. Religion as the opiate of the masses, filtered through government censoring, is part of how he maintains neat order and control on the city.

things from bitty’s twitter part four:

( pt 1, 2, 3, 5 ) - december thru the first half of january

  • jack literally counted the number of pies eric baked in september (17) & used that information as a chirp against a finals-stressed bitty
  • they all text each other when dhall has chicken tenders
  • shitty & dex have weirdly civil convos on current events that they probably have vastly different opinions about
  • holster & shitty sorted all of smh into harry potter houses & i need to know the results
  • ransom has never read harry potter??
  • jack is actually not a terrible dancer
  • “dex’s expression 60% of the time is ‘how do these people exist’”
  • shhhh dex be quiet u love them
  • chowder hates his braces :///
  • jack who “doesn’t have that many expressions” looks visibly happy w himself after chirping bitty
  • holster sang nick jonas’s “jealous” to ransom
  • when asked by nursey, dex said he would most definitely not sing to him
  • jack procrastinates by bothering bitty and asking him a bunch of questions about his vlog/twitter??

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> be me, 17, turning 18 in april
> live at home with mom
> wake up after sleeping 12 hours on my couch, covered in Funyuns
> incredibly sweaty, haven’t showered in days
> don’t have many friends, isn’t much of a problem anyway
> log into my Dell Inspiron laptop from 2008
> Type in my password, “fuckobamacare”
> “F” key won’t press down all the way, some funyon crust has made it into the cracks of my keyboard
> Finally log in, my desktop is a picture of my favorite gun, the Remington 783
> used to shoot possums for fun in my backyard with it, woke up my shitty neighbors all the time
> they hated me but never complained because I was the one with the Gun
> top kek
> anyway, I launch Internet Explorer 9
> default tabs are restored:, FBI tip page, and
> feeling adventurous and out of my shell today, decide to check out Tumblr
> Shitty SJWs always complaining about privilege
> decide to do some trolling
> make a test post “Hey Cucks, you really want a Socialist like Sanders telling you what to do?  I thought you woman wanted control all of the time.”
> Snicker nefariously as I click “post” and await the backlash of hair-dyed neo-feminazis to berate my genius troll
> get 1 note, it’s a reply with the caption “Yikes” from tumblr user JackedFucker666
> Decide to do a little more investigating on the SJW that took my glorious bait
> Bio says “22, Political Science Major, Feminist…”
> Jackpot.png
> decide to pull of the most elaborate feminazi troll of my entire career
> post her SJW description to my favorite Reddit site, /r/The_Donald
> can’t wait for my peers to laugh at this ridiculous feminazi with me
> I’m so excited that the loose funyons in my pockets are crunching under the stress
> can’t want to feel the rush of validation as someone agrees with my stances on the destruction of free speech mandated “political correctness” that is ruining America
> I hastily screenshot her profile with Windows Snipping tool and upload it to imgur where I will share it with the world
> I am shaking with anticipation, the 12 MAGA hats I’m wearing fall off my small but alarmingly pointy skull
> “share post”
> “Idiot Cuck Feminist wants to STUMP THE TRUMP”
> 6969 Upvotes within 2 minutes
> heart is palpitating under the stress of being so Completely Right all of the Time
> Scream at mom to bring me more funyuns so I can celebrate the most American future President with the most American snack
> SJW finds post, sends me a nasty comment
> “Hey, I noticed you didn’t blur out my username in that screenshot, and I’ve been getting a lot of messages recently.  Could you please blur out my name and repost?”
> can’t believe her demeaning and threatening tone
> report her account to Tumblr Support
> she’s IMMEDIATELY banned for harassment, no questions asked
> cantStumpTheTrump.png
> SJWs find their Political Correctness and feminazism is no match for my logic and wit
> begin receiving messages like “I used to be an SJW but now I see the logic of your side.  I’m sorry”
> Slowly but surely all SJWs are converted into normal humans again
> Everyone starts clapping for me
> Everyone is clapping
> I ruffle my bag of funyuns as I graciously accept their approval
> the SJW movement is over
> Donald Trump is our new President
> Zoe Quinn leaves the country
> Freedom of speech is saved
> Political Correctness is dead
> America is Great Again

The truth is, it wouldn’t make much sense to say that only discourse exists. A very simple example: In a certain sense, capitalist exploitation became a reality without really having been formulated directly in a discourse. Later it was revealed by an analytical discourse - an historical discourse or an economic discourse. But do historical processes proceed within a discourse or not? They proceed within the life of the people, within their bodies, within their work hours, within their lives and deaths.
—  Foucault, Dits et écrits (1974), p. 139.