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april 26 2017- - - amid all of the crazy end of the semester tests, today was a softer day. An essay on gardens, a short response, and this fish anatomy drawing for oceanography were the only things assigned. Getting ready for exams can be stressful so it’s always nice to have a little bit of fun:)

@therealjacksepticeye asked for creepy/horror art for this Septicart event, and I just so happened to have a horrifying idea in mind for a drawing. This worked out quite well :3c That and I don’t usually draw with pen and paper, so it worked out well on that front too! Based on a certain episode that can be found here…

(Originally, Anti was supposed to have his other arm guiding Schneep’s hand to force him to listen to Jack’s heart while he’s dying, but I kinda forgot about that while I was sketching, whoooops…)


02.07.2016 // 4:01pm // New Staedtlers

Today I should have done a picture of my work space for the @liveandstudy challenge, but it would have looked awful so instead I chose to show you my favourite combo of the staedtler fineliners 🙃
As you can see I did a nice card on DNA and how it duplicates :) the title’s font was inspired by @intelectum ^^


The Great Scannerfest 2k14, ft. homestuck

My friend got me a whole set of Inkjoy coloured pens last year so I tried tem out on all the lady trolls from homestuck!

ID #95086

Name: Grace
Age: 18
Country: Australia 

  Hiya! I’m Grace and I absolutely suck at writing bios. But here I am anyway.

The things that define me:
-student (1st year university, medical science)
-netflix addict (but only when assignments are due…)
-lover of music, books, dogs and pajamas

Note: I’m not very good at the whole ‘conversation topics’ thing to begin with but once I get to know you I’ll be fine. I promise!

Preferences:  17+
If you live in Europe, especially the UK that would be amazing since I’m planning on going on exchange (hopefully next year!) but if you don’t that is totally fine too! I’d love to travel as much as possible when I can.

I also sadly only speak English but it would be amazing if you teach me your native language.

[29.04.2017, 17:56] Finally starting my bio revision for my mocks next week ahhh
This is how I write out my mind maps, this is only the first 15 mins or smth.
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