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Transformers: Bloodline - Anklebiter

Transformers: Bloodline is a fan-made story by me focusing on Starscream and his daughter Rubywing, but features as well a cast of other canon characters and fan characters.

Anklebiter is @warlordzana‘s character! You can find their original design {here}. BIO written by @warlordzana, Bloodline design made by me.

Name: Anklebiter (Fan character)
Species: Transformer
Pronouns: She/her
Alt mode: Smart Car
Alignment:  Autobot

Anklebiter is a very small Transformer who compensates her short size with an efficient scheming mind.

While she is particularly caring towards her allies and loyal friend, in battle she will take every measure to make sure her enemies are extinguished in the name of the greater good.

cruthaich ➟ aonaichte

                  Over the next few weeks, I will be taking my time at working on moving my blog over to a new URL. I’m really not happy on this account anymore and while this is basically moving the same stuff over I feel like a fresh start will be good for me. New tags, re-written bios, and actually keeping track of things. Nothing is on it as of yet so it will be an empty blog for a while but I’m looking to move over permanently starting March. Once everything is up and running, this will become an archive.

Realized I haven’t officially made a bio for me yet! ((Tama’s will be written up once I’m done drawing his ref.))

NAME: Jaylin Brandt (Goes by Jay)

OCCUPATION: Public Relations and Personal Assistant for the Gym Leader Tamatoa

HOME: Guest wing of the Royal Palace on Lalotai Island


  • Surprise (Male Togetic)
  • Oliver (Male Cubone)
  • Arc (Male Standard Raichu)
  • Stella (Female Alolan Meowth)
  • Crystal (Female Dragonair)
  • Scuttlebutt (Male Golisopod)

She also has a shiny Luvdisc that was given to her by Maui, and while she always has its pokeball with her, she never uses it to battle.


  • Maui (@semidemi-minigod) - Boyfriend
  • Echo (@sleeplesssquidkid) - Friend
  • Tamatoa - Boss that hates her with a passion
  • Kaitiaki and Wehi - Tamatoa’s kids that she often ends up babysitting

if theres one thing i dont understand about rping these days, its rps advertising themselves for months?? like i get the need to build hype and i know releasing bios takes time but im talking about rps releasing teasers but taking over a month to do that, then trying to get a certain amount of followers on the teaser blog / certain amount of notes on one of the teasers before they release the main, and not even having all of their bios written already on top of it so they have to take a couple of months or so to finish all of those. it seems v counterproductive to me bc the longer you take to do all of those things, the more people begin to lose interest in it bc youre literally taking months to release everything   

I’ve written a bio for one of my characters can someone tell me what they think of it?! I’m sorry, I’m just really insecure about my bios and stuff!