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March 13 2017

It’s the last week of instruction at UCLA!! And then we have finals week and then it’s spring break for a week and I’m really excited!

This past weekend was one of the best ever. I went grocery shopping with boyfriend on Friday night and idk I really enjoyed it. We played Monopoly in our friend’s dorm and I didn’t even know how to play but I won, keke :) Bruin Club Tennis went to the BNP Paribas pro tournament in Indian Wells, CA the next day. It was SO HOT but it was really fun and sooo worth it. 

But now back to the grind. If I can just get myself to work hard enough I could pull a 3.6 or maybe even a 3.7 this quarter, which would be REALLY nice.


June 23, 2015 《Tuesday 》
Because the lymphatic system needs coffee while I revise. Missed class yesterday because I was really sick. But dragged my butt to school today to try and cover some of the things I missed yesterday. I have a feeling this isn’t going to be my ONLY cup of coffee today

i don’t start uni for another two weeks almost but i’ve already began reading and taking notes for the first topic. really hoping to hit the ground running and do really well this year so i can get into medical radiation science! also trying out @studyign’s note taking method with the post-it notes that i saw in her video ⭐️