bio hexacrypt

“I also got another gift from Rian Johnson when I wrapped Episode VIII. On the second day of filming, there was a word that I could not say: bio-hexacrypt. It was part of the most complicated sentence, ‘It’s a bio-hexacrypt and it’s recharged every hour.’ I couldn’t say it. I tried to say it over 25 times, so Rian got me the gift of a photograph of my face with the word ‘bio-hexacrypt’ written underneath. That’s also on my wall at home.”

John Boyega, Digital Spy

I wonder how Rose got involved in the Resistance.

They keep saying she’s an unlikely hero, an everywoman who gets swept up into the adventure when she meets Finn, a larger-than-life Hero of the Resistance… but like, just being a part of a rogue military organization within the New Republic takes some kind of special circumstances to get involved with in the first place. Right?

I wanna know how that happened.

I wonder what planet Rose is from.

I wonder what her family life what like growing up, I wonder what stories she heard about the Empire, the Republic, the history of the Clone Wars and the Jedi.

I wonder if she could tell me what a bio-hexacrypt is.

Benicio Del Toro is DJ - Show him the Money

Con artists can be found in any prison in the galaxy, and they all have something in common: It’s best not to trust them!

Star Wars: The Last Jedi - The Official Collector’s Edition

The assorted thieves and pickpockets who wind up in the Canto Bight jail ordinarily don’t plan on getting caught…all except for one. Unlikely as it seems, DJ actually lets the local police arrest him on purpose; for as he explains to all his cellmates, jail is the only place where he can sleep without worrying about the authorities.

A cynical survivor and a self-proclaimed victim of societal inequity, DJ only cares about one thing: money. Such is his mercenary nature that he would happily work for the Resistance or the First Order, his choice determined by how much money he would make out of the deal.

That kind of attitude perfectly reflects his only belief, as well as his nickname: Don’t Join. To DJ, following a greater cause like the Resistance or the First Order is a game. Sooner or later, followers of either end up dead—and DJ will do anything he can to survive.

While he’s been accused of many things, being a bad codebreaker is not one of them. With his modified Zinbiddle card, DJ can crack open the cell doors of the Canto Bight jail at any time he feels, while his specially handcrafted keys can temporarily bypass even bio-hexacrypt-protected data networks.