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Family Tree Maker

Uh. I made another spreadsheet. This one makes family trees! It has several options:

  • BBCode: Clickable thumbnails, no screenshots needed. Big block of code and no pretty layout, though. 
  • Image: No clickable thumbnails, but a fancy layout and the option to add names/titles. You’ll have to screenshot it. 
  • Various: makes thumbnails of the IDs you enter. Use for lists of offspring or friends or whatever, it just goes in a straight line

It’s free for personal use in bios, just don’t sell the family trees or claim you made them. It’d be cool if you linked back to the spreadsheet, but I won’t yell at you if you don’t!


Speaking of links, I have other helpful spreadsheets:
  Auto Formatting Bios | Color Range Lister | Auction/sales Helper


Flight Backgrounds: 400px album | 800px album

So I made some little sidebar images from the background sidebar art for each Flight! These are just a few examples, I have every single flight done over on imgur, both in 400px height and in its original much larger height. (Tumblr does some weird stretching and resizing sometimes, so I didn’t want to upload all 88 images here lol).

There’s two versions of each sidebar, one with the original black edges and one without the black.

Use them however you like! If you need a particular size, I’m happy to resize it for you, if you don’t have an image editing program or can’t do it yourself.

None of the art belongs to me, it’s all © Stormlight Workshop and Flight Rising!


Living Things - Symbiotic Living with photosynthetic algae

Superb speculative Emerging Technology Design exploring the symbiosis between humans and photosynthetic algae through the installation of furniture that cultivates living things. By Jacob Douenias and Ethan Frier. Want!

Living Things is installed at the Mattress Factory Museum of Contemporary Art in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania until March 27, 2016.


My hand slipped, I blacked out and I don’t even know what happened. I woke up and the voices told me to share these with you lovely people. 

Free horizontal bio Banners/Dividers for everyone! (YOU get a banner and YOU get a banner and YOU get a banner…….)

P.S.- sorry morphiniblue for getting distracted with these instead of working on your commission like I’m supposed to lol

EDIT: Wind banner in next post since tumblr can’t count to more than 10


The trail of magic once more guided the spirit, this time
winding her deeper into the woods. Perhaps at the end
she would find her purpose, or at least get another step
closer. She slowed as she neared a small cabin,
curiosity sufficiently piqued. 

            ❝ Excuse me? I hope I am not intruding.
                  Is there anyone here?


My little cozy study space :)
I specifically cleared a space for my laptop to sit on. It makes a perfect movie theatre atmosphere with the lights off! Right now I’m working on bio while watching vampire diaries probably not the best study move but vampire diaries is just so addicting!

TFP 15 Day Challenge Day 9

Have any cool Cybertronian headcanons? Of course you do! Share them here!

I have a whole ton, but i’ve never really gotten around to writing them down before. I know I definitely subscribe to a bunch of seeker ones posted by others, and several other posts I’ve reblogged, but i;m so exhausted right now i can’t be bothered to find them.

Some of my favorites though are:

-Seekerlets are like a cross between puppies and magpies looking for shiny things

-bio-lights reflecting mood

SG Jazz.  autobot-stormshadow politely asked for SG Jazz and Prowl so I started with Jazz (of course).  I didn’t particularly like the canon SG Jazz since he was just the same paint colors, just crazy in the helm.  I went with a dark blue/purple color scene and changed all his bio lights to acid green.  He’s got pin strips instead of paint stripes and the crystal on his helm is a camera so SG Prime can see his pet assassin killing his targets in real time.  Also, nabulos, thank you for telling me about ‘maccadam.


My name is LIGHTS. I’m a small girl who dwells in Toronto. I make music with a computer and a couple sweet synths. I also play whatever other sound makers I can get my pincers on. Making music has been my crutch/drug/vent/vice for my whole life. Most of what you hear starts, and is often finished, in my room (wherever that may be, I relocate like a hermit crab). When I write songs I think about how my music makes people feel, and I hope that when it goes into your ears you feel happy. Not sexy happy but apple pie happy. If I’m sad then the last thing I want is to be made even more sad by music. If my music could be drawn I would picture it like a comic, with simple border lines and bright colors. On first glance there is a nice composition, but upon closer inspection there is a deeper story.

When performing live, I could do everything myself if I were a squid, but I am only a hermit crab and I only have two arms. So there are two dashing musicians that join me on stage named Maurie and Adam. I am the littlest one on stage. But that only means that there is more stellar packed into each square inch. After a long time in the lab, I am finally releasing my first album The Listening. This world is a little dark, and I am LIGHTS.